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In this paper we will be talking about the shape of the river as well as where it flows We also have to talk about the problem of pollution in the Mississippi River There is the life in and around the river topic we will be talking about There also is the locks the uses of the river and some interesting facts I found while researching The Mississippi River has a unique shape from its great length to its meanders and all of the above The Mississippi River is 2 320 The river is very narrow in places and very wide in places The narrowest point is 30 to 40 feet wide and the widest section is 11 miles wide The widest navigable section is 2 miles wide The Mississippi can wide and narrow but it can also be pretty deep and shallow The most shallow section is three feet deep but the deepest part is 200 feet deep The river also has a good amount of meanders too There are too many to count and trust me I've tried Every river needs places to start end and go through Like every other river the Mississippi River has all of those The Mississippi River starts in Lake Itasca and ends in the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans The river goes through ten states in total In the Midwest the river goes through Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois and Iowa and in the Southeast Kentucky Tennessee Missouri Arkansas Louisiana and astonishingly Mississippi There are seven major cities that the river travels through 

These cities are New Orleans St Louis Memphis Minneapolis Baton Rouge Saint Paul and La Crosse There are a lot of conjoined rivers but these are the most important ones The Missouri River Ohio River Red River Arkansas River Platte River Yellowstone River Illinois river and the Tennessee River The pollution in the Mississippi River disappointing but there are things being done about it The Mississippi is the most polluted river in the United States About 12 7 million gallons of chemicals like arsenic benzene mercury and nitrates in a single year to add to that in 2014 there was a barge that spilled about 32 500 gallons of light crude oil into the Mississippi The Mississippi River is almost treated like a sewer Two things that are causing this are fertilizer runoff and too much industrial waste The pollution from the Mississippi River is one of the reasons for the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico More efficient uses for fertilizers are being promoted as an attempt to stop the pollution in the Mississippi That nutrient management will lead to better soil management which reduces surface runoff flooding and maintains or enhances agricultural productivity

There are things happening to reduce the pollution in the river but I feel there should be more done to stop pollution on the Mississippi River The Mississippi River is teeming with life of all sorts but here we are focusing on the animals There are over 120 species of fish in the upper Mississippi River Some of those fish are the walleye sauger large and smallmouth bass white bass catfish northern pike bluegill crappie and perch Other animals are otters coyotes deer beaver and muskrat There are invasive and native plants the Mississippi River has them both The invasive plants are Black Locust Canada Thistle Common Buckthorn Exotic Bush Honeysuckle Garlic Mustard Purple Loosestrife Reed Canary Grass Siberian Elm Smooth Brome Grass Spotted Knapweed The native plants are duckweed and water lilies Locks are a key part to transport things on the river and this is how one works

The gates open and the boat goes in The gates close and the chamber slowly starts to fill up with water from the bottom The water lifts the boat to the top At the top there is another gate which opens and the boat goes out There are 29 locks and dams in the upper Mississippi River The Mississippi River has many recreation uses but there are also the industrial uses 175 million tons of freight are shipped each year on the upper part of the Mississippi River The Mississippi River is used as a migration route for birds Fur traders would set up their post on the river The Mississippi and the land around it are used for farming too 92 of the nation's agricultural exports 78 of the world s exports in feed grains and soybeans and most of the livestock and hogs produced nationally Sixty percent of all grain exported from the US is shipped on the Mississippi River through the Port of New Orleans and the Port of South Louisiana While I was doing my research I found some pretty interesting facts about the Mississippi River and here they are There were people who settled on the Mississippi River about 5 00 years ago The Native Americans that were settled there at one point called the Mee zee see bee and Messipi The Mississippi River Basin was formed by glaciers Port of South Louisiana is one of the largest volume ports in the United States is on the Mississippi River delta In this paper we talked about most everything about the Mississippi River We now know all about the shape of the river where the river flows We know the about the pollution and what is going to stop it We also know about the life in the river There were the locks and the uses of the river and there were the interesting facts I found during my research

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