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In the video What is Evidence Based Practice two key points were made One being what exactly is Evidence Based Practice in the nursing career as well as how to find the best evidence based on levels Evidence Based Practice is merely taking the best clinical evidence gathered and applying it to healthcare to provide quality care and improved outcomes to our patients Tompkins McCaw 2014 Evidence Based Practice is used for many different things in healthcare and is applied in three different parts The different parts are Patient Values Preference or Expectations Research Evidence and Clinical Data Knowledge Tompkins McCaw 2014 After establishing a clinical question one must find proper quality evidence to support their research The video describes a pyramid regarding the level of evidences that each article or research retrieved 

Tompkins McCaw 2014 Each level represents the quantity of evidence as well as the quality of evidence provided for each article which in return allows the researcher to have more support for their experiment VCU L 2014 January 04 What is Evidence Based Practice Retrieved January 19 2018 from https www youtube com watch time_continue 3 v IgHv4kFZn3s Introduction to Evidence Based Practice EBP and Improving Practice Improving Outcomes part one provides information about why Evidence Based Practice is used According to the video provided Evidence Based practice is used because it leads to highest quality and patient outcomes increases reimbursement and decreased denials and meets the expectations of an informed public Dabrow 2014 These results are shown through the health care system when using Evidence Based Practice and these are outcomes each system should strive for Another point mentioned is the Joanna Briggs Institute JBI The Joanna Briggs Institute is a global organization that breaks down the level of evidence for research They use a methodology that promotes using evidence generation evidence synthesis evidence transfer and evidence utilization Dabrow 2014 All in all these steps have the same meaning as all other steps of Evidence Based Practice

 They also have created resources for each step of Evidence Based Practice that will allow you to better implement your research Woods A D 2014 June 03 Evidence Based Practice Improving Practice Improving Outcomes Part One Retrieved from https www youtube com watch v OvenUa3Ww8o Introduction to Evidence Based Practice EBP and Improving Practice Improving Outcomes part two In the video Anne Dabrow goes over how to create a structured clinical question using the PICOT format The acronym stands for population intervention comparison outcome and time Dabrow 2016 By breaking down the question using the acronym it will help search for reliable answers Another key point explored in this video is the Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence Model This model helps break down each step of Evidence Based Practice giving many resources to find research for your clinical questions helpful tools to appraise evidence and implement the research obtained into clinical practice Dabrow 2016 Through these tools you are better equipped to apply an Evidence Based Practice research to your health system and created a platform for great results Woods A D 2016 March 01 Part 2 Evidence Based Practice Improving Practice Improving Outcomes Retrieve from https www youtube com watch time_continue 820 v ALUPyUZ_L04 Student s Academic Transition Issues Associate Degree to Baccalaureate Nursing is a journal article that recognizes the barriers miscommunication as well as motivational standpoints for an associate's degree nurse to pursue their bachelor's degree in nursing and the steps to achieve it Within the article a study of 520 RN to BSN students was conducted to explore the issue of limited current data noted in the literature related to academic transitions of the RN to RN BSN student Lasala and Gorton 2015 According to The Institute of Medicine's report many organizations and studies state that nurses with their bachelor's degree are paired with better outcomes throughout the healthcare system Lasala and Gorton 2015 There are many barriers expressed by different nurses good and bad that create issues to receiving their bachelor's degree In the study ten accredited RN to BSN nursing program directors were sent surveys of questions regarding barriers motivations and priorities to going back to school to receive their BSN 

They were then asked to give the surveys to the students of their program to complete the survey Lasala and Gorton 2015 Of the barriers for students achieving their BSN cost was the number one barrier Personal motivation for achieving higher education however was ranked top reason as a motivational factor for receiving a bachelor's degree A priority factor was having the availability of an online program Concluding the study future BSN students should be able to understand the barriers and how to face those hurdles As well as the programs offered should have a better understanding of the obstacles faced by their future students and design programs that will eliminate those factors Lasala and Gorton 2015 I feel that as an ADN striving to receive my BSN I can relate to a lot of the barriers described in this study Cost is most likely always a number one barrier for schooling I felt that this study mentioned a lot of the obstacles that I have faced with trying to receive higher education Prerequisites were an issue that I have faced as well as trying to find a program that offered an easy transition from my ADN program Apart from that I also feel that it is within the nurse to be motivated to do what needs to be done to achieve their BSN or any higher education for that matter Lasala K B Gorton K 2015 Student's Academic Transition Issues Associate Degree to Baccalaureate Nursing Journal of Nursing Care 04 01 2 6 doi 10 4172 2167 1168 1000231

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