Essay Example on What is it Natural gas is a substance we get from beneath the Earth









It is formed by decayed animal matter which buried under the Earth with heat and pressure becomes natural gas coal and oil The natural gas sometimes goes into large cracks in rocks They may also form in large area of rock of sandstone shale and other types of sedimentary rock Sometimes natural gas may be found in coal we can extract this by mining coal We extract this fossil fuel using wells Scientists find which rocks are most likely to contain natural gas using seismic surveys We use small explosives sometimes being harmful to the environment If a site seems as if it might contain natural gas wells are drilled down into the Earth and natural gas fills up the wells Sometimes we use material to break down shale or sandstone and the gas fills the wells The use of natural gas is growing We apply most of it to create electricity through turbines The main component of natural gas is methane a chemical compound and the simplest form of alkane a series of hydrocarbons including propane Those are the details which explain what natural gas is Is it a Good Energy Source Natural gas costs 0 0219 per more than 28 litres and propane another type of gas we use to heat our water and for cooking and powering vehicles with engines Propane costs 0 0392 for the same amount of litres as natural gas Though there are definitely negatives to this fossil fuel which we identify as natural gas and all of these problems are environmental 

Though it is said that natural gas is much cleaner than coal it produces 50 percent more carbon dioxide then natural gas when it's burned methane is 86 to 105 times more powerful at disturbing the atmosphere than carbon dioxide Extraction is definitely a problem as we use small explosives which disturbs the environment also the chemicals we use to break down the rock poses a problem if we use it near water or too much of it enters the atmosphere Extracting though provides jobs In Pennsylvania they mentioned they can create 200 000 jobs with extraction of natural gas Natural gas is very abundant too as of now it should last more than 100 years but with our growing population it would last less Natural gas is also not that hard to find so getting it from the Earth would not be a problem It can power a lot of things including even a generator When extracting it it would destroy a forest without secondary succession occurring Jobs will appear prices are low but it is not sustainable but it's accessible and powerful methane is harmful to the environment These are many of the things we should take in account when deciding if this is a good energy source Case Study Pennsylvania We see environmental problems in Pennsylvania as we are digging wells into a very old rock area called Marcellus Estimates have shown that in Marcellus there are about 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas Though it poses a problem in the quiet peaceful land they might see pollution and a lot of factories since they will burn the natural gas to use it thus creating pollution There is already a lot of abandoned waste coal in piles around there so the people living there are not too enthusiastic about this

Though they have promised to take steps to insure environmental safety Once this natural gas has contaminated a drinking water source There are many problems though the profit is big The challenge we will be seeing is if they can keep their land and water clean and extract this gas sustainably at the same time Are there solutions The way we drill is harmful to the environment thus we should practice safer drilling ways There are solutions to this problem ways of stopping the chemicals from contaminating water One problem is the chemicals in which we use to break down rocks for the wells A solution would be putting layers of rocks above the wells stopping the chemicals from entering the atmosphere and the water Also we should use less harmful toxins to break down the rock There are also many problems with methane As mentioned before it's a much more powerful greenhouse gas So if a pipe is leaked when transporting the gas it would be really harmful to the environment Overall there are a lot of problems but some have solutions though we cannot fix the sustainability as it will take millions of years to make this substance

These are solutions and we must take these steps to ensure that we can safely extract this substance and that the environment does not get harmed further Conclusion That concludes my report The point of my work was to identify natural gas and give the information needed to decide if it is a good source of energy First to have a greater understanding I explained what it is Then having done so I gave the pro s and the con s to make sure the readers were well aware of the impacts it may have I also gave details of the positive impacts it has such as economy so the reader might choose it depending on which traits they value the most Sustainability or accessibility now or the future environmental or economical Then I gave the solutions I could find the fix the flaws of the problem If it seems the solutions are good and will fix the problems then the reader might decide it's a worthwhile investment though if they value something a trait which is a problem and cannot be fixed then they might think otherwise I also gave a case study applying this to a real world issue the positives and the negatives

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