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The Trinity As we studied the word of word of God everyday we came upon some questions What is the trinity  Who ranks the highest Are they all equal What roles do each of them play So we started reading Genesis and we realized that you will not find the word trinity in the bible so we translated God back to hebrew and god translates to elohim which is used to unify the trinity The father son and holy spirit all have different roles to play but each have an important role in is what I ve learned What is the trinity The trinity is a union between God the father God the son and God the holy ghost combining them all in one they are become one They work together like a family as one The trinity shows God as loving mutual kind fair and just Humans want to be god like or try to have their character but we can t we re humans we can t obtain their characteristics they re God s and we re humans Each figure in the trinity are distinct yet unified just like a household should be When we say these things we mean that the Father is God the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God but they are not three gods but only one God The Father is not the Son the Son is not the Spirit the Spirit is not the Father but each is God individually and yet they are together the one true God of the Bible 

The father figure is our creator the everything exists through him 1 Corinthians 8 6 he is a compassionate figure we are his pottery he took his time into making us and making sure we are in his image he is also like the lawmaker he sets the rules when we break these rules we have consequences for them He does his works through the son and the holy spirit The holy spirit is like a conscience John 16 13 it speaks to us and tries to lead us to the right path that leads us to salvation and the holy spirit wants others to see him in us through how we act how we started our day When we re drifting away from the lord the holy spirit is that little voice telling us to turn back Sometimes it s hard for us to what God wants us to do so the holy spirit helps go through our tests that God gives us The spirit brought jesus back to life after a passed away the holy spirit brought him back The holy spirit gives us the fruits of the spirit so that we may be able to preach the gospel unto others Acts 1 8 The holy spirit allows us to access god through him Healing continues to happen through the power of the holy spirit who indwells the body of christ and that power is present and real both sacramentally and charismatically so that justice and salvation may be brought to all nations Pinnock 

The son is the ultimate sacrifice to mankind he came and gave up his god like features just to save us he changed the world forever since the day of his birth I learned that that Jesus birth marked the beginning of many calendars but no calender ever starts from zero because there is no zero there s only a before and after christ the holy spirit and Jesus are able to change peoples lives The trinity is one unit they work together as one Many perceive the trinity to have ranks as in the father would be the highest the son and then the holy spirit as the lowest rank But that is just us looking at it in a human perspective The trinity is equal no one reigns highest or lowest a way to think of the trinity is like an egg is made up of a shell the egg white and the yolk All three are needed for an egg to be complete One of the more interesting illustrations note the different roles a person can play I am a father a son and a husband at one and the same time Yet I am only one person Perhaps a more biblical approach is to consider that a husband and wife are two persons yet in God s eyes they are one flesh Add children and then you have the family as a miniature But the Trinity teaches us that before the foundation of the world God was having fellowship within his own being That s why the Bible tells us that the Father loves the Son John 17 24 In some sense we can never understand that God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have forever communicated and loved each other

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