Essay Example on William Golding's Lord of the Flies Review








In William Golding's Lord of the Flies young boys are stuck on an island without any adults Ralph Jack Simon and Piggy are some of the boys trapped on the island Ralph is the leader of the boys Jack is the head hunter Simon the pure boy and Piggy is the lazy fat child These boys are the perfect example that savagery creeps in as the rules of society are forgotten In the beginning the fear of never being rescued drives the boys to establish a democracy with rules Jack Merridew agrees with the idea that We ll have rules Golding 33 The fear of not being rescued allows the boys to come together and quickly have an election to decide who shall be chief The two candidates Ralph and Jack run for chief with Ralph being elected as chief In order to placate his fellow competitor Ralph appoints Jack as chief hunter with the condition that his hunters will watch over the fire Jack happily accepts these terms begins to work hard Jack forgetting the condition that he is to watch over the fire goes out hunts while the fire goes out After a ship passes Ralph becomes infuriated confronts Jack Jack justifies his actions by telling Ralph about the rush he feels while he is hunting if you re hunting sometimes you catch yourself feeling as if Golding 53

Jack s justification shows that he likes the hunt is giving into his savages side he possesses Jack s hidden savagery also shows when he has to remind himself of what rescue actually was Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was Golding 55 This shows that jack has not only forgotten the rules of his newly established society but he has also forgotten the society that the boys want to return to Jack is shown to be losing his civility is now reverting back into a savage like state The lil uns are shown to slowly become more more savage like as they begin to forget more rules Rather than bringing coconut shells full of water from the river the lil uns drink from the river Golding 79 this shows that the lil uns are acting more beastlike are beginning to give in into their natural born saageness Another example of this is when the lil uns began to quit using the designated area for a bathroom began to poop everywhere There were sniggers here there Golding 79 The lil uns pooping everywhere shows that they re giving into their natural instinct to poop anywhere like an animal The lil uns are acting less like people more like savages because they have forgotten the rules of society Hunting was an essential part of survival for the civil English boys however when humane rules or hunting are forgotten than hunters are no longer hunters but savages In the hunting world a quick kill is what is ideal Torturing the animal before death is considered taboo inhumane While hunting Jack his savage hunters find a sow then hunt kill her in a gruesome manner Roger one of the hunters sticks his spear into the sow moving it forward inch by inch Golding 135 This form of inhumane death to an animal is considered taboo in the hunting world with Roger having forgot this rule he begins to behave more like an evil savage

After this kill Jack his hunters are described as Savages their Chief which signifies that savagery does creep in when the rules of society are forgotten The death of Simon was a gruesome death With most of the islands population succumbing to their natural savage like instincts simon is horribly murdered He was on its knees in the center its arms folded over its face It was crying out against the abominable noise This shows that they boys have forgotten basic common sense of that there is a time a place for everything Instead they are acting more like savage opportunists that only know how to hunt The boys seemed unphased by the death of their own they simply ignore it continue to live The boys are really shown to be acting like savage because all they know how to do is hunt kill no matter what or who it might be The death of Piggy was a death to remember Having forgotten that rescue was the main objective on the island the boys go mad turn into beast like savages Upon turning into savages the boys begin to steal no matter who or what they have to hurt from his left hand dangled Piggy's broken glasses Golding 168 Rather than asking for fire or to borrow Piggy's glasses the boys instinctively decided to steal what was desirable by any means necessary like savages When Ralph Piggy tried to retrieve Piggy's glasses the savages with their murderous tendencies decided to try take Ralph Piggy out so that there are no rules left their transformation into true savages can be complete The boys stuck on the island truly show that man's true nature is savagery The actions displayed by the boys show that savagery creeps in

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