Essay Example on Why Is Domestic Violence Overlooked








Each and everyday women are talked down to threatened and abused by the men they love who think they are more powerful than women Women are being brainwashed into thinking they get what they deserve Women may grow bonds with their abuser in order to stay safe and lastly we live in a society where men are put as more powerful beings Domestic violence is overlooked because the society we ve grown into we like to put the blame on the victim because it's seen as though they put their self in the wrong situation when in reality they didn t know this would end up happening On a day to day basis women are brainwashed by the men in their life into believing they get what they deserve If she's being beaten there must be a reason as to why Anthropologies school of thought Cultural Materialism can help explain this reason Marvin Harris theory states that the Technological and economic factors the type of society that develops and forms Cultural Materialism ties in with why domestic violence is being overlooked because if something happens repeatedly it begins to be a part of your day to day routine She learnt to conceal bruises believing that it was her fault and he didn t mean it Elsie 2014 this quote helps prove that men are brainwashing women into believing that getting abused is their own fault because hiding her bruises shows she is ashamed of them which should not be the case as she is the victim and defending him saying

He didn't mean it tells us she doesn't hold him accountable for his own actions and that she has been brainwashed into believing it is her who deserved and instigated the abuse Women believing they get what they deserve is a big part as to why domestic violence is being overlooked because if you re blaming yourself in the situation some may think that you did something to make him lash out Women have started to build bonds with their abusers because they feel the need to protect them In 1974 two men attacked a bank and held three women hostage After a period of time the three women began to build a connection with the two males and defended them to the police Since that incident Stockholm Syndrome was the name used to describe people who have been in unhealthy yet positive relationships with their abuser Psychologies school of thought motivation can relate as to why women grow this bond with their abuser because at the beginning they do anything to stay safe if they have kids they want them to be on best behaviour in order to stay on the abuser s good side and not get hurt Over a period of time something called Trauma bonding will begin trauma bonding is when you're with someone who is very destructive and the bonding will bring up a more positive outcome such as not getting harmed if you are getting along

Women building a bond with their abuser is the main factor as to why domestic violence is being overlooked because society may not end up seeing it as you being abused if you are standing up for the one who harms you We live in a society where men are more powerful than women not because they are but more so it being a stereotype for such a long period of time Women have always been put down for allowing their partner to beat them without putting any stop to it but even if they try they still get put to shame Men on the other hand aren't shamed for what they do to women nor do they get a severe punishment because men believe they need to put women in their place Sociologies school of thought feminism strongly supports why domestic violence is being overlooked by our society because our society believes that men are the higher sex that it s their job to keep women in their place If women got taken more seriously when they come forward about being abused more would report it The Stigma Of Domestic Violence 2017 This quote helps support why feminism plays a strong role in domestic violence for the reason that women aren t getting taken more seriously People will say she s overreacting telling lies or asking for attention

 No one likes to listen to what women have to say because it s not important enough or there are worse issues going on Men in society playing a more powerful role that women play the biggest part in why domestic violence is being overlooked because our society sees women as the little ones as if our opinions and what we say don t mean a thing In conclusion domestic violence is overlooked because the society we live in likes to put blame on the victim for putting themselves into the horrid situation they are in People will put you down not believe you push you away threaten you and call you a liar for being brainwashed into believing you deserve to be harmed for growing an unbreakable bond with your abuser in order to keep yourself safe and lastly for you being a woman which means being less than a man

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