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When I was younger my parents would go out of town quite a bit and leave me home alone My dad was a manager at a large manufacturing company and he travelled a lot on business If he was going somewhere interesting mom would usually tag along She waited until I was 16 before she started doing this and she never left me alone unless it was summer and I was out of school We had a house that was about a quarter of a mile off the main road Our driveway was long and the house was surrounded by woods so it was rather secluded We didn t have a security system at the time but as far as I know no one had ever tried to break in before this particular day I had just graduated from high school and I was bumming around that summer with nothing to do I had been out in the woods shooting one of my dad s shotguns I had a keen interest for guns in those days and I usually went out shooting at least two or three times a week That was a lucky thing for me I guess I was heading back to the house when I heard a car door slam somewhere up ahead I knew my parents were out of town and I wasn t expecting anyone to drop by so I was very curious about who could be at the house I went jogging down the trail to the backyard and that was when I spotted this guy nosing around on our deck He was big with a lot of tattoos and he was bald My heart jumped into my throat and I was suddenly a little scared I squatted down behind the nearest tree and watched the guy He rang the doorbell and then knocked I was just about to yell out and ask him what he wanted when he suddenly broke a pane of glass and forced his way through the backdoor Holy shit we re being robbed I thought I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911 

The operator asked me a bunch of stupid questions How many men were there Were they armed Had they already entered the property What sort of vehicle were they driving Was anyone else inside the house I answered every thing to the best of my ability but I was starting to freak out The operator told me to stay where I was and assured me that help was on the way Perhaps you know how it is I was 18 and I thought I was a tough guy This man was robbing my home and I wanted to put a stop to it myself My only problem I was out of shells for the gun I had carried half a box into the woods with me I had fired off 12 or so rounds shooting at stumps and tin cans and now the gun was empty Still I snuck up to the back deck and hid under the stairs I knew the guy would probably come out the same way he went in so I sat there hoping to hear sirens Sure enough a few minutes later I head the guy coming down the steps He was walking slowly and I could hear him grunting just a bit As he got to the bottom I stepped out on his left and chambered a round or at least pretended to A pump shotgun makes a nasty sound and the dude froze instantly I leveled the gun at his head and told him that if he moved I would kill him He was carrying our big screen TV and I guess it was a little heavy but he simply stood there wide eyed with the barrel of my 12 gauge rammed in his face

He didn t move and I didn t move Still I have to admit that I was scared to death If he dropped the TV and went for a gun I had no idea what I would do We stood there staring at each other for what seemed like years I told him that the cops were on the way and that they would be there any minute 

Can I set this thing down He asked Fuck no I replied in my best Eastwood voice I told you if you move I ll blow your fucking head off You just stand right there So we stood there just staring at each other After what seemed like years I finally heard sirens in the distance Our house was off the main road but there was a stone gate and I was hoping like hell that the police would find it In a second or two I heard cars coming down the driveway and I began to relax Two officers came around the side of the house with their guns drawn and I collapsed against one of the deck post They took the dude down and I dropped my shotgun One of the cops picked up the gun and wanted to know if I was okay I nodded Is this thing loaded He asked No I said And then before I could stop myself I started puking I called my mom about an hour later and made her talk to the cops herself She freaked out My parents came home the next day and my dad got a security system the following week The one thing I learned from the experience was that I never wanted to be a cop

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