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Why Do Law Firms Need Personas to Improve Their Online Marketing It goes without saying that high quality content is essential for law firm websites but did you know that your content also needs to be aimed toward a specific audience Often attorneys feel that a broad approach is best anticipating more returns from casting a wider net Many fear that by composing specialized content they will not attract as much web traffic But traffic for the sake of traffic is useless in digital legal marketing Law firms should be writing content with the goal of connecting with their prospective clients You may discover that content is less successful when you try to appeal to everybody Creating Client Personas is an incredibly useful tool in making sure your content reaches the appropriate audiences The Benefits of Creating Client Personas for Law Firms Client Personas are designed to be an imaginary representation of an ideal client who could benefit from your services The more detail you include in your client personas the more conclusive detail you are able to provide for them in your content If you can compose content that specifically addressed your potential clients questions and concerns it enables them to begin building a personal connection with your firm Your content will have more impact if it is aimed to a specific type of person Client Personas aid law firms in narrowing down their audience Consider what questions a specific demographic might ask what the best way to distribute information to them is Creating Personas makes certain you can understand who you are speaking to through your content 

There is some standard information you need to gather to sufficiently narrow the field and target the right prospective clients Start with the basic and build depth and detail over time How old is this person What is their marital status Do they have children What is their education level What are their interests What are their goals What motivates them What are their behavior patterns like A client persona with a faulty hip or knee replacement product might be appropriate for a personal injury law firm This individual may not know yet that they are in need of legal help The route they take to your law firm may be much more complicated They may be thinking that there is something unusual going on in their recovery process but can t pin it down This person may be doing google searches on their symptoms or post op experience The could even be looking up the model number or make of the product used in their procedure By now this person might suspect that their knee or hip replacement device is defective or faulty but they may not have concluded that they have a case By providing accurate information to this individual they are able to progress further in their journey towards your law firm Providing informational content that is targeted to specific audiences you law firm will attain a position of authority on the subject which in turn compels real people to contact you

Should Attorneys Create Multiple Client Personas There are cases where creating several personas can be very helpful in reaching the right audiences Here is just one example where more than one client person can be helpful Attorneys that do estate planning may want to create multiple client personas if they are expecting to see adult children helping elderly parents in the process or if a husband wife and adult children will all be a part of the plan Some other considerations may be a bit more technical Where does your persona do their browsing A laptop Desktop Tablet The age and work schedule of your potential client may dictate where they browse from Younger audiences will be more likely to search on a smartphone or mobile device whereas older individuals may prefer browsing on a desktop computer The parents of a college student arrested for a DUI might use their laptops or desktops to look for an attorney while the actual student might initiate a search on their mobile device Conveniently all of AdInfusion s websites are responsive Regardless of where a prospective client finds your content it s optimized for any device or screen size The decision a prospective client makes to contact your law firm is not a binary yes or no decision

It s often a process involving several steps It can easily start with someone who does not even know they need representation yet Consider all the steps they may take along the way and how those can be very different from individual to individual When you factor in all these things the likelihood that you will connect and inform your potential clients will increase Your content may compel them to pick up the phone and call you for an appointment AdInfusion Helps Law Firms Do Better Digital Marketing Today prospective clients find attorneys online and content marketing is imperative to attracting those clients Publishing high quality content and spectacular web design turns online visitors into clients and amplifies your law firm s digital presence into an valuable asset A web presence that steadily and reliably grows your practice does not have to be costly To learn more about how AdInfusion can put you in control of your digital marketing and build your legal practice schedule a call with us

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