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What you hear when you listen to Jazz Paragraph 1 General description of the song including tempo rhythmic feel instrumentation and any other factors you feel are important Paragraphs 2 4 Start with an adjective that describes your perceptions of the music and then discuss the musical factors that contribute your perceptions Use the vocabulary that we have developed in this course to discuss the musical factors Paragraphs 5 and above Describe the format of the performance i e melody solos with elapsed times Include the order of the improvised solos Name at least one feature of each improvised solo i e upper register motivic development along with the elapsed time where you hear the feature Concluding paragraph Discuss your emotional reaction to the music and why you did or did not like this selection Your description should include a number of the following factors tempo rhythmic style jazz era instrumentation form order of soloists soloist techniques such as repetition motivic development or change of register rhythm section devices such as walking bass drum fills or other interaction how each solo builds from beginning to end introduction melody and ending Please note that I don t expect you to discuss every factor that is above but instead I would like for you to discuss those aspects which you can hear which will vary from student to student Milestones is a jazz composition written by Miles Davis from the album of the same name in 1958 The song has a relaxed tempo and the swing rhythmic feel The jazz era for this composition is the Modal era There are six instruments played for this song Miles Davis performed for the trumpet Cannonball Adderley for the alto saxophone John Coltrane for the tenor saxophone Red Garland for the piano Paul Chambers for the double bass and Philly Joe Jones for the drums Relaxing is the adjective

I feel from this song The light tempo in this composition gives me a comfortable feel The tempo is not too fast or too slow The start and end trumpet is played in a really let me feel in a buoyant mood The pre composed melody for the trumpet can be separated into two parts The first parts is when trumpet performs one sound in one beat The trumpet sound in this part is jumping and full and gives me a feel of full of vigor Another part is the continuous sound of the trumpet The trumpet sound is very soothing For Davis trumpet I can hear he left spaces in each note which is a feature for Miles Davis Less is more The front line for this composition is the trumpet alto saxophone and tenor saxophone Their melodies are pretty harmonious in their solo part with each other The harmony in this song is minimized so the melody and rhythm become more important The melody played by the front line is not too fast that make people feel too excited but also not too slow that let people feel that the song is sad The melodies are comfortable and relaxing with a little power in it

The walking bass in the song contributes to the swing rhythmic feel The walking bass is performed in a fast way that it is hard to decide the rhythmic feel The drums plays rhythmic pattern on ride cymbal The bass drum and piano cooperate extraordinary good for the rhythm section The sound of piano does not apparent It is faint in the rhythmic section The way that bass drum and piano played seems do not change much in the whole song of Milestones That is the feature for Modal Jazz that one chord can last for 8 16 measures The chord for this song is also very similar to that of So what which also written by Miles Davis The form in this song is really clear the start and the end is the rehearsed trumpet and the solos are in between with them The solos are performed by the alto saxophone from Cannonball trumpet from Miles and tenor saxophone from Coltrane The first solo is the alto saxophone Alto saxophone always has brighter sound than tenor saxophones It starts with motivic development Cannonball s improvisation has lots of bending into notes His solo also has many fast notes up and down contours The second solo is the trumpet performed by Miles His solo is in smooth sound with lack of vibrate There are also spaces between phrases He used some Harmon mute in this solo The trumpet solo part is not too long The last solo is the tenor saxophone played by John Coltrane His solo starts with the same melody as the end of Miles solo part Coltrane s improvisation has powerful sound He used his jazz technology sheet of sound in this solo The tenor solo also shows the fast relentless playing and tone quality of John Coltrane's playing style After the solos finished the pre composed melody played again till the end I like the selection because this in composition both the rehearsed part and the improvisation part are wonderful I can feel the power in the song It is encouraging in the trumpet part and relaxing in the other part I also like the structure of this song It is symmetric with the same introduction and ending All in all it is my pleasure to appreciate Milestones

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