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What is Stem Cell Research itself and its pros and cons also how does it harm the deaf community Stem Cell are a class of undifferentiated cells that are able to differentiate into specialized cell types They divide themselves repeatedly without limit They tend to repair the other cells or replace them cells such as RBC red blood cells MC muscle cells and BC brain cells Stem Cells are a such an important cells in the human system because it regenerates and and are able to treat disease like diabetes heart disease and etc However the Stem Cells have to be done in a laboratory where scientists can study and completely understand it s function While the scientists are studying they are discovering interesting things about the causes of birth defects Birth defects such as deafness which is the main topic here Per see this is not new and recent It has been researched on for years trying to figure out to cure disease For example In November of 1998 scientists reported that they had successfully isolated and cultured human embryonic stem cells a feat which had eluded researchers for almost two decades This announcement kicked off an intense and unrelenting debate between those who approve of embryonic stem cell research and those who are opposed to it

Some of the most prominent advocates of the research are scientists and patients who believe that embryonic stem cell research will lead to the development of treatments and cures for some of humanity's most pernicious afflictions such as Alzheimer's disease Parkinson's disease heart disease and diabetes Those facts shows that many people have been going at it for a while The Pros about the Stem Cell research is that it can cure many disease that have gotten people to suffered or killed Like Alzheimer's and Parkinson s it is very serious and common in the world Guess what The Stem Cell research can really benefit us Biotech Industry told a reporter named Theresa Phillips that Stem cells provide huge potential for finding treatments and cures to a vast array of diseases including different cancers diabetes spinal cord injuries Alzheimer s MS Huntington s Parkinson s and more Basically the most post it ever thing is that it can dissolve disabilities diseases and such

However the Cons of The Stem Cell research is that it is stirring up scientists politicians and religious It is conflicting to the scientists and religious because the use of embryonic stem cells for research involves the destruction of blastocysts formed from laboratory fertilized human eggs Religious type of people who believes that life is created for a purpose and is being destroyed by Stem Cells are against it The scientists that not not from North America tends to disagree with the ideas of Stems Cells because the blastocyst is a human life and to destroy it is unacceptable and immoral While the scientists in North America are really pushing the Stem Cell research to politics and surpassing religious of the people who are a citizen They have the advantage to use the utopia idea of the world with no defects Most politics really like the idea of the Stem Cells Research because in their statement if we use the Stem Cells then it will give the politics less trouble For example the less diseases there is the less they have to make the less money to spend on us Money talks on politics and is ignoring the originality of religious Now here's the big question How can it be damaging to us and the deaf community There is a huge talk going on that deaf can be no more If the scientists are able to convince and use the Stem Cells then they can start using it on deaf people Using Stem Cells on us deaf people is like feeding us poison If we use it then we no longer exists We the deaf people will lose that huge part of our identity We become history Our deaf communities that we have put our hearts into and built it to its standing day will collapse And rip our home Using the Stem Cells for disease purposes is fine and wonderful It actually helps the people who lives today I and is suffering of many harmful diseases that limits them but using it on our community is an idea that I don't want to be encourage The Stem Cells has Pros and Cons good reasons and Bad reasons It s helpful in some ways like healing our defects or pain but hurts people's religions and beliefs and also the deaf community Politics Religions and Scientists are still debating on this very day whether to use it or not but if so then what for

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