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This section explores the following questions with an overview of the conceptual frameworks metaphors intentions and technologies of Memory What is the act of remembering and what is memory in the acts of memorialization within the framework of qualia and death as the negation of life framework How does this definition relate to the desire to matter to its mediation and commodification at the interfaces What is its contribution to the articulation of the consciousness of the possibility of dying construction of the definition or representation of Death to the establishment of Borders When we mourn in solidarity for the death of someone or groups of people on social networks what are we really memorializing and remembering and how Memory has been a source of knowledge action and experience in Western thought and the act of remembering has been the means for crossing the porous conceptual borders between now the past and the future as well as between the dead and the alive Memory as a source of true knowledge has been questionable because it has always shifted with and reflected the mentality ways of governance and power relations of its times and it has been shaped experienced and expressed by media technologies

Metaphors intentions and functions of Memory accordingly changed over time In Ancient Greek and Roman times followed by the church Memory was dominantly placed under Rhetorics and later Ethics as constituting the faculty of Prudence good judgment Memory had a converting transformative power and the act of remembering was reliving an experience body and soul With the invention of the printing press followed by the search for rational method and scientific progress arts of memory lost their charm and metamorphic power and took on a more reproductive secular function Memory became democratized individualized and commodified a narrative that should sound familiar from the first chapter on the course of Death and Borders The written record became the source of objective truth which was reinforced by the easily reproducible photograph later on With the cooperation of psychology and computer communications engineering in the last hundred years or so the computer model became the dominant closed conceptual framework of Memory

Finally with advances in artificial intelligence big data and social networks humans have almost completely transferred the deliberate acts of remembering and recalling to the machine to be reminded through applications that fight in cognitive space and real time for our selective attention with the help of design that strives to achieve desirability and addictiveness Today it almost seems as if the human memory is serving the collective memory and therefore consciousness of a global network But what exactly is the advantage and purpose of this whole project and what exactly is the human doing with the freed space as the result of offloading this obligation to witness and remember Has the cognitive space and real time really been freed What activity has been busying what the West once categorized as the faculty of Memory and Imagination or Prudence for that matter The shifts in conceptual frameworks of memory systems can be observed through the advances in media technologies that facilitate the acts of remembering and memorialization Changing media technologies and the threshold guys of reproduction and distribution of the sensible at such Borders affect and reflect the processes of selection attention recording encoding storage retrieval recall decoding and representation

Governance and power relationships are reflected in these processes and ubiquitous interfaces visibly or in a state of disappearance hungry for us to deliberately or automatically feed them our every breath move affect cognitive or emotional status in real time today Specifically this is manifested in acts of memorialization on social networks According to Bernard Stiegler the human has always had a technical tendency been prosthetic and his condition of emerging in the world is its relationality So it is no surprise that memory is an externalized technical evolving artificial faculty as part of intelligence and foresight but how is that process guided and what is burnt in the archive fever Currently acts of memorialization are performances inscribing a Death event again based on the negation and qualia framework for what makes us distinguishably human and what matters placing it in some loci to be stored and voluntarily retrieving it or being automatically reminded of it later for certain purposes and functions As part of intellect and consciousness memory and the act of remembering forms a huge part of one's identity matter in the schema mentioned above Therefore they are subject to biopolitics sovereignty of life and death control over real time cognitive space and property and are bidirectionally related to the selection attention recording encoding storage retrieval recall decoding and representation practices of media technologies that show or hide things at interfaces So in this scenario what are the current and possible consequences of the so called disappearance of Borders and replacement of the consciousness of the possibility of dying and representation of Death with their simulations in acts of memorialization and remembering via the interface

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