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What comes to mind when hear the word democracy Do you associate it with freedom equality combat of discrimination or absence of tyranny Nevertheless democracy can be assumed as a system where the government provides each citizen with the authority to dynamically participate in electing its representatives The majority of countries global practice democracy for varying reasons despite the fact that this is no flawless all wise form of government Democracy has proven to be effective in modern society because it presents it is prevails internationally it is sovereign and in its best form equality First democracy has succeeded in modern society because it is power to the people Concerning a democracy the people of the country are self governing they are the utmost form of partisan authority The leaders of government whom of which are only temporally in control are the springs of power flow

All citizens decide directly upon every question of public concern in a general assembly This generation has seen a democracy with an imperial figurehead and in all that have ever existed the body politic has never embraced all the inhabitants included within its territory the right to share in the direction of affairs has been confined to citizens and citizenship has been further restricted by various limitations sometimes of property sometimes of nativity and always of age and sex Lowell Rules and policies as a whole require bulk support in assembly but also do they keep the rights of minorities threatened Democracy guarantees equal involvement to everyone in the government of the country by granting them the necessary rule Moreover democracies attempt to protect said rights against all powerful central governments while also attempting decentralize government to more regional and local levels Democracies existence as a state safety importance has been well accounted for Democratic nations exist to safeguard several purposes promote economic development protect American citizens combat international terrorism and crime and uphold human and worker rights To reject a limited monarchy in favor of an absolute one which is after all what the American Presidency is argues a trust in the disinterestedness of an elected ruler which is of course no more than a reflection of belief in the innate goodness of man so long as he happens to be an American man

The American Constitution is out of date Republics tend to corruption Canada and Australia have the own problems but they are happier countries than American Burgess in reference to this same rationale as the number of democratic nations continues to increase so does the belief in the innate goodness of a man There are currently 123 democracies in the world of all 192 countries It is a deeply understood fact that democracy is among the skeptical political systems in the sense it may at times be in violation of itself A collective criticism of democracy is that in the end it morphs into national popularity contest It is not up to the polls but the individual to decide and that s simply chalked down to which contender most is willing to say what people like to hear Specifically a candidate that eagerly doles out rewards in exchange for votes All this idea of a group of supermen and super planners such as we see before us play the angel as the French call it and making the masses of the people do what they think is good for them without any check or correction is a violation of democracy Churchill Humans are not perfect and following that neither would a form of government we created be It is most advisable to be skeptical even of democracy itself No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all wise Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time but there is the broad feeling in our country that the people should rule continuously rule and that public opinion expressed by all constitutional means should shape guide and control the actions of Ministers who are their servants and not their masters

Churchill Where faults lay is something inescapable we do what we can to make a just government Democracy is the closest we as a nation will get to widespread core morals that prioritize respect for human rights fundamental freedoms and efficient electoral systems In conclusion democracy is desirable and practiced in many nations at the global level These nations conduct free and fair elections ensure that the citizens have freedom and their rights are protected Besides these nations apply the law equally to all citizens who also actively engage in both civic and political activities However other nations currently experience democracy as a new system of government since such nations have been involved in dictatorship regimes for decades which have resulted in civil wars and oppressions of the citizens among others

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