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In America young people question why is it important to learn citizenship education Citizen Education helps kids learn how to build their character and learn what their rights are as a U S citizen In U S Government classes young adults will learn what our government is really like and how it controls our country In our government there are various parts that have different ideas of what our counties government should look like but they all share a common interest of what's best for the U S Citizens Some forms of government by power are Democracy Autocracy and Oligarchy Democracy and Autocracy are based not on religion Oligarchy is different from Democracy and Autocracy because Oligarchy is a small group of people trying to control the country their in These three types of governments are used in the U S to help people that are learning about them to know that our country is basically split up between these three types of governments Oligarchy Democracy and Autocracy are important because people in the U S use them to take power An important quote that Abraham Lincoln our 16th president once said is Government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the Earth When thinking about the people and our government this quote explains that we should protect the people of our country by building our government we a diverse society

This ties into why being an educated citizen is important being an educated citizen is important because you get to learn alot about why Oligarchy Democracy and Autocracy could play a big part of your life when you get older In the U S the media plays a big part of our country Media democracy focuses on using information to empower individual citizens and to promote democratic ideals to the public Many citizens use the internet to share their thoughts on why our government is the way it is or they promote what they have to say about what's happening in the news For example our current president Donald J Trump uses the media to explain his thoughts on current topics that goes on today If we didn't have internet today a lot of promoting that goes on in the world would not exist The main concept of media democracy is to respond to the delegation of markets and the concentration of mass media ownership When learning about why it's important to be an informed and educated United States citizen you have to learn that the media is a very big part of the government The government depends on the media to promote great leadership that they promote to the public The government will promote anything they want their readers to see for example most of what the government says online some of it may not be true The U S Government will say their doing something good to protect us citizens but underneath that shield that protects them are lies that they don't want to go public In America we depend on the media We rely on it to promote stocks or use it for social media like Facebook or Twitter 

When organizations like the government or companies post stuff on the internet there is a chance it isn t true Many americans believe that what s put on the internet is real and when one person thinks that a lie is true they repost it so many others like their friends see it and believe it too This leads to the topic of fake news Fake news is a false advertisement that many companies make money off of Some people think that young adults should learn about fake news in their early stages so they know how to spot what is fake on the internet and what is real I agree with this because many kids and teens think that everything online is true but it's not Most advertisements are fake those advertisements you see on facebook and Instagram are their so that website came make money It's very important to learn about fake news because fake news is just false selling to those who want to believe it's true Young Adults in the U S have to understand that being a informed and educated U S citizen can help kids understand that there are many things that happen in politics today Kids would need to understand the history on how our government started and how it works When young adults become educated informed citizens they reinforce the democracy That helps keep the government in check to keep the freedom to the people Staying an informed citizen keeps people abreast of their rights and responsibilities as a United States citizen It s the responsibility of the individual citizen to determine what is relevant and what is accurate in our government To be an educated and informed citizen you don't just have to be a young adult you could be a full grown adult too and still educate yourself in politics U S citizens should educate themselves regarding the source of the information they are trying to learn and make decisions on what they have read or watched

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