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Young people are going to learn about sex but the question is where do we want them to learn From the media From their friends Or do we want them to learn from an educated responsible adult Every school should have a sex education Sex education is instruction on issue to human sexuality including emotional relations and responsibilities Sex education will help a lot of teenagers because when young adults are given knowledge they gain information that can help make good decision The choices one makes doesnt define who they are it defines where their mind is at Education is needed because nearly 89 of teen pregnancies is outside marriage Many teenagers get pregnant and then they want to dropout of school This only makes things worse because life become much more difficult even to the point of frustration where the person don t want to work or go to school anymore Pregnancies of teens place a great amount of pressure on them especially in the areas where teens socialize and party 

Knowledge can help teens make better decisions to help prevent unwanted pregnancies avoid sexually transmitted diseases STD and safe sex Some people opinion say that it is correct to have kids but not at a very early age Other people s opinion is that if we are enough mature to be sexually active we should be mature enough to be responsible to accept the consequence of our actions Many of the teenager get pregnant before reaching 20 years of age Teen moms even have their second baby within 24 months of their first pregnancy In fact only about 2 of the teen mom end up going to college and receive a degree In my opinion I believe that the united states and mexico are the countries who have the highest teen pregnancies The group that have the highest rate is African Americans and Hispanic teen girls that get pregnant between the ages 14 through 19 A teen that is sexually active and do not use contraconceptive is more likely to become pregnant with in year and most of the time even less of a period than people expected Most of the teens who become pregnant do not have the support of the their dads baby or even their families members Most of these teens moms are poor and only just have the support of the federal government Unwanted pregnancies are not the only thing that can affect teens 

Other problems and fears that teens deal with are sexual transmitted dieases STD s are so many types of transmitted diseases but some are worse than others That why if teenagers want to be sexually active well they should the different types of methods you can protect yourself People think that we have to think very well of the consequences we are going to live because of unprotected sex because some Sexual Transmitted Diseases can t even be treated Here are some diseases and their symptoms Chlamydia can be transmitted during vaginal oral or anal sexual contact with an infected partner This disease can cause fever abdominal pain and unusual discharge from penis or vagina Gonorrhoea most common symptoms including the discharge of vagina or penis and painful or difficult urination Gonorrhoea can also affect the mouth throat eyes and rectum and can spread to the blood and joints where it can become a life threatening illness It can also be transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy There is also Genital Herpes there are two types HSV 1 and HSV 2 For HSV 1 appears a fever blister of a cold sore on the lip For HSV 2 watery skin blisters and it is very but very painful HIV and AIDS destroy the body s immune system by killing the blood cells that fight infection In people who do not have HIV the infection can be prevented by many tools including abstaining from sex limiting the number of sexual partners never sharing needles and using condoms appropriately Human papillomavirus has 40 different types of HPV and can affect both men or women This is one of the most common sexual transmitted dieases This disease passed from person to person during vaginal anal or oral sex through direct contact with syphilis sores 

The most common symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis is a thin milky discharge is it is often described as having a fishy odor This happens when problematic bacteria are normally present only in small amounts that increases in number Even though some womens won t have any symptoms at all Trichomoniasis can cause frequent painful or burning urination in men and women On women a vaginial discharge gential soreness redness or even itching They are different types of Viral Hepatitis The different types of viral hepatitis are called Hepatitis A virus HAV Hepatitis B virus HBV Hepatitis C virus HCV This different types of viral hepatitis have different types of symptoms Hepatitis A virus HAV can cause self liver infection and it can be very serious Hepatitis A virus can also cause short term This virus can be transmitted by sexual activity oral and anal transmission Hepatitis B HBV can cause a serious liver infection that can cause in both immediate illness and lifelong infection and disease This can also lead to permanent liver scarring cirrhosis cancer liver failure and death Many people are not aware of the infection because some people do not develop symptoms Zika is disease caused by mosquitos Zika can also be sexually transmitted disease This is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being infected

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