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What to prepare for your First Day of Internship sub Read understand and implement the following tips to help you shine on your first day You managed to pull yourself through those tiresome applications and non stop interviews to land yourself that internship Congratulations Getting the acceptance letter however is only the beginning As your first day of internship approaches you can expect to break out in sweat and to feel butterflies permanently settling themselves in your stomach It's completely normal to get those first day nerves it happens to all of us However it's important to make a good impression from day one so you can set the stage for a successful internship experience Good preparation and understanding a few key workplace basics can go a long way in helping you achieve that Here are some tips to ensure your first day goes smoothly header The day before Know exactly where you ll be based and where you need to report to on your first day Check the map on your phone and note down the directions on how to get there Usually the company website also shows directions to their respective offices Remember the name of your reporting officer so you don't show up at the front desk looking clueless and disorganised You're likely to report in the morning when everyone is just walking into the office or busy preparing to start their day so they may not be too pleased to help a new intern who shows up on his or her first day underprepared Plan your journey 

Give yourself some breathing time for bad traffic MRT breakdowns or bus delays If you re unfamiliar with your office area include additional time in case you re lost If you re driving figure out the nearest parking area Take note that not every office building provides parking for those without season parking passes Revise any specialist knowledge or skills you may need for the job You may be lacking in experience but make sure you re armed with the basic theoretical knowledge Research and read up about the company While this may be something you ve already done while you were applying for the internship position it is good to tune in to the company's latest news You can start by checking out their social media profiles You may also read about the history of the organisation their vision and mission or what they re currently working on if you haven't done so already Ensure you have enough work appropriate attire Some companies can be quite uptight about what their employees wear to work while others are more flexible If you re unsure it is okay to wear a smart attire on your first day It's better to overdress than underdressed in this situation header 

While at the workplace Learn how the office phone system works and whether there are any rules you need to follow e g answering with a particular greeting Find out whether you are expected to follow any email protocols e g using a particular signature file salutation or sign off Double check the hours you are expected to work for example if you need to take your lunch break at a particular time If invited to attend meetings with colleagues or clients clarify beforehand whether your input would be welcome or if you are expected to sit and observe When briefed on a task take note of what you need to do and ask questions to clarify this if necessary Pack your lunch or bring extra cash on your first day You may not know what the lunch situation is like until you get there The extra cash will come in handy if your colleagues take you out for lunch If your colleagues happen to be eating in on your first day you have your packed lunch to fall back on Check in at the end of the day with your manager s to tell them you re getting ready to leave Always ask if there's anything else they need you to do for the day Don't just disappear Pro tips on what to bring on your first day o A notebook It's useful to have one for work so you can take notes It ll help you remember important details about your tasks You can also write down names of your colleagues and their positions so you can address them correctly instead of awkwardly trying to remember their names when they speak to you o A pen You re quite likely to be given one on your first day of your internship but it's always good to have one at hand o A snack Your stomach may be used to a different eating schedule and will take time to adapt to the lunch hours that you ll have to follow at the organisation you re interning for A snack will come in handy when your stomach starts rumbling during the work day However make sure you bring a light snack as eating an entire meal while working may not be acceptable or appropriate to most employers

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