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Describe its types in detail Answer Senses are also termed as sensory modalities Sensory modalities are just the information related to our senses which we can recognize They include interceptive receptors which help to distinguish and respond the internal signals of the body They keep track of body position by sending information to the brain involuntarily For example 1 Receptors of vestibular system that help to know the position and direction of the body 2 Thermal receptors which aware us about thermal state of the body 3 Chemoreceptor they help to keep chemical status of body 4 Proprioceptors They are present in moveable joints and monitor the movement of bones and muscles at joints 5 Nociceptors They are distributed over entire skin and responsible for detection of pain 6 Pacinian corpuscles They are present deep in the skin and receive pressure stimulus on the skin Types of sensory modalities Human has five major senses which are 1 Taste 2 Hearing 3 Smell 4 Touch 5 Speak TASTE Taste sense also called gustaoception It refers to notice substances comparable to food minerals poisons etc The sense of style is commonly confused with the idea of flavor that may be a combination of style and smell perception Flavor of a substance depends on odor color texture and temperature Humans receive styles through the sensory organs known as taste buds or gustatory calyculi found on the sides of the tongue 5 basic tastes exist sweet bitter sour salty and umami HEARING

Audioception is that the sense of perception of hearing Mechanoreceptors within the sensory receptor change vibrational motion into electrical pulses Sound waves strike the eardrum to vibrate the eardrum Behind the eardrum there are three bones incus stapes and malius These bones take the vibrations of ear drum and enhance the vibrations and then transferred these vibrations to the cochlea by oval window Fluid inside the cochlea vibrate and sensory neurons in the walls of the cochlea change these vibrations to electrical signals to the brain through optical nerve this produce the sense of hearing SMELL The modality system is Olfaction that is the sensory system used for the sense of smell This sense is mediated by the specialized sensory cells of the body cavity In humans olfaction happens once odorant molecules bind to specific sites on the modality receptors within the body cavity These receptors notice the presence of smell They are available along at a structure the glomerulus that transducer nervous signals to the neural structure within the brain TOUCH Touch or somatosensation tactioception tactician or mechanoreception is a perception produced by the activation of neural receptors within the skin as well ashair follicles tongue throat Receptors answer variations in pressure firm brushing sustained etc A bit sensation of cutaneous sense is caused by insect biting or allergies that involve special itch specific neurons within the skin and medulla spinalis The loss or impairment of the flexibility to feel that something touched is named tactile physiological state Q2 What is chemoreception Give at least two examples of chemoreception

Answer Chemoreceptor Chemoreceptor is a sense organ that receive a response of a chemical substance and produce a biological signal This signal is inside the fashion of impulse if the receptor is a nerve cell or inside the style of an organic compound which can activate a fiber if the chemo sensor is a specialized receptor cell In general terms a chemo sensor detects deadly or unsafe chemicals inside the internal or external surroundings of the flesh and transmits that data to the central system and rarely the PNS Example no 1 sensitivity receptor neurons inside the olfactive system Olfaction involves to note chemicals inside the vapour state In vertebrates the sensitivity system detects odors and pheromones inside the body cavity At intervals of the sensitivity system there unit of measurement has two anatomically distinct organs 1 the mostexteroception animal tissue MOE and 2 the vomeronasal organ VNO It was completely a first thought that the MOE is responsible for the detection of odors while the VNO detects pheromones Olfaction in invertebrates differs from vertebrates as in insects sensitivity sensilla unit of measurement gift on their antennae Examples no 2 style receptors inside the feeling system The primary use of gestation as a sort of chemoreception is for the detection of asteants Liquid chemical compounds contact with chemoreceptors inside the mouth admire vogue buds on the tongue and trigger responses These chemical compounds can either trigger craving response for nutrients or a defensive response against toxins counting on that receptors place Fish and crustaceans use their sensation system to identify sure chemicals inside the mixture for the aim of localization and consumption of food

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