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William Peters George Washington On June 15 1775 the delegates in the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia unanimously elected George Washington to command all the continental forces for the defense of American liberty Many factors influenced this decision he was a southerner and could easily unite all of the colonies he was the most known military commander in the colonies and he was a competent leader He was a distinguished leader and man of character By the time of the American Revolution George Washington was widely respected as a proven soldier charismatic general and accomplished military expert He was a visionary leader He dreamed of a united independent republican country controlled by the free people He dreamed that this country would be the first of the free countries and that tyranny would die starting here and then spread throughout the world During the battle at Monmouth New Jersey against the British army American troops were in disarray and were fleeing the battle when Washington took control General Lafayette claimed that his presence stopped the retreat and that his duty to his army and his ideals of the country could not hold him back George Washington valued the people he led rather than thinking of them as means to an end Religion was a very big part of Washington s life since his childhood 

People close to him stated that he had an extreme moral conscience and treated everyone around him with respect He was a great listener and thinker always taking the time to listen to his generals and plot out his strategic moves Washington was confident yet humble His humility was reflected in the fact that he gave people a voice by seeking and considering their opinions and ideas He didn t think about himself at all during battles but rather focusing on his troops and the battle Washington created the Continental Army his organisational and administrative skills coupled with the trust of his citizen soldiers enabled him to weld them into a fighting force able to take on the British and ein At one point in the battle of Princeton General Washington was less than thirty yards from the british line He rallied his troops amidst the musketballs and one of his generals who was nearby at the time covered his eyes because he expected to see General Washington be shot out of his saddle However Washington sat there confidently and was soon chasing the retreating British out of the woods George Washington valued his honor extremely highly He regarded every loss in battle as a personal defeat and every victory as one step closer to achieving his goals Washington s greatest leadership quality was probably his high moral character In spite of the opportunity to seize absolute power at the end of the war Washington refused 

Even when it seemed that seizing full power would be the only way to keep the Continental Army from revolting Washington forcefully declined and maintained his support for the official government of the United States When two of his terms finished and he had the opportunity to serve for as many more terms as he liked he refused and decided to retire to his estates in Mount Vernon He thought it was right to decline to have a third term according to his morals George Washington had complete trust in his subordinates and himself His Presidency was somewhat tough for him to keep his principles because he relied a lot on the fact that throughout his whole life the country first during the presidency he ruled the country based on that Like any president he didn t have much control over as much as that he would have liked to have But unlike many he wanted that control to help others and make his country a better place But people trusted him to stand above the politics stand above the disputes and keep the interests of the country in mind George Washington was a sound self disciplined character All his followers trusted him because of that he was very restrained to express any personal or religious views which may alienate or anger some of the people who looked up to him 

The ability to communicate is a very important virtue within the military especially at the level where a general s orders can mean the difference between life and death on the battlefield General Washington s ability to communicate was based off the fact that he could listen and promote his own ideas at the same time He never got angry and remained calm throughout his presidency and the war The only recorded time he lashed out was when American troops were retreating and he charged with his horse and yelled at his soldiers to push forward He had to be pulled back by one of his generals and even then he did not want to leave He always thought of his subordinates above himself and thought about the nation His whole life was devoted to service to his countrymen and nothing could get in the way of that General Washington was always trying to become a better person He worked to learn how to write neatly so people could read his writing easily To improve his manners he copied 110 rules or sayings written by a French priest One of his favorites was When walking with a great man don t walk right beside him but somewhat behind Stay close enough that he may speak easily to you

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