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Olivia Tibbetts Mr Goudge Social 9 03 January 2018 What Goes Up Must Come Down Fall of Rome Rome wasn't built in a day it didn't fall all in only one day either Rome started as a city that grew into an empire It became one of the biggest empires of its time and surroundings After reaching the height of Rome's existence it crashed for many reasons Rome started as a city that grew into an empire According to Roman legend the building of Rome started in 753 B C E It was thought to have been started and named after two brothers The brothers names were Romulus and Remus The Romans legend was their explanation of how Rome started It includes the two brothers who were thought to be born twins sons of the Roman god Mars eventually in the story Mars their father told them to build the city where they were found by a mortal shepherd It also claims that Remus teased Romulus for the wall he had created around the city and Romulus killed Remus Archaeologists and historians have now concluded that humans lived in Rome before 753 B C E The city of Rome was the center of the Empire and is now that capital of Italy The ancient Empire of Rome became one of the biggest empires of its time and surrounding For little time between 750 B C E and 200 B C E Rome was considered a lesser empire than Greece After Greece began to crash Rome began its great rise The gallant empire conquered land quickly in the grand scheme of things

 It reached as far as now known Scotland to Spain the Mediterranean Sea and other areas now known as part of North Africa the Middle East the Asia Minor and Egypt By the time Rome was a giant it had no one else to rival against it and Rome reached its peak but what goes up must come down Rome was brought down by many things but no single one did the grunt work all of them together After reaching the height of Rome's existence it crashed for many reasons Most historians came to the conclusion that Rome fell in 476 C E Some of the reasons Rome is theorized to have fallen include the Barbarian invasion lessening of values and morals both environmental and health problems high amounts of military spending lesser technology inflation of the economy political corruption unemployment and urban fallouts Most of the theories are connected Keeping an army to defend Rome was not an easy task The empire spent most of its government money on maintaining its army Since the money was going to the military the quality of buildings road and houses was decreasing rapidly Many of the poor people of Rome had to suffer greatly from this issue Most of Rome was considered poor or middle class Urban fallouts started to get worse and worse buildings began having shaky structures and most had broken windows

 The lesser technology was another issue Some of the lesser technologies included not having or having badly designed air conditioning Due to the Urban decay and fallouts and lesser technology a lot of fires broke out The fires spread rapidly and caused travesties and death all around Rome Because of the fires and bad living standards environmental and human health problems began to rise The health problems did not only include the poor either Many rich Romans died from led poisoning due to lead pipes that the poor weren't rich enough to buy Therefore they did not die a lot from the poisoning because of pipes but most of the Romans had made their silverware and utensils from led and because of that there was a huge spike in death The health issues and cheap slave labor caused unemployment to become popular and ever increasing

The cheap slave labor brought the unemployment of the working class who then relied on handouts in money from the empire and state With the expansion of unemployment and government handouts economy inflated The Roman money system suffered from increased prices The Romans used less gold in their coins making them decrease in value eventually it led to taxes and salaries to be paid for food and clothing The inflation of the economy brought Rome to a passion for cruelty Rome created and enforced a curfew to stop the rising crime which for some time made their passion for cruelty rise and their morals and values decline and shrink The morals and values that changed played a part in one of Rome's most severe issue political corruption Rome made 37 different emperors which began to tear the Roman society apart while fighting over power Out of 30 emperors 25 were assassinated by the office The last push for Rome s crash was the barbarian invasion Where Germanic barbarians attacked Roman territories and ended up overthrowing the last Roman Empire To sum it up Rome had many reasons for its final fall Some of the issues Rome had created caused a domino effect for the rest of the issues Rome became the perfect soil for empire crushing weeds to pop up and suffocate any chance of survival for the empire The great Roman empire started small and humble It grew stronger and conquered large amounts of land and reached its own summit The empire of ancient Rome fell and died The city and stories of Rome still live though All in all Rome wasn't built in a day and it won't be forgotten in only one either

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