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When creating a learning environment for students teachers must ensure that the classroom reflects a positive place that is safe and encourages learning Students should feel that they can be successful and show respect for their teachers as well as their peers It is important that each classroom is a community of learners that help each other to learn and succeed There are several strategies that can be used to involve all students in the learning process I feel that one very important strategy would be to connect what you are teaching to real life situations Use examples of what is going on in the real world to make a connection to the lesson for students to receive a better understanding of the lesson Another strategy is to have conversations with your students to determine what their interest are Lessons can be made that are centered around their interest their likes and dislikes 

Even everyday routines can be used as a way of learning For example when a kindergarten class washes their hands before lunch the teacher can use that time to teach the students about the importance of disease prevention and hygiene There are so many teachable moments that can come from just everyday routines while at school Classrooms also consist of students with special needs that will need special considerations to involve student engagement with these students Working in small groups is a great way for students to not only help students that might need extra help but they get to know their classmates better and learn what they can do to help them in the learning process Teachers should plan lessons and methods of teaching that are specifically tailored to the needs of each student in each small group Teachers can also stop by each small group and work with the students allowing more one on one instruction The universal design method emphasizes a deliberate type pf teaching that clearly states the lessons and goals for each lesson This method is designed to meet the needs of each student including students with special needs Management strategies are important to use when it comes to enhancing student responsibility and social development Specific strategies that can be used would be to provide a rationale to the students regarding classroom rules and routines The rules of the classroom should be discussed with the students in order for them to understand the importance of working together as a class Students can also be given the opportunity to be involved in developing classroom rules Students can work together to decide which rules would work best for their class

Teachers should set the standards of the class so students know exactly what is expected of them from the first day of class until the last day of class When problems arise within the class allow students to collaborate together to come up with problem solving strategies Allow students to brainstorm and think about how the situation can be handled to solve the problem within the classroom All of these strategies allow students to be involved in their classroom which will give them more responsibility and enhance their social development As student s social development enhances there are strategies that can be used to help students become a classroom community Having mutual respect for their teachers and peers allows students to work together and become a family One strategy to help this to happen would be to have a morning meeting with the students before the start of the day Students can sit together and plan out the day They can talk about any problems they are having and the teacher can explain what lessons will be taught Another strategy would be to have students work on a project or presentation together Students will collaborate together to develop ideas to complete the work When students are following the rules and going above and beyond on their assignments some teachers may give rewards to their students Rewards can be a great way to motivate students to do there very best Punishment occurs when a student chooses not to act in a disciplined way Both rewards and punishments can cause students to have a more positive attitude towards learning but you have to make sure that students that have been falling behind or not following the rules are not just working to receive a reward but rather because they truly want to work at their full potential There are several components that work together to make an effective classroom and positive learning environment Each component is vital to the success of each student Teachers use different strategies that will work best for their classroom Each classroom should be a community of learners that work together to strive for excellence For this to happen there must be classroom organization and management so that each strategy can work effectively Each strategy is designed to ensure positive learning and a community of successful learners

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