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WHERE TO USE VPN SERVICE 1 Use Public or Hotel Wi Fi securely Public Wi Fi does not offer encryption security for users and our signals can be broadcast for anyone that can be listened by anyone Therefore users prefer to use VPNs at Wi Fi hotspots to prevent their private information to steal VPN service is considered to be the most secure way to keep the data preventing from wrong hands which makes the internet use totally secure and private 2 Secure Communication Between Sites Many business that have branch offices and the branch offices are connected to the head office by using internet using site to site VPN connection For example business give its workers laptops and the workers are able to use laptops on road or at home so that they can easily be connected to the company network as if they are sitting on their office desk So the company that has branches they use VPN across the internet so it appears to be one network by connecting remote sites in head office enables user to send their private information on secure connection Employees can use file servers and printers that are not present in the same office location 3 Bypass the Web Censorship and Content Surveillance Countries uses firewall services that restrict what their users can hear see and share with other people within and beyond their borders If the residents connect to VPN server it will enable them to access the full world wide web without any restrictions 4 Access to the restricted contents VPN service are used to manipulate our computers IP address to a particular location like US so that you can unlock access to Netflix and streaming content from outside the USA

Due to copyright agreements Netflix and Hulu and Pandora and other streaming media providers are not able to broadcast all content if they are outside of USA Some movies and shows are blocked in UK Canada South America Australia Asia and Europe NETFLIX VPN service use our machine s IP address to be from within USA that unlocks the access to Netflix and Pandora streams You have to configure the television movie player or mobile device for using VPN connection but if a user is a fan of streaming then VPN cost is worth it Download and Upload P2P Files in Privacy The MPAA and other cinema and music associations absolutely detest P2P file sharing For reasons of both profit and legality the MPAA and other authorities want to forbid users from sharing movies and music online They nab offenders by masquerading as fellow file sharers or by eavesdropping on your ISP signal A VPN can be a P2P user s best friend While a VPN connection will slow your bandwidth by 25 50 percent it will cipher your file downloads uploads and actual IP address so that you are unidentifiable by authorities If you are a file sharer and do not wish to risk copyright prosecution or civil lawsuits definitely consider spending 15 dollars a month on a good VPN The privacy and protection from surveillance are definitely worth it Use Public or Hotel Wifi in Confidence People in now a days are unaware of this that Starbucks hotspot and 10 dollar a day hotel WIFI they are not safe for confidential email and browsing data Public Wi Fi does not provide any encryption security for its user s and anyone can listen to your communications A junior hacker can even intercept your unencrypted WIFI signal by using Evil Twin Phony hotspot or a Firefox Tamper Data plugin Public Wi Fi is very insecure that's the biggest reason that the mobile users can spend the 5 to 15 dollars per month for the safety and security of a VPN connection

If a user uses some public WI FI network and then connect to a personal VPN all of your hotspot web use will then be encrypted and hidden from evil eyes VPN will be the wise investment in privacy for users that are traveler and they regularly use public wireless network Use Search Engines without Having Your Searches Logged The search engines like Google and Bing and other will store the web search that we perform Our online search selections are then attached to our machine s IP address that is then used for customizing the advertisement and future searches for your computer Don t allow the Google or other search engines for anti depressants love advice divorce lawyers and anger management So your VPN service cloak your IP address and your searches remain private Cloak Your VOIP Phone Calls Voice over IP internet telephoning can easily listen on The intermediate level hackers can easily listen to VOP calls and if a user regularly use VOIP service like Skype or other voice chatting so they need to use VPN connection By using VPN the monthly costs remain higher and VOIP speed becomes slower due to use of VPN but the personal security is invaluable PROTOCOLS There are many security protocols that developed as VPNs each offering differing levels of security and features

Among the common are IP Security IPsec IPsec is the protocol that uses for the sake of security of communications and it operates in two modes of Transport Mode o Tunneling Mode The transport mode encrypt the data packet message The Tunneling mode encrypt the entire packet This protocol can also be used with another protocol to increase their level of security 1 Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol L2TP IPsec The L2TP and IPsec protocols contains the best features of highly secure VPN client The L2TP does not provide encryption instead it generates the tunnel while the IPSec protocol handles the encryption channel security and data integrity checks to ensure all of the packets have arrived and the channel has not been compromised

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