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Claire Severson Mrs Janitschke World literature and Composition 1 1 3 18 Short Story I remember laying there in my blood He was standing over me and grinning I could have fought back but I didn t I could have screamed but I didn t I was stuck there frozen in time and paralyzed with fear I just lay there and let it happen watching the white winter sky go gray It was a cold December afternoon the type of cold that will bite any exposed skin and make your eyes water if you re outside long enough I bolted inside my empty house and glanced at the cardboard boxes I have yet to unpack I hear John in the next room making mac and cheese my favorite I walk into the kitchen and hop onto the counter next to him Hey I have to work late tonight again He says softly I look down he s worked late every night since we ve moved I nod my head hop down from the counter and grab some orange juice from my fridge I feel my phone buzz in my pocket I quickly reach for it and see a cheesy picture of my mom light up on the screen My mom has been texting me non stop since the move Hey have you seen Alex He got on the bus from school today but the school just called and said he wasn t there Text me ASAP im really worried I look down on my phone Alex is my younger brother he was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was twelve it s livable but its hard on my mom I jump down from the counter and walk into the next room I reply I haven t seen him

Mom I m sure everything will be okay don t worry love you I see John peer his head around the corner with a quizzical look on his face It s just Alex I stand up and he hugs me and hands me a bowl of mac and cheese I wish I could be here for you but I have to go to work I ll be back later He kisses the top of my head and walks out the door I lie down on the couch eat my mac and cheese and take a nap I wake up to the freezing air I sit up and notice that my front door was propped open I ve seen way to many episodes of Criminal minds to be dumb my first instinct was to run into the kitchen and grab the first knife I see I slip the knife into my pocket and head to the front door I close it and lock it I turn around That's when I see him Every hair on my body sticks straight up into the air I freeze I don't quite understand what was happening I quickly turn around to unlock the door and run literally for my life but he quickly grabs me and throws me to the ground I yell for help but that only makes this masked man hurt me more All the sudden he hold a knife to my throat tears stream down my face and bounce off the blade I beg and plead for my life but he just laughs Something about his laugh is strangely familiar I try to figure it out I know this laugh While I was mid thought he makes a long gash in my right arm I scream and cry in pain I look back up at him and he laughs yet again This time it clicked Alex He stumbles back a little surprised I know that this is my chance I get back up on my feet grab the knife that I had taken from the kitchen earlier and swing at him he dodges out of the way but I knick his arm I reach for his mask and rip it from his face I see him It's my brother but at the same time it's not my brother he had this look in his eyes of just pure and utter hatred He kept hitting his head and yelling STOP IT STOP IT Alex I whimper he's just having another freak out I drop the knife to the floor and raise my hands I inch towards him Alex what are you doing It's me tears continue to stream down my face I'm only inches from him now I know my brother he wouldn't do anything drastic

I look him in the eyes and begin to say something when I feel and sharp pain in my gut I look down to see my brother s hand in clutching a knife who s blade in plunged in my stomach He rips the knife from my flesh and I stumble to the floor I compress my wound trying to stop the bleeding but nothing is working I see Alex back away and walk into the kitchen I somehow crawl my way to the front door and unlock it and make it outside I will not die today I hear a shout it s Alex he must've noticed that I got away I try to scream for help but it's like I had no voice I see headlights near me in the distance and I have a little bit of hope but I fall to the ground I know it s to late for me It was so cold outside the type of cold that will bite at your skin I can see my breath move upward towards the sky I held onto that sight for as long as I could I was lost in a sea of cold and I couldn't fight anymore

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