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What is a hero Is it saving the world or winning a princess Well truth is there is no need to do a big act of bravery or show courage to be known as a hero It can be a small act of selflessness or simply going out of your way to help somebody Heroism doesn t need to be done in front of the public but rather it can be done in the shadows too it isn't something you always read in the comic section of the newspaper People like Eleanor Roosevelt Anne Frank and Herbert Hoover did not only think of their own safety and comfort but of the comfort of their family and people around them Many people might think that Anne Frank didn't do much to be called a hero but to her family she was an example and a hero Anne Frank was a 15 year old girl that was going through a lot of things that most of us couldn t be able to relate to Her family was running and hiding from the persecution of Jews for a while already so they moved to Amsterdam While they were in Amsterdam they were able to hid from the searchers for about two years or else they would be forced into a concentration camp 

While they hid there she was very calm while the rest of the family was in panic She had a strong desire to keep the family safe and together but she couldn't do much so she told them stories and became an example of how to be During that time they hadn't gone outside for fresh air and to feel the sun's warmth they were sitting in a small building waiting until it would be safe to come out But sadly after two years somebody gave them out and the troops burst into their small living place took them out and sent them into a concentration camp Sadly she was diagnosed with Typhus and died in 1945 Anne Frank was selfless and brave that she took on the responsibility to stay calm and comfort her loved ones even though it was hectic and very scary Another example of a hero is Herbert Hoover He wasn't as young as Anne Frank but he did great things in his life After World War 1 there was a lot of starvation and destruction Herbert Hoover was the head of an American Relief Administration that fed not hundreds or thousands but millions of starving European soldiers and civilians 

This wasn't t a simple and quick thing to put into action and accomplish This project so to say cost millions of dollars they needed to collect the food and transport it all to Germany But he was determined After successfully collecting and getting food to Germany he was able to feed 20 million people he was able to feed ½ the continent After some time things cleared up and people started living normally once again Streets and cities were named after Herbert Hoover to remember all that he had done to get the people filled After some time passed he was elected 31st president Yes Hoover did something extreme that most of us wouldn't be able to do physically but also financially The point is that he thought of others He saw that millions of people were starving and were really stressed because of World War 1 and wanted to help He created plans and ideas that he probably thought were impossible But he didn't give up he strived and found people that wanted to also help with his plans Because he was thinking of how others were feeling he was motivated to help them in any way he can Another great example of a hero is Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of Franklin D Roosevelt who was the 32nd president of America It was hard for her because they both were involved in trying to help the United States go through the Great Depression

There was so many problems and crisis during the Great Depression that President Roosevelt had to consider and try to find solutions Imagine being his wife during that time Well that for sure wasn't easy because she was also involved in the problems But as being the wife of the 32nd president she didn't stay quiet Eleanor Roosevelt had a column in the newspaper where she wrote out her thoughts and encouragements not to worry but to stay calm She held press conferences where she gave powerful speeches and words of courage She stayed calm and thought things through and stood by her husband's side supporting him and trying to do whatever she could to help him As time passed the Great Depression ended and things were going back to normal Eleanor Roosevelt became a symbol for her caring and for her bravery In this situation she was a hero because she didn't lose hope for things to get better she encouraged people to also have hope and stood by her husband s side despite the hardships that occurred So what is a Hero Is it for personal gain or to achieve some accomplishment in life A Hero isn't always easy thing to be there needs to be patience and effort involved It doesn't always have to be protecting your family during a crisis feeding ½ the continent or leading press during the Great Depression Once again it doesn't have to be extreme and done in front of a crowd it can be a selfless act for the better of someone Like joining an organization that helps the needy or the community in any way standing up to a bully even saving abandoned animals History has a lot of examples of heroism everyone can be a hero in their own way

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