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Intro Why has thus far no World War Three broken out And what has been done to assure us citizens that there will be no major wars that threaten our security in the future Since 1945 the United Nations Security Council has played the most essential role in the world of politics for maintaining peace between States and holding security worldwide And despite all the nuclear weapons that exist today and the strength that they combine together which could destroy this entire planet The main reason why countries do not go to war with each other is due to the fact that the damages which nuclear weapons could cause today are too enormous for anyone to withstand so countries know that if they want to go to war with each other it would most likely resort to a cold war instead as history has already showed us from 1947 91 between the United States and the USSR Due to such as events the effectiveness of the United Nations has often been questioned and many argue that a lot more could have been done when we look at what happened in the past in countries such as Rwanda former Yugoslavia and Somalia and also the responsiveness and aid that the UN has brought if any

The UN clearly has had some difficulties with remaining neutral when operating dealing with and trying to reach settlements within or between countries Today the only thing that could come between the United Nations agreements amongst 193 countries would be if an extremely unstable in this case both right wing leaders such as North Koreas Kim Jong Un or Americas Donald Trump would want to start a war with each other but it is not likely that this could actually happen Many people still believe that terrorism has possibly emerged from globalization and that it also poses an extensive threat to international security NGO s such as Al Qaeda and Isis use violence to intimidate humans and spread fear within counties specifically targeting innocent people that they consider enemies In the following passages I will discuss if it would be possible that a war breaks out soon what security related organisations and establishments are doing to prevent this from happening and what today's citizens fear most when it comes to war As Barkawi mentions in The Globalization of World Politics War is one of the oldest and most common form of international relations This implies that the possibility of war is a constant feature of world politics because conflict and sometimes violence is rooted in our human nature and humans have used war since the beginning and across centuries to bring about change regarding territory resources religion independence and any other political matter that comes to mind All of this can be confirmed even when we look at the history of how world peace as we know it today actually came to be

The world as we know it today is safer than ever before and this thanks to the peace treaties emerging from The First World War which eventually resulted in the formation of the League of Nations in 1920 and then The Second World War which brought about the United Nations with its newly established Security Council in 1945 The League of Nations was the predecessor and essential for the founding of the United Nations The UN Charter got rid of all the mistakes of the League but the main idea and purpose remained the same such that they wanted to keep a similar structure and place it into a more practical appliance for the prevention of war Without these two major wars which resulted in an estimate of 80 100 million deaths combined and included divisions within and across nations and brought about or led to malnutrition epidemics and mental disorders such as shellshock there would not be world peace as we know it today We could argue that without these wars the agreements and settlements which needed to be done after the war would otherwise not have been done to such an extent that not another world war would break out which means that we would have to live in greater fear because countries would be more territorial or they would not have been satisfied with other treaty agreements or violations Even if there would be something similar to the UN we would not have the same set of rules as today and if even the League was not good enough which can be proven with the onset of World War 2 After the war it was globally recognised that such terrible atrocities may never ever happen again especially when we take into account the immense power nuclear weapons of today have It would be possible to blow up the whole world as they are extremely deadly and their ranges of tearing apart areas have expanded Reference for nuclear power would be able to blow up

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