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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Let ll Las Vegas High SchoolSergeant In their What is Emotional Intelligence EQ psychologists Michael Akers and Grover Portot said that Emotional Intelligence or E Q is the ability to perceive imagine q and understand emotions and using that knowledge and understanding effectively in decision making When the concept of emotional intelligence is broken down it creates five subcategories each one a different emotional skill Self awareness self regulation motivation empathy and social skills They are all very important and vital when understanding emotional intelligence Self awareness is the ability to acknowledge and recognize the effects different kinds of emotions have on your body with self regulation you can alleviate feelings as well as shorten the length of certain emotions motivation comes with having clear goals and a positive attitude recognizing the energy of your attitude will help shift negative views and create a more optimistic and committing will Empathy is how well you can comprehend the emotions exhibited by your peers and how well you can relate to those emotions Lastly when working towards success in the field of emotional intelligence it is very important to possess good social skills Social skills aid in efficient communication and relation One of the emotional skills I have is Empathy 

Empathy is the ability to understand and comprehend the different emotions showcased by the people around you Having empathy is really helpful because it aids me when it comes to working with others efficiently in teams and groups With empathy I can understand the emotions displayed by my team members When I can understand their emotions I can judge proper words and actions to further strengthen their abilities mentally and in some cases also physical Whether it be providing a challenge when they are feeling rather indisputable or providing support and motivation when they feel that they are lacking Having empathy and knowing how to use it proves very useful when it comes to my extracurricular activities as a High School student In the article How Emotion shapes decision making we are introduced to a patient by the name of Elliot In 1994 top Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio profiled his patient Elliot During surgery to remove a brain tumor Elliot suffered damage to his prefrontal cortex The part of the brain that is in charge of emotion After the surgery Elliot reported feeling no emotion whatsoever and also reported the loss of his decision making capabilities Because

Elliot was no longer able to feel emotion due to the damage he could no longer make proper decisions He went from being a successful business man a model father and husband to being in a failed relationship and failing every new plan he would set out to do This goes to prove just how important emotions are and just how greatly they influence the way we think and act but not just emotions emotional intelligence is also crucial when trying to be a better citizen Emotional skills influence just how well decisions both big and small are made All 5 social skills make me a good citizen They influence how I interact with myself and how I interact with people They make me a better citizen by impacting how I behave in school the civilian word and in the future will also dictate how I behave with people in a business environment In school I have to be able to work well with others and be able to work on a task that requires a large amount of time that's the focus of motivation and social skills In a civilian setting it is important for me to have emotional skills to help me decide how I act with strangers For example with empathy I can figure out how and who I befriend based on emotions they show and how compatible those emotions are with me 

Since I try to steer clear of people who show anger or an intense dissatisfaction with other people In the future when I am in a working environment all of these social skills will influence my improvement I ll have to know how to read others emotions and how I can work peacefully with them I m going to need to have good social skills because I am going to need to posses good and clear communication skills to get my points across and also be able to understand the directions given to me by my peers I need to have good social skills to also get a clear message across in an era where most of the communication is done through text being able to get the right message across is crucial in establishing and keeping working social relationships As a High School student and also as a member of a highly populated country I need to not only possess emotional skills but I also need to make sure I perfect them as much as I can If I can understand perceive and connect with my emotions with ease I can make more efficient choices and take routes that will work specifically for me as an individual person Emotional intelligence can help regulate emotion and make friends as well as help succeed in a social environment Citations Akers Michael and Grover Portot What Is Emotional Intelligence EQ PsychCentral 17 July 2017 Web 17 Jan 2018 Workplace The Intentional How Emotion Shapes Decision Making The Intentional Workplace The Intentional Workplace 11 June 2015 Web 17 Jan 2018

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