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When someone feels it I feel it Discrimination hurts like someone stabbing you in the heart If you have ever felt it it makes you sad and angry at the world for oppressing you for being who you are In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck two migrant workers travel to work on a ranch Their names are George and Lennie and when they get to the ranch they meet Crooks Curley s wife and other workers Crooks Lennie and Curley s wife are faced with forceful discrimination just for being different from the other workers In the novel Crooks is discriminated against when Curley s wife starts to yell at him because he told her to get out of his room but she yells at him Before Crooks instructs her to leave Candy tells her to leave and she does not act as if she possesses more power than him and Curley s wife acts as if she can have a conversation with Lennie and Candy But as soon as Crooks says it is time for her to leave his room she acts as if he is less worthy than her She says You know what I can do to you if you open your trap 80 This quote explains how Curley s wife uses her husbands status at the ranch and privilege to show that she has power against a black man because he has more melanin in his skin She believes that she is worth more and is higher than him so she uses that to advantage to make him scared and it works 

When she threatens Crooks he becomes a shell of himself and wishes her to leave him alone In the novel another person discriminated is Lennie as he is mentally challenged which makes people to treat him as if he s crazy or talk to him like he s foolish They view him less of a person because how process things and that he does not recognize things Also Slim George and the other workers restrict him from doing things such as going to Suzy s place talking to Curley s wife and not permit him have mice that are dead In the novel George is talking to Slim about Lennie and how he does anything George tells him like when he jumped into the river and almost drowned Slim was wondering why George and Lennie travel together and said something that was surprising Slim says It jus seems kinda funny a cuckoo like him and a smart little guy like you travelin together 39 This quote shows how Lennie was discriminated because he was mentally challenged it also shows George was the smart one and he was the dumb one People never really obtain what he communicates into consideration they just think he s stupid The ranch workers would exclude him from doing things with them Slim feels how the others feel which is that he is a cuckoo The last person that faces discrimination is Curley s wife In Of Mice and Men she s told to get away by George Candy Slim Also the ranch workers talk behind her back calling her a tart and a tramp they think that Curley made a wrong decision by marrying her Curley s wife feels that her husband is a rude and a wicked man and only married him to get away from her mother The reason that she wanted to leave her mother is that Curley s wife thought her mom threw away her letter from a guy that wanted her in a movie But at the ranch she realized she wasn t wanted by other people Ain t I got a right to talk to nobody Whatta they think I am anyways You re a nice guy I don t know why I can t talk to you I ain t doin no harm to you What kinda harm am I doin to you 

Seems like they ain t none of them cares how I gotta live 88 This quotation shows how nobody cares about how Curley s wife feels She s discriminated by being called a tramp and a tart also it shows how they do not talk to her George believes she causes trouble because she talks to them Curley s wife is an afterthought they never go looking for her except her husband The discrimination that she acquires is horrible she s not allowed to talk to anyone because of her husband and he is so mean to her Just for being a woman In the novel there are unique types of discrimination and the people that are discriminated are Crooks Lennie and Curley s wife They were just being oppressed for being them from what they knew the color of someone s skin or what gender they were Steinbeck showed that there was discrimination at that time and relates to now

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