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Would starting school later in the day be better for students well being and academics Research shows a strong argument for both sides Traditionally teens start school around 7 30 8 00a m however some schools are beginning to question if that time is in the best interest for students Some schools have decided that it is a good idea to start later and change start times even though some parents don't agree There are many websites explaining both sides of the argument both very convincing arguments In the following paragraphs I will discuss how starting school later is wise because teens need more sleep grades are rising when schools start later and finally kids are healthier overall when schools start later Starting schools later is wise because teens need more sleep than most are currently getting Being a teen myself I know that you feel so much better and awake when you get even an extra hour of sleep and you re not waking up in the dark also research suggests this Studies have shown that missing out on sleep can cause people to lose their ability to think clearly and learn well Weekly Reader publication states Also when you sleep more you follow your natural sleep pattern so you are more alert and can learn more Some people also might argue that if we let kids sleep in they will not have time for things after school like sports jobs and clubs etc Parents are the ones saying this not the kids but I think teens would disagree And I know what you are all thinking why don't kids just go to sleep earlier but it is not that simple teens brains are wired to go to sleep later so it is hard to shut off our brains earlier Overall I think kids need more sleep to better function and live life to the fullest not half awake So just starting schools an hour later would help so much and would make teens a lot happier and more motivated to learn

Many officials from schools that started later said the grades and test scores have risen a lot since they switched says Know Your World Extra News Debate Andrea Kemme Edina High School says ever since her school has switched she has felt more motivated and her grades have improved When I tried to find reasons against this there was really nothing I hope I am not the only one that thinks that better education is more important than making room for after school activities After all starting later is all about helping students do better in school When you do better in school you get into a better college find a better career and then have a better life and to think this could all start with you getting just a couple more hours of sleep I think schools should start later so that teens are overall healthier when they get more sleep It is proven that when you are healthier you feel better So think about this you stay up until midnight doing homework so when you finally fall asleep you will get around 5 6 hours of sleep because you have to wake up at around 6 00am The National Sleep Foundation say teens need 8 10 hours of sleep every night and if they don t grades could drop because they are so tired that is not the same as 5 6 hours Not to mention that kids brains do not turn on fully until about 10 00am Teens brains developmental time does not start until 10 or 11 in the morning This is the same reason why adults can get up at 6 a m and hit the ground running our developmental time starts earlier Ben Shifrin Baltimore The writer is head of the Jemicy School in Owings Mills states When school starts at 8 00 it is not the best scenario I know that there are many arguments against starting later and I know a lot of them are good reasons like kids would get home later from jobs they have

Also that would mean less parents could drive kids to school because they would be at work However I believe starting school later has more pros Now regarding the weekends kids often sleep in to make up for the sleep they lost on the early schools days On weekends teens sleep about 10 hours as opposed to the 5 6 on school days Having the sleeping hours be that different messes up their sleep patterns as stated in the Weekly Reader publication Messing up teens sleep patterns can also cause health problems including migraines which I have experienced myself The DailyMail com states Professor Foster said that forcing teens to turn up to school in the morning could result in more errors poor memory reduced motivation and depression These health problems can makes teens even more reluctant to go to school Also when kids have better sleep patterns they are more alert on the weekends and more active to do sports ect and to make up for the time lost in school So overall when teens have better sleeping patterns they feel better and are physically and mentally healthier In conclusion I think that there are very good reasons to start schools later I believe the evidence shown here is enough to suggest that students would benefit greatly in the decision to start schools from 9 10 As discussed above students would gain more sleep their grades would improve and they would get on a good sleep pattern and become healthier and more active The evidence shows we should start schools later I think most schools should take this into consideration After all school is all about improving students lives and furthering their education

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