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What it is According to Mayo Clinic Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord Some symptoms of Meningitis are 1 Severe headache with nausea or vomiting 2 Stiff Neck 3 Fever 4 Confusion or difficulty concentrating 5 Seizures 6 Sleepiness or difficulty waking 7 Sensitivity to light 8 No appetite or thirst 9 Skin rash I remember when I was 10 year old I had Meningitis It all started when I was playing outside in my backyard I was hanging on a pole of clothe line I was upside down on it suddenly I fell to the floor It happened so fast That very night I had a severe headache My mother did the usual homemade remedy that used to work This time it did not work I continued to have this terrible headache I slept with my parents because that pain was so unbearable I was even sleepwalking something I never did before that fall When I woke up I found myself next to the window talking My mother asked who is there I don t know if I was dreaming or hallucinating The thing is that I was talking to my brother in law When I opened my eyes no one was actually there This was in between sleep dream and waking up weird So the following day I still had the severe headache 

My mother had decided to take me to the doctor The headache was abnormal Also something very strange was happening Each time I closed my eyes for a little moment I started dreaming When my mother was combing my hair I remembered I closed my eyes and I started dreaming that I was walking on the sidewalk with my friend and I spot on the sidewalk Suddenly I opened my eyes and noticed I spot on the bed That was strange I don t know but the meningitis was making me act weird So my mother took me to the doctor I remember he put me to sit on a table He was in front of me He tried to bend me forward a little but he said I had to be interned My mother was a nurse and had to work that afternoon so she interned me and went home to change into her uniform At first I was in a room with others Then after 2 days more or less I was changed to ICU I remember when my sisters and brothers came to visit me they couldn t come close to me They had to stay at the room door It even had like a gate to remind people to stay out Next the doctor had to take out the bacterium that was in my spinal cord He tried once and was not successful I moved a lot because it hurt tremendously

Another day in hospitalized with intravenous serum I was happy because my mother was there and other nurses I knew who lived in the same neighbourhood There was another attempt to try to remove this bacterium from my spine So they took me to the same room they had taken me before I remember seeing a huge doctor Dr Gobel walked in the room I was lying so he held me from my neck and the back of my knees and bend me enough That was the way they really got that bacteria out of my spine Bending me enough help the vertebras to open This allow the needle to go right between them Take out that liquid that was not clear I think if it was not successful I wouldn t be here to tell you this story Finally I was feeling much better thank God for health I remember playing with a ball in the hospital when the preacher of the church I used to attend occasionally came to visit me After spending those 10 days in the hospital I was released and I went home What are the causes 1 Viral infection 2 Bacterial infection 3 Fungal infection In most cases meningitis is cause by a viral infection followed by bacteria and fungal infections However the fungal infection is very rare What are the risks factors Some risk factors for meningitis are 1 Age is a risk factor Most bacterial meningitis is common in people under 20 2 Skipping vaccinations 

There is high risk for those who did not complete their recommended childhood or adult vaccination schedule What are the complications Some complications of Meningitis are 1 Memory difficulty 2 Learning disabilities 3 Brain damage 4 Kidney failure 5 Seizures 6 Shock 7 Hearing loss 8 Death How to treat and how to prevent Meningitis can be treated How to prevent 1 Practice a good hygiene don t share drinks straws lip silks etc 2 Wash your hands can prevent germs so keep your hands clean at all time 3 Stay healthy keep your immune system healthy by getting enough rest exercising on a regular basis and following a healthy diet 4 Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough Now technology and medical research has come a long way So in case you know someone with this illness there are chances for recovery I am very happy that I recovered from this illness and to be able to tell you my story

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