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What it's like being an introvert My whole life I have been a woman of very few words I never enjoyed engaging in conversation or interacting with large crowds of people and I certainly did not enjoy participating in group and class discussions And because I just sat there and took everything in people merely assumed that I was either really shy mad upset or I just had no interest in the conversation Now although these accusations were sometimes true it was my personality that took prime control of it According to many theories of personality everyone has some degree of both introversion and extraversion However people often tend to lean one way or the other Introverts tend to be more quiet reserved and introspective Extroverts on the other hand energize by being around other people It is also important to note that introversion does not necessarily correspond with shyness Shyness indicates a fear of people or social situations Introverts on the other hand simply do not like to spend most of their time interacting with others They do however appreciate being around people to whom they feel close to Now being an introvert is not necessarily a bad thing You would be surprised by the number of people in this world who are From former President Obama to Mark Zuckerberg some of these industry movers and shakers will surprise you Some other erratic surprises I thought would be interesting to share include 

Albert Einstein Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian Some fictional characters in books and movies may act as introverts too Characters like Superman Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games and Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby are great examples Let's take Gatsby for instance A charismatic man that lived an ostentatious lifestyle But as we learn at the beginning of the novel his charisma has more to do with his reputation than with his personality Being an introvert may also affect your social status In a recent study published in Psychological Science researchers found that impoverished extroverts spent more money on luxury goods than introverted ones Past research also found that people who are more sociable and outgoing care more about their social status than others Now these days things like how big or small your social circle is and how prominent you are on social media may greatly impact your social status too and living as an introvert may sometimes add to the inconvenience Being an introvert may separate you from the crowd and make you for example more prone to bullies Bullies tend to pick on the weak as they are not going to pick on someone bigger or of a higher social status than themselves Its cruel and concerning but it's just the way they think So in the final minutes that we have left I m going to tell you a story of a boy I knew in my teens We were both in highschool and we had met in science class Lesley was his name Now Lesley was a very intelligent man by far the most brilliant in our class He didn't have many friends but contrary to that he had many bullies His clothes were outdated mostly off brand and people choose to bully him for it So one day as we were conducting an experiment in class the fire alarm went off And although we all knew who the real culprit was Lesley was blamed Later that day the boys who reported the incident as well as himself were sent to the office The boys to explain what they had supposedly seen and Lesley to tell his side of the story He however being the introspective boy that he was did not speak up but fortunately for him someone else did Tracy Morgan Lesley s first and to my knowledge last love 

The two dated throughout high school but ended things when Lesley had to leave for an important scholarship out in Manitoba They texted each other daily nevertheless eventually broke things off Now over the years I have made close friends with Lesley and in that time I learned that he had been studying all of Tracy s likes and dislikes as well as her new friend group and interests I believe one day he will be ready to do more with that but for now this should suffice Now by a show of hands who thinks that Lesley is an introvert And who thinks he is an extrovert Well to answer that question Lesley showed obvious signs of introversion To start he was bullied for wearing outdated off brand clothes a good considered by his classmates a luxury He was neither sociable nor outgoing but made an exception for someone he had felt close to And finally Lesley carefully plans and studies his lover s life before actually taking action Through the story we can see how one s social status can really be affected by their personality A bad one may make you vulnerable to the world while a good one may make you unsusceptible to it And that ladies and gentlemen is what its like being an introvert

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