Essay Example on When North Korea will truly use the nuclear Bomb









There has been much news going around if or when North Korea will truly use the nuclear bomb and boy did we get a short preview of that on January 13th 2018 well thankfully a partial scare and no one got hurt It was just your average day in Hawaii people minding their business until people found out this may indeed be there last Saturday alive receiving the emergency alert on their mobile devices titled BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER THIS IS NOT A DRILL You can only imagine everyone in Hawaii began panicking finding out if this alert was in fact valid or indeed false The alert was sent out first thing in the morning civilians started out their morning jumping out of their bed ready to evacuate or look for some sort of shelter after seconds of people fearing the worst the confirmation finally came out after 13 minutes results show an employee hit the incorrect button As you can only imagine while the emergency management update did send an update of the alert error on social media many didn t have the opportunity to see the update due for the simple fact people had no time 

They were worried about loved ones or picking up their children from school People were furious not knowing who to believe if the alert was in fact true or false and not receiving any confirmation from a public leader until Rep Tulsi Gabbard D Hawaii confirmed it was false the tweet went live 15 minutes after the false alarm This angered many after the incident became clear for the fact our leader known as our president Donald Trump was playing golf instead of clearing this incident up and instead of holding some sort of conference clarifying this for people he decided to take it to twitter posting So much Fake news bring reported it's incredible he clarified the news this way you would think our leader for the United States would be more organized in a situation that faces life or death In this article it shows Leadership plays an important role when it comes to management for the fact if a leader clarified this problem in a timely and respective manner people would have taken the incident lighter in a more calmer reaction instead you have people angry disappointed questioning leaders not showing any responsibility When you're the president you re considered the leader not only for particular states but the country of United States of America many people lately have been questioning the lack of president Trumps knowledge on if he can indeed lead let alone a group of people now being the president falls on his shoulder how this country is directed and driven President Trump's job is to be the leader and manage that civilians feel protected safe and respected and during this incident he didn't fulfill not one 

Being a good leader comes with many important traits such as being understanding organized and vocal in getting the communication out Trump could have tweeted as soon as possible that the alert was a false alarm sharing information with millions of Americans and letting them know what went wrong and assured people that he would work to make sure that no such error happened again in the future and offer emotional support to the people that were crying scared for their life Many people especially residents in Hawaii were angered by the fact this incident could have been managed and dealt much better in a more organized way but was taken in an immature fashion Since the beginning Trump winning the election he has rarely assumed that traditional leadership role of the presidency He's always taken a negative attitude toward those who opposed his candidacy certainly but he's also been more broadly to inform guide and assure the American public In my opinion a leader has to be able to sense what's coming up ahead to see opportunities that should be the target of action and to see threats before they blow up and become a mess and the view has to be well into the future Overall I feel a successful leader must be able to Understand and interpret the environment in which you operate develop winning strategies Execute them brilliantly Measure the impact of your strategies systematically adjusting strategies as indicated and Develop organizationally departmental team and personal capabilities Reading this article The false alarm in Hawaii revealed an abdication of leadership by Trump has been informative for the fact it was the talk around the news for the previous weeks on how this had everyone in the world worried if in fact North Korea shot the nuclear attack luckily it was a false alarm and we all hope we don t ever have to go through a scare such as evacuating for a nuclear attack and if so it gets addressed in the correct way

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