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England and France has one of the most interesting relations in history

England and France has one of the most interesting relations in history They fought too many wars aligned themselves and even married each other families in order to gain trust from one other and consequently more power They are two of the biggest powerful countries throughout the history of Europe so it comes without surprise that they have this kind of rocky relationship Despite how many times they were on the opposing side of a war they somehow stay together when either Europe or the power balance in Europe is under treat In a way we can describe this complicated relationship as being two frenemies as their relations are mutual dependent and they regarded each other with distrust in the past But to have an understanding for how this relation came to be we need to see how were their relations in the past The historical ties between the two countries are long and complex One example is in the medieval period when an important war happened the Hundred Years War which resulted in French victory The English monarchy increasingly integrated with its subjects and for the first time found pride in their language and identity while the French united politically Several of the most famous Anglo French battles took place during this time Crecy Poitiers Agincourt Patay Orleans

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Women before the 1920s barely had any Economic Power

Women suffrage was a 70 year battle History com Staff Women before the 1920s barely had any economic power Most women did not go to school and were stuck in feminine jobs such as teaching and nursing Women did not have any say in politics They also did not have the right to vote or the right to work in the government They were not even supposed to mention politics Women's social life was minimum Most women stayed in the house while they cleaned and took care of their children Until they were changed socially women had to watch their behavior Women were not supposed to talk to men outside of their family and they were not supposed to do anything deemed unfit for a women The most significant cultural change in the 1920s was the nineteenth amendment for the way it gave women more opportunities economically through work politically through voting and socially through the women's right movement Through the 1900s women were changed economically by receiving a higher education gaining knowledge in different work forces and therefore gaining a higher paying wage Women were going to universities and colleges to receive a better education Since they were pouring out of schools more women started heading to the work field Females were not welcomed by the students at the University of North Carolina but they opened housing to them in 1921 The students even wrote Women Not Wanted Here on the student newspaper headlines women Times were changing and each year more women earned college degrees women Women are moving out of traditional feminine jobs and into different work forces With the new jobs women were receiving higher wages

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