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Change is inevitable change is constant Benjamin Disraeli Just like everything else on this earth Web development has seen significant changes over the past 25 years From the very first static websites built using basic Hypertext Markup Language HTML and comprising mostly of raw text and tables to today s more sophisticated CMS and RWD based websites which incorporate both text and images and explore the use of a myriad of multimedia tools and artistic design to simplify and enhance the user experience These advancements in web designs has led to the proliferation of the use of the world wide web one expects this trend to continue with the dawn of the next frontier in web design i e the use of Augmented reality in web development and the endless possibilities this presents for the usability of websites The Nature and History of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality AR is a technology that allows the integration of digital information e g graphics sound video into the real time live view of a user s physical environment As defined in the oxford dictionary the word augment means to make something greater by adding to it to increase As such AR serves to enrich enhance the real world view of the user to create an immersive and interactive experience This is markedly different from Virtual Reality VR which uses headsets or multi projected environments sometimes in combination with physical environments or props to generate realistic images sounds and other sensations that simulate a user s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment AR technology is commonly seen being used in a wide range of technological tools and can viewed on screens and connected devices the most common being our smartphones tablets heads up displays glasses and lenses

The pioneers in such use of AR at present are Continental HUDs pokemon go Snapchat and Samsung This has by default led to being used for primarily entertainment purposes however the possibilities for its application are limitless The use of AR in in website development is currently in its xx stages with very little main stream xxxx this in the past has been primarily due to xxxx however with the introduction of AR JS and its we can expect to see this being used more widely by web developers to enhance xxxx A simple example of AR is if one could imagine walking the streets of a foreign country on holiday and holding your phone camera up to the surrounding environment and being able to see overlaid historical information about the surrounding buildings directions to the nearest restaurant or even signage translated into your native language These are the types of experience augmented reality can provide the user Augmented Reality is the idea of making computer generated media 2D 3D Spatialized audio with real time inputs of the existing world AR in UX User experience Wikipedia defines User Experience UX as the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability In laymans terms this is often referred to as the feel or ease of use of the software or product Companies and developers across the globe are consistently engaged in how to improve this aspect so that users and visitors are able to better engage with their product Where in the past rudimentary tools such as trackers were developed to gather data on visitors so that this data in turn could be commercialised for example to advertisers or utilised to prove the popularity of a site or product the implications today are much more vast Developers now need to ensure that visitors not only click through to their site product but spend time as well Visitor and user engagement is key

The more engagement observed becomes directly correlative with user visitor returns and product loyalty This has been vastly researched by marketers across the globe including The Temkin Group and Influitive this year in the paper on The Relationship Between Customer Engagement Loyalty and Revenue https influitive com blog customer engagement loyalty revenue But the question has remained on how to engage users and visitors on the online space so that more time is spent on the product not just wasting time thereby and forcing click throughs creating user fatigue and irritation but in a manner that would cause the user to see the value of the product The above previous discussion has touched on the current use o f AR in social media where users willingly spend additional time on applications and websites such as Facebook to enhance their feeds this trend in usage now opens up the possible use of AR development through the now available common language AR JS and standardised platforms in marketing and even further in website experience The Interaction Design Foundation has stated that a key aspect in UX design is the process by which users form experiences https www interaction design org literature topics ux design the focal point in web design should now therefore be in the enhancement of this experience

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