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Tennis Clothes for Women in the 1800’s Women have been playing tennis since tennis was originated Back in 1874 women played tennis but they only played mixed doubles which is when men and women play together as partners The clothes women wore back then is way different then what women wear nowadays Back then women had to wear a bustle skirt and a corset This wasn't really the ideal clothing to wear on a sweltering day while playing tennis This is probably why a woman playing in the Wimbledon tennis tournament which began in 1877 as a fundraiser fainted in the second set on that hot sunny day This incident probably occurred because that woman was wearing tight and hot clothes while playing tennis But instead of taking this incident as a reason to change women s clothing this incident became one of the reasons why today women play fewer sets than men which was one of the reasons why they got less prize money than men Tennis Clothes for Women in the 1900 s Women continued to play tennis all around the world in the nineteenth century with of course men by their side and women wearing the same bustle skirts and corsets Then after a while women's tennis began to look different in terms of what women wore while playing tennis Near the 1920 s women began to wear less restrictive clothes but alas they were still long skirts Then American tennis player Helen Wills Moody who played in the 1930's was the one who really changed what women wore to play tennis She wore something that looks like what women wear today Finally women could play tennis properly without being held back by the weight of their heavy bustle skirts Women's tennis has changed a lot in terms of what they wear and it has improved for the better Ending the Segregation Although a lot of women played tennis it was still a segregated sport in the 1900 s This was changed in women's tennis when Althea Gibson became the first colored person to win a Grand Slam

This was even more remarkable because it was at the time when places were separated for people of color It was when African Americans were not treated as equals to people with no color Althea Gibson allowed many more African American tennis stars to play professional tennis Fighting for Equal Pay In 1968 the Open Era began which allowed both professionals and amateurs to play Grand Slams This was a tremendous change which could really help women get more involved in tennis But women were still paid a lot less than men because women played fewer sets than men Women fought for equal pay for years And then finally in 2007 the Grand Slam Wimbledon was the last slam to pay men more prize money than women The credit for this change goes to the Women's Tennis Association and tennis stars like Venus Williams Power in Women's Tennis Women's tennis used to be a game full of strategy Women would hit deep and drop shots with some slices too This has changed a lot since women started playing tennis Now women play tennis with so much power which was introduced by the William sisters Women nowadays are way stronger than they used to be and they hit way harder Earlier the serve was just a shot to start a point but now the serve is a powerful weapon Women blast shots and serves now harder than ever before Power has transformed women's tennis a lot but hitting with so much power has had its disadvantages too Hitting with so much power had a higher risk of injury and women get hurt a lot because they hit with so much power Women would play hard and win a Grand Slam but they would get injured in it and not be able to play for a while Women hit a lot harder than they used to now Women now hit harder not only because of the better equipment but because they are better trained more powerful faster and bigger

The William sisters are both powerful women who have increased the level of ferocity women play at Improved Racquets The racquet technology has changed a lot since the beginnings of women's tennis Earlier women used to play with wooden racquets which would not generate a lot of spin and power Women had to really work hard to generate even the tiniest bit of power or spin Since then the racquet technology has improved tremendously Now women hit with racquets made of graphite and other materials which allows them to generate power and spin easily WTA s Help WTA is short for Women's Tennis Association which is an organization which has really changed women's tennis for the better WTA gave every woman that had an interest in this sport an opportunity to play as they wanted with no restrictions It also helped women achieve equal prize money as men WTA has inspired women to play tennis because those women know that they will have an opportunity to play tennis and that they will also receive encouragement to play It has inspired women who were very successful at tennis to pursue entrepreneur fashion etc dreams Because of WTA many great women tennis players have broken records that seem almost impossible to break Women have set records that are very hard to break but other women have still broken them WTA is responsible for many changes in women's tennis

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