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Empowerment and advancement of Women

Empowerment and advancement of women and the movement towards achieving gender equivalence is that contemporary movement which continuously evolving and buzzing across the globe Precisely we can say women empowerment refers to a process of empowering women with all the abnegated aspects of life In year 1995 The Fourth world conference of women held in China named as Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action started a move to concentrate on women strengthening In the United Nations Millennium summit of Year 2000 furthered the movement initiated for the betterment for rightfulness of women s in various field such as education sector health care and impoverishment and campaigns of gender equality declared as Goal no 3 of Millennium Development Goals Women constitute approximately 50 of total population in the world nearly share 48 of total population in India 

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Connie's sister June over her and always Compared

In the beginning of the story we immediately notice that Connie is insecure She feels like she is constantly needing attention She has a habit of looking into mirrors to make sure she looks alright like any typical girl She knew she was pretty and that was everything Oats explains This means she felt like she had nothing else to offer other than her looks Her mother always nagged at her and picked on her for the smallest of things When Connie looked at herself in the mirror her mother would scold her by saying Stop Gawking at yourself Who are you You think you re so pretty Her mother even favorited Connie's sister June over her and always compared Connie to her in a negative way Her mother would ask questions like Why don t you keep your room clean like your sister Her mother would pick at her until she wished her mother was dead and she was dead herself Her mother did everything but boost her self esteem Her father was barely ever around and when he was he was not interactive with the family When she left the house to go to the mall with her friends she was so glad to be away from home she felt like she was on a mini vacation Connie loved to hang around older boys and get their attention because it made her feel wanted and popular June went out with her friends a lot so when

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