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The University of Richmond offers an authentic and versatile education not only scholastically from its premier curriculum and faculty but also culturally from the diverse community of Richmond Virginia By combining the study of history and sociology I believe that the University of Richmond will provide the education and experiences necessary for me to evolve as a traveling historian and curator serving at Smithsonian museums across America My passion for history and sociology began during my high school career In sophomore and junior year I enjoyed taking Modern World History and A P US History Through these classes I became deeply interested in reading historical novels analyzing thick packets of information and participating in class discussions As a Summer Art Counselor for the Museum of Latin American Art I enjoyed teaching children about influential art movements such as Cubism and Expressionism along with its lasting effect on Hispanic Culture Furthermore while taking Comparative Ethics and Global Societies at my local California State University I enjoyed reading the literary works of W E B Dubois and Toni Morrison to create strong argumentative essays At the University of Richmond the world class core program enables me to maximize the benefits of an interdisciplinary education while also having the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to me With the open curriculum and research colloquium provided by the core program I can pursue unique courses such as Ancient Empires 1 Hittite Empire and Human Rights Contemporary Issues enabling me to cultivate the historical research and writing skills needed to write an impressive senior thesis 

Furthermore the Human Rights Internship Program allows me to make a profound difference in my parents home country of Ghana During my time abroad I plan to move towards fluency in Twi my parents dialect conduct research on how foreign interest contributes to poverty in Ghana volunteer at a health clinic and advocate for HIV AIDS prevention by visiting poverty stricken villages As a history concentrator I could go into law medicine or education However I believe that your college education is not reminiscent of only your concentration but how you will use your skills and knowledge obtained to make a profound impact on your community Within my local African American community I have noticed that many people seem to to be somewhat ungrateful for numerous sacrifices our Black predecessors have made especially by complaining about how Black History Month is unnecessary After college I want to create an animated children s show geared towards African Americans on the Black Entertainment Network BET In this show I hope to educate Black kids about not only famous African Americans like Martin Luther King or Barack Obama but also about generally unknown people such as Matthew Henson and Fannie Lou Hamer My goal is to become as influential as Dr Carter G Woodson Class of 1908 who is known of the Father of Black History Month UChicago s quintessential community is also very enticing I hope to participate in the Summer Breeze and Kuvia to witness a historical tradition while also creating bonds with fellow Maroons that I have never met before Also as part of the Maroon family I know that altruism runs in our veins As a member of the College Council I look forward to organizing social activities and advising faculty on student interests to make sure that every student enjoys their college experience at UChicago Also as a survivor of domestic abuse and rape I want to join the Phoenix Survivor Alliance to ensure that the victim receives the help that they need Furthermore I hope to participate in the College Core Tutor Program as an academic tutor to play my part in ensuring that every student can excel in their academics 

The University of Chicago will enable me to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to increase the global understanding of African American history and its influence on the world today Without the opportunities of UChicago my aspirations may be labeled as far fetched However with the support of the University of Chicago the sky's the limit New version One of my parents greatest goals while raising me was to make me as well rounded as possible However in the 21st century students often fantasize about receiving an A or gaining hours rather than focusing on the true meaning of school and extracurricular activities learning and personal growth Thankfully the University of Richmond offers an authentic and versatile education not only scholastically from its premier curriculum and faculty but also culturally from the diverse community and nearby city of Richmond Virginia At the University of Richmond I plan to pursue an interdisciplinary education in history and sociology to foster a methodical and analytic approach to examining information while maintaining creative an abstract thought in exploring ideas The Richmond Guarantee values such a path Through the Arts Science Summer Research Fellowship I hope to travel to my parents home country of Ghana There I can move towards fluency in Twi Ghanaian dialect volunteer at a health clinic conduct research on and advocate for HIV AIDS prevention by visiting poverty stricken villages In addition I also hope to spend time at the editing and study of texts literary history and criticism linguistic analysis and biography

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