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What it means to support Local Music Importance of supporting local music artists Music is a powerful medium It's one of the few things in Kenya that almost everyone enjoys without reservation As a music blogger I listen to almost everything the Kenyan music sphere has to offer be it mugithi taarab ohangla isikuti Jazz Classical rock hip hop R B reggae or just a combination music gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion with the fans as we connect with their music It is quite unfortunate that most people are completely oblivious about the local music pumping through the veins of their own home country TuSupport local manze a simple sentence depending on the circles you move around in can become a refrainer a command Support jenga industry a musician on stage or a merchandise seller says enthusiastically as you peruse shirts and CDs PlayKeMusic BuyKeMusic reads on my twitter Facebook feeds Facebook sometimes with smiley face As a music blogger for me loving music means loving the very roots at which your favorite bands grew It means appreciating those opening act bands artists that we often underappreciated or pass over because we are unaware of the incredible talent that is still bubbling under the surface It is nearly impossible to call yourself a music enthusiast if you haven't taken a step back to enjoy ALL of the music surrounding you Yes I said it Sure it's easy to check out your favourite band s newest release on mdundo or youtube and fall in love with it It's easy to follow music that already has millions of existing followers Does it ever cross your mind where major mainstream artists bands come from Well once upon a they all started out as a local artist band chasing their dream to inspire others with their music Most mainstream musicians all start from somewhere Even Sauti Sol started from somewhere and that place is the local music scene For all you know you might be dancing to the next big thing at Nyama Mama or the local pub or along the busy Nairobi street It is no secret that up and coming bands artists work hard to deliver an entertaining performance because they are yearning to have a solid fan base It s important to support your local musicians and I ve listed 3 major reasons why Economy will grow

Many economists agree it s not about how much you spend but where you spend it Supporting our local artists helps with our economy especially boosting businesses at local venues restaurants bars and keeps the music appreciation lively and strong If the local artists that you support hit nationwide status It s an awesome feeling to stand back smile and be glad to you have witnessed the band s growth process from their first shows as a small artist BGV or opening act into a recognized talent in the music industry Local musicians are more personal The fear of FOMO is nerve racking Who can imagine missing out an international act s performance I recall a while back when Shaggy came to the country and there was a lady who committed suicide for not being allowed to attend the event by her parents Yikes On the bright side it is always such a bundle of joy attending major artist concerts or festivals However the possibility of meeting and conversing getting a selfie with the musicians is fairly low unless you are invited for a meet and greet session which rarely happens in Kenya for non influencers or if it were to happened it would be at a pricey hotel On the flipside attending a local artist s show can be just as fun and more than likely you ll be able to meet and network with the musicians and some audience members Local Music is more Affordable

If you re a music enthusiast like me that is you enjoy music festivals and concerts but sometimes your wallet doesn t agree I hate it when I am at an economical fix The benefit of supporting local musicians is that it s cost efficient Typically their entrance fees vary from Ksh 500 to Ksh 2000 vs Ksh 3500 5000 for events that feature international acts and a lot of the times our local artists will provide free shows Local musicians are loyal to their fans mainly because they are the reason they are able to play their music and they rely on their supporters to continue their dream I choose to support local music because of the abundant undiscovered music that is yet to be experienced Please get out there and go be thrilled by our local music scene support local music Chances are you'll find great music and awesome people behind the art The next time that undiscovered band is performing outside Java or that gentleman is blowing the harmonica on the Kencom sidewalk throw a tip in the tip jar and urge them to jam on Love the music you listen to but be sure to love where it came from as well One day you will just be tuning in to your favorite radio station or TV station or at relaxing at an exclusive hotel and see the band play and I promise you will be ecstatic feeling to enjoy a night that's uniquely a musical experience

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