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And why do they really follow the rules Can Jonas change his society to be more suitable In The Giver by Lois Lowry Jonas lives in a controlled society where the government makes all the rules and are forced to make their world a utopian society The society has rules for everyone in the society People our controlled by the government and follow what the government tells them to do In his society Jonas challenges strict government rules releasing and taking pills to make them stop feeling emotions In the novel The Giver the main character Jonas challenges many aspects of society One of these aspects is the citizens take pills to make them not have feelings or emotions One piece of evidence to show citizens take pills to not have feelings Jonas was faced with the people in his society were required to take daily pills so they wouldn't have feelings or bad thoughts The next morning for the first time Jonas did not take his pills something within him something that had grown there through the memories told him to throw the pill away Vonnegut 39 This shows the pills they had to take controlled their minds in a way Joas was confused why he had to throw away the pills but he did because something in his head told him to Another piece of evidence is he begins to want to love 

Although Jonas wants to believe there's an issue with love he wants the warmth warmth and happiness vonnegut 123 Jonas just didn't want to take his pill This shows how Jonas is challenging the aspects of the pills by getting rid of them Well Jonas woke up and just a thought in his head told him to just throw out the pills and stop taking them Jonas was faced with a lot of aspects and just one of them is not having feelings This piece of evidence shows one of the aspect jonas was faced with and how he dealt with it The feelings grow in Jonas like having boldness in challenging his society s tradition of not having emotions and taking pills Jonas Is making a stand in his society Release is seen often in Jonas society They would kill people who just do not fit into this particular utopian society When Jonas watches as his father injected one of twin s he realizes what release truly is The next piece of evidence to show some of the problems or aspects jonas has in his society is that Jonas gets furious when he sees his father releasing one of the the twin s He killed it My father killed it Vonnegut 150 This shows how Jonas knows what the real meaning of releasing Jonas is surprised to know that his dad killed the twin Jonas was always suspicious about his dad Other piece of evidence is No one heard that little twin cry Vonnegut 152 Later his father reveals that Gabriel has not been on a regular sleep schedule Due to his failure Gabe would be taken out It was then that Jonas made the final decision to challenge his society Seeing one of the twins being released showed how he realized how bad his dad was Jonas needed to face his challenge to his society Gabe s one of the twins fate was the final step that Jonas needed to commit his ultimate challenge to his society is fleeing it with Gabriel People in this society are challenged with many aspects of society One of these aspects in the society is lack of choice One thing that Jonas says that supports this is If everything s the same then there aren't any choices He want s to wake up in the morning and decide things 

He wants to have choices Vonnegut 97 Jonas wants to wake up in the morning and decide what he wants do and not just follow rules He is sick not being able to do the things he wants to do Another piece of evidence is were bright red or bright yellow and he could choose Vonnegut 98 This shows that Jonas is challenging the lack of choice in his society because he wants to be able to decide things instead of the government choosing for him This tells us that he would like everyone including new children to have the opportunity to choose by color or shape However the government has taken this freedom from their people by making everyone colorblind Jonas realizes how imperfect his society is As controlling it is along with colorblindness the Elders have found a way to make people numb to feelings as well Jonas sees how controlling his society is l In The Giver Jonas challenges three aspects of his society which are the strict government rules releasing and taking pills to make them stop feeling emotions Jonas is faced with strict rules he and his society have to deal with Throughout the book Jonas is debating how to change his society and make it better These aspects made Jonas want to change their society We can only infer that Jonas drastically did change his society by leaving his community and giving back the memories to the people We only hope that his people will not fail because of the impold of memories but that they make them stronger not only as individuals but as a society altogether

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