Essay Example on Why athletes choose to use PED S s To enhance an athlete's Performance









What needs to be taken into consideration are the reported reasons why athletes choose to use PEDS To enhance an athlete's performance in their sport seems to be the underlying answer however athletes might have other intentions as well when using PED S s Money and recognition are two reasons why athletes are choosing to use performance enhancing drugs supplements because the money involved with better performance can play a role in the decision of an athlete to use PED s Risks Playing a sport no matter what type of physical work that it involves can lead to some health risk however a person can help reduce these risks by wearing protective and or specialized gear When the topic about PED S s comes to mind the risks that arise with the use are pointless and avoidable Some would argue that the use of performance enhancing drugs supplements should be legalized but must be regulated under medical supervision for proper and safe use 

This could minimize the risks involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports and it would potentially increase the performance level of an athlete or a sportsperson Another controversial issue with PED S s in sports is the fact that many athletes who have outstanding seasons put up higher than usual or record faster than usual times are often accused of achieving these accomplishments by using PED S s This causes the athletes who do reach these achievements to be unfairly associated with the use of PED S s Supplements are considered food and not drugs by the FDA This means supplement manufacturers are not required to conform to the same standards as drug manufacturers do When discussing Creatine possible side effects can decrease athletic performance by causing stomach cramps muscle cramps and Weight gain When discussion drugs such as a stimulant to increase an athletic performance they can boost physical performance and promote aggressiveness on the field Unfortunately they have negative side effects that can impair athletic performance such as nervousness and irritability insomnia dehydration and heatstroke 2 As for a person s health there has been a link between performance enhancing drugs supplements and an athletes psychological and physical health Doping which refers to the use of banned athletic performance enhancing drugs by athletic competitors has shown serious threats on athlete s lives PED s can cause severe physical and mental health illness and can lead to damage liver heart kidneys and reproductive systems These illnesses can be irreversible and could possibly lead to premature deaths 4 When looking at how it can affect a person psychologically an increase in aggressiveness and sexual appetite can result in unusual sexual and criminal behavior 

The National Study of Substance Use Trend among NCAA College Student Athletes did a study on 11 556 undergraduate male athletes and the findings suggested that male college athletes who use performance enhancing supplements generally engaged in alcohol and drug use behaviors regardless if these behaviors improve or obstructs an athletic performance 1 Another concern with the use of performance enhancing drugs supplements is when a person has withdrawal from anabolic steroid because there is a link associated with depression and in some cases suicide When observing how it affects a male studies have shown that there could be breast tissue development shrinking of the testicles impotence severe acne and reduction in sperm production As for females deepening of the voice stopping of breast development the growth of hair on the face stomach and upper back male patterned baldness enlarged clitoris and even abnormal menstrual cycles Consequences Each year student athletes must sign an agreement that he or she will not use any drugs and that he or she gives consent to a drug testing While many schools have policies that give them the right to test for steroid use in athletes they often opt not to and cost and media attention could be a reason why Street drugs like cocaine and marijuana are what colleges and universities are more likely to test for that steroid use by the NCAA This can all depend on the college or universities policy and how many tests school orders For instance each steroid test could cost between 100 to 200 while a test for street drugs might cost as little as 25 Substance use violations can potentially result in significant consequences including losing eligibility to participate in the regular or postseason competition for at least one year having championships records or awards revoked having points deleted from team scores and having team standings adjusted

1 Education There were three major findings from a study that was done to compare the views of head athletic trainers HATS from NCAA member divisions which included divisions I II and III on the current athletic department drug education policies and its instructions HATS in all schools indicated the importance of scheduling alcohol tobacco and other drugs ATOD education programs loser to athletic or social events when there was a potential risk of increase Another discovery was to have HATS was to emphasize the need for athletic departments to develop long term and comprehensive ATOD program The last finding ways to increase the number of HATS participants in such activities 5 Conclusion Between college and professional athletes the use of performance enhancing drugs supplements has become a widespread debate in many sports and sports organizations Whether it is from training methods diet utilizing new technology sports supplements or performance enhancing drugs supplements athletes are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over their opponents Having a clear understanding of how performance enhancing drugs supplements can or may affect a person is crucial in any argument Colleges and university s need to come to an argument on policies and regulations

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