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The way Morocco became an unlikely role Model

The way Morocco became an unlikely role model for climate change policy When thinking of climate change policy how many people think immediately of Morocco Not many But Morocco who is already withstanding the worst of climate change has been a role model for climate change policy With a mostly agriculture based economy Morocco has no room for error In 2015 a severe drought dropped their economic growth to just 1 5 In response Morocco has buckled down to adapt to climate change while diminishing its influence and generate new opportunities Morocco launched the Plan Vert or green strategy to manage with the peril of climate change it involves both adapting the country to the dangers of climate change and taking steps to lessen its impact on its people and environment all while creating opportunities such as aiding farmers adopt climate sensible techniques and increase their productivity and provide better links to marketplaces for their goods Morocco like all countries is suffering from the effects of climate change with the specifics linked to its geographical position and the diversity of its ecosystems Policy analysis using Kingdon's framework I will be using the Kingdon's framework to analyze the way in which climate change reached the top of the health agenda in Morocco Policy problems are apparent With rainfall more than 60 below average damaging agriculture across the country Morocco was in serious trouble 

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