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For years the Battle of Vimy Ridge
However it is more probable that this symbolism is negative because there is nothing according to the Christian faith that justifies a mass killing during Easter during a major celebration In addition Britain had control over Canada s foreign policy international affairs over the duration of war Consequently when Britain declared war Canada was forced to fight Canadians had no true intentions to fight other than to fulfill colonial obligations and to maintain their growing military status Moreover when the Allies suffered an overall loss at the Battle of Arras of which Vimy was a part of the casualties suffered during Vimy were unnecessary The Great War was clearly also not a war to end all wars as it was quickly followed by ww2 a few decades later As well while some archeology of the battle i e Human bones bottles wire shell fragments bombs is concealed by grass that has since replaced the muddy trenches of war the general landscape of Vimy remains scarred with thousands of hilly depressions This is recognized by several soldiers in their war diaries and letters as tragic and pitiful Nevertheless some merit should still be given to the tactical approach of the British and Canadians the critical execution of plans the bravery of the soldiers and the unity of the Canadian Corps for the first time on the battlefield Australian Corps commander General Sir John Monash once said that in a well planned battle such as Vimy Ridge history could not be written However many historians think otherwise Despite the meticulous planning the 4 Canadian divisions each faced unique obstacles during battle The editors of Vimy Ridge A Canadian Reassessment conclude that not only did the Canadians have an intelligent military leader to give detailed instruction Sir Julian Byng but also an influential one who inspired leadership bravery and discipline Furthermore Canada was a young nation which desired for a heroic and enduring myth to bring unification to the country and to give people hope for the future After victory at Vimy Canada was driven into a Vimy fever which largely influenced the declaration of Canada's maturity At the time of the battle Canada was only 50 years old and was only known to the global stadium as Britain s junior partner In 1919 Canada was offered a position in the League of Nations People viewed this honorary invitation as a sign of Canada being recognized as Britain s equal and thus declared Vimy as the birth of Canadian national pride

Pursuing a Master's of Public and International Affairs MPIA at Virginia Tech Application
As the world becomes increasingly more connected and interdependent as a consequence of globalization a solid understanding of governance security and international politics is key for all professionals particularly those interested in working in international affairs As an individual who plans on pursuing a career in the complex global communications field I want to better understand global affairs and information and their implications for governance and security As a child growing up in a traditional conservative household in Utah I was fascinated by global affairs travel and culture I had the urge to explore and understand different ways of life when so many around me were scared and even threatened by the unknown My first experience abroad occurred when I participated in a summer language study program in Italy at the age of seventeen Studying Italian and living with a Sicilian host family solidified my intent to study international affairs in college At the University of Utah I majored in International Studies Economics and Mass Communication Completing these degree programs not only fostered my enthusiasm to pursue further education but was ideal preparation for graduate study in international affairs as a result of the theoretical and practical knowledge I acquired by taking classes such as political analysis cross cultural communication international economics and poverty and inequality Taking courses such as this encouraged me to approach international affairs from an interdisciplinary perspective whenever possible an approach I would like to continue in my graduate education While completing my undergraduate degrees I sought out opportunities to gain further knowledge of international issues by traveling and working in nearly twenty countries in Asia Africa and Central America As a freshman I lived with a Muslim polygamous host family while volunteering with a microfinance non governmental organization for three months in rural Uganda During my sophomore year I taught English for a semester in Tokyo Japan and volunteered in an orphanage in Ensenada Mexico Shortly after graduation

Date Benefits and Drawbacks of Fair Trade
Student's Name Instructors Name Course Code Date Benefits and Drawbacks of Fair Trade Fairtrade is an initiative that primarily aims at improving the living standards of producers and farmers in underdeveloped and developing countries Its central goal is to set prices for products avail credit financing services to producers and establish a sustainable buyer seller relationship Additionally the initiative helps in community development projects offer improved social goods as well as maintain fruitful worker organizations Fair Trade functions by certification process that requires producers and suppliers stick to established objectives Primarily the chief aim of developing Fair Trade revolves around providing an alternative high end market that will benefit impoverished producers and workers Through fair trade producers make socially and environmentally responsible products Moreover producers benefit from loans extended contracts and relatively reasonable prices intended to make them more financially stable Through Fair Trade cooperatives and communities people receive premiums accordingly Notably some non Fair Trade local farmers and producers benefit from heightened buyer competition due to causal sequence The initiative provides numerous opportunities for manufacturers to maximally utilize organization resources necessitated by organization capacity building management of stakeholders relationship a useful organization of internal and external environment and satisfactory accounting practices In fact Fair Trade organization members develop resilience to external shocks and gain the confidence to deal with specific situations Ideally Fair Trade enables producers and farmers make considerable income at the lowest cost of production Also these initiatives market products to local and expansive markets that poor producers or farmers could not reach In essence they produce a small niche market for producers who enjoy more of the final retail price of their merchandise

Neonatal bacterial sepsis NBS is defined as a Clinical Syndrome
1 1 BACKGROUND Neonatal bacterial sepsis NBS is defined as a clinical syndrome characterized by systemic signs and bacteraemia positive blood culture during the first four weeks of life 1 2 The signs of NBS are multiple non specific and include diminished spontaneous activity less vigorous sucking apnea bradycardia temperature instability respiratory distress vomiting diarrhoea abdominal distension jitteriness seizures and jaundice 3 Globally 2 6 million children died in the first month of life in 2016 approximately 7 000 newborns deaths every day most of which occurred in the first week with about 1 million dying on the first day and close to 1 million dying within the next six days Neonatal deaths accounted for 46 per cent of all under five deaths increasing from 41 per cent in 2000 4 Neonatal sepsis is the cause of substantial neonatal morbidity and mortality 3 It is estimated to cause 26 of all neonatal deaths worldwide 5 Its incidence changes over time and varies from a country to another 6 but compared with developed countries it is much higher in developing countries 2 6 with about 30 50 of the total of neonatal deaths 7 8 It is one of the most common reasons for admission to neonatal units in developing countries 6 Neonatal sepsis includes various systemic infections of the newborn such as sepsis meningitis pneumonia arthritis osteomyelitis and urinary tract infections

In Brown Lord Mustill reaffirmed that contact Sports
In Brown Lord Mustill reaffirmed that contact sports were an exception to the normal rules of consent owing to the public interest in sport He then went on to say Some sports such as the various codes of football have deliberate bodily contact as an essential element They lie at a mid point between fighting where the participant knows that his opponent will try to harm him and the milder sports where there is at most an acknowledgement that someone may be accidentally hurt In the contact sports each player knows and by taking part agrees that an opponent may from time to time inflict upon his body for example by a rugby tackle what would otherwise be a painful battery By taking part he also assumes the risk that the deliberate contact may have unintended effects conceivably of sufficient severity to amount to grievous bodily harm But he does not agree that this more serious kind of injury may be inflicted deliberately Lord Mustill is in essence implying that the participant cannot thus consent to the fact that he might be seriously injured This assertion raises issues around it s practicality within the sporting sphere For instance the UK Central Council of Physical Recreation CCPR stated that This raises a crucial question for sport Does a player who walks on to a pitch be it cricket football or rugby for example consent to the fact that he may be injured but not to the fact that he might be seriously injured Is it right that no one can consent to the risk of serious injury If a rugby tackle is made within the rules of the game i e not too high and not too late but nevertheless is an extremely hard tackle and the opponent sustains a serious injury as a result of the tackle the question has to be did the opponent consent to that tackle Hard tackles in rugby are not only encouraged but applauded

The Twistleton Plastics Glass Other Salvage Materials Yard
There was rock music coming from somewhere inside The Twistleton Plastics Glass Other Salvage Materials Yard The bass from the subwoofers vibrated so much it shook the pavement as we skidded to a halt and dropped our bikes in front of the gate Seth and I inched to the office through piles of parts and smashed cars missing back tires Evening Eli Twist s slow talking uncle grinned He wiped his grease stained hands on his striped overalls Spotted any ghosts Not yet sir Seth said But it s only a little after six The junkyard was a family business Eli collected the inventory Twist cataloged their collections and helped with odd jobs around the yard and his aunt handled the customers Oh fantastic my favorite detectives have returned Aunty Lila said strolling out of the office in her flowered bell bottom jumpsuit and matching headband She flipped a switch and the music stopped Come in Let me fix you some supper Seth nodded and said We'd love to come in A few minutes later we were sitting next to Twist at the table in his mobile home The place was really only one long room with a kitchen in the front and two bedrooms and a small bathroom at the rear so small that to shower you had to raise your hands above your head Burgers okay Aunty Lila asked Fried meat Seth said That d be fine The FBI SWAT fitness plan strictly prohibits fried anything I reminded him Your head is full of workout weights Twist s aunt slapped a pan on the stove and started grilling

Emergency Medical Technician
As an emergency medical technician you will be called on to face some of the hardest challenges one can go through Some will challenge you emotional and some mentally One day you can be sitting at the base when you get dispatch to an unknown problem call When you get on scene you're greeted by a lady who tells you I was driving down the road and seen this child sitting on the side of the road She also tells you the child would not make any eye contact with her and once the sirens from the ambulance started to get closer it seemed to bother him Which then caused him to cry and scream as if he was in a lot of pain After making sure the scene is safe and you and your partner have on all your personal protective equipment you approach the child You greet the child and tell him your name The child just sits there and seems to not be paying you any attention The closer you get to the child the further he moves away from you You notice that he is not making eye contact with you either He is sitting there rocking back and forth and flapping his hands screaming Your partner touches him on his shoulder and he began to scream loud as possible Your partner says He might have something going on with his shoulder Then you remembered when you were doing your scene size up you recognized he had a shirt on that had a colorful picture of some puzzle pieces That is when it hit you This child might have autism So you told your partner to try and remove his hand from his shoulder You tell him this child might have autism and probably do not like being touched by anyone and that his shoulder is probably okay Any patient with special challenges such as autism disorder can make your job as an emergency medical technician very challenging I have a six year old son who is diagnosed as autistic I have to understand and be around it so I tend to be able to understand and recognize it faster than someone who is not around it Autism is a developmental disorder that affects a person ability to communicate and interact Autism is more common in males so common it is seen up to four times more in them The inability to communicate appropriate is the most common sign you will notice with children whose been diagnosed with autism disorder Communication is the key to being able to provide good medical care to any patient

Breaking Night by Liz Murray Book Review
January 2018 Breaking Night by Liz Murray Book Review is this book review supposed to be in present or past tense Liz Murray s harrowing tale shows the transition from sleeping on subways and doorsteps to an Ivy League school dormitory Murray grows up in the Bronx to loving but profoundly drug addicted parents who are unable to provide a stable life for Murray and her older sister Lisa She is forced to deal with truancy negligence sexual harassment loneliness hunger homelessness and her parents drug problems at a young age While Lisa maintains a nearly militant concentration on school Murray grows undisciplined stealing from supermarkets and gas stations for food The family completely fractures when Ma decides to split from Daddy and is eventually diagnosed with AIDS Lisa moves in with Ma and her abusive new boyfriend while Murray is placed in a girls home when Daddy signs away his parental rights to her Murray is eventually released into her mother s care but chooses instead to live on the streets with an increasingly unstable and manipulative boyfriend making her homeless at the age of fifteen When her mother dies of AIDS Murray is motivated to return to school and seek stability in life As she approaches graduation she applies to Harvard and a New York Times Scholarship both of which she attains Murray s childhood is a continuous struggle to sustain stability between survival resilience of human spirit and keeping her parents safe Murray does not blame her parents for the hurt that they inflict on her Murray writes that drugs are the wrecking ball that ruins her family and left her and Lisa lacking their basic needs This prompts numerous misfortunes including

Since Gun laws have been Around
Since Gun laws have been around since 1791 shouldn't it be obvious to americans that these strict gun laws that are still in effect today don't help reduce gun violence Mass shootings are rapidly increasing from 1998 in Springfield Oregon where four people were killed and 25 were injured to 2017 on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada where fifty eight people were killed and 527 were injured HISTORY Gun control dates all the way back to 1791 when the second amendment was first ratified and There has been a total of forty different laws that have been passed in the effort to reduce gun violence in the United States Gun Laws 1837 the first gun law was passed in Georgia banning the possession of handguns Unfortunately this law is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and is thrown out Before the civil war ended several southern states adopt black codes which is a really racist law that forbids black americans from possessing firearms The National Rifle Association organized in 1871 with the primary goal of improving American civilians marksmanship in preparation for the war has been very successful in its goal to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such Constitution to acquire possess collect exhibit transport carry transfer ownership of and enjoy the right to use arms This association has supported two major gun control acts such as the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968 In 1927 the United States Congress reacts to the mobs violence of prohibition with the first federal gun restriction ever This law banned the mail order sale of handguns or any other concealable firearm on the pro side of this law it made it harder for criminals to get their hands on easily concealable weapons such as handguns The national firearm act of 1934 is passed Shortly after the mail order sale of handguns is prohibited which regulates the sale and possession of fully automatic weapons

Signal Based Reservation
Signal based reservation Reservation Reservation can be done in two ways signal based reservation and messages based reservation Signalling A node sends a signal to block ongoing transmissions such as CSMA or CD An operation is not vulnerable to the quality of channel because the does not decode the information It is useful for all topologies and can be used with MAC protocols Signal based reservation To lessen impact and convention overhead caused by message based reservation the T Lohi Tone Lohi 161 165 abuses proactive tone to hold the channel and bearer detecting to check the reservation result A hub wishing to transmit information initially sends a short tone and afterward tunes in to the channel for the span of a dispute round CR In the event that the hub does not catch some other tones toward the finish of the CR the reservation is viewed as effective and it can transmit else it backs off and tries again in a later CR Both synchronized T Lohi ST Lohi and unsynchronized T Lohi UT Lohi have been considered ST Lohi means to synchronize every CR by disseminating the reference time with the goal that each hub can know the limits of each casing and its reservation period Accordingly every hub can choose when to send a reservation tone and when to send its information to maintain a strategic distance from crash after it wins the conflict With UT

Study Identifying the best possible options for Treatment of the Depression
2 1 Scope of the Study This study is to be conducted within the UK with the aim of identifying the best possible options for treatment of the depression within the pregnant women Since the depression is a more common mental health problem therefore it needs to be highlighted researched out Weobong et al 2014 This study will cover various areas related to topic i e treating depression among pregnant women in the UK The areas to be addressed include causes of depression among the pregnant women services literature opinions and policies related to the mental health of pregnant women in the stages of perinatal antenatal and postnatal care 2 2 Definitions of the Key Terms Pregnant Woman A woman who carries gestation which can come into the world after a completion of pregnancy course or duration Class et al 2014 Perinatal Period It is duration of time that revolves around some weeks before the birth of a child and some weeks after the birth of a child Class et al 2014 Antenatal Period It is duration of time that revolves around the giving of birth of a child by the pregnant woman Class et al 2014 Postnatal Period It is a time which starts after the birth of a child It can be for weeks days or months Roy 2017 Depression The depression is numbness or detachment of an individual from his or her friends and family However in context of a pregnant woman the depression would be numbness or detachment from the family due to her pregnancy Roy 2017 3 Depression and Mental Health Problems According to Bor et al 2014 depression is one of the serious medical illnesses and a pertinent public issue The depression is featured by a consistent irritability and sadness and is one of the most prominent causes of injury or disease in the world for both women and men Closa Monasterolo et al 2017 It is also considered as the biggest mental health problems of the persons Closa Monasterolo et al 2017

Nevada was founded and Received Statehood
Nevada overlooking an area of 110 562 square miles is the 7th biggest state out of all 50 states in the United States of America In the finalized official state slogan of the state Nevada it received the nickname Battle Born State It s slogan comes from the state's history as a recall of the entry of Nevada to the union in 1864 through the Civil War Nevada's historical events helped impact the state over the years beginning from 1833 Nevada s state constitution was confirmed and passed through by votes of the people in the Territory of Nevada The Constitution of the State Nevada n d para 1 Nevada s complete state constitution was delivered to Washington D C by telegram in 1864 to quicken the admittance to the union which officially established Nevada as the 36th state On October 31st of 1864 Nevada was officially established as the 36th state of the United States of America History of Nevada n d para 1 Nevada receives its name from a mountain in mountain range called Sierra Nevada that is in touch with another state which is California History n d para 1 The state was given this name because of its high mountain ranges History n d para 1 Nevada was founded and received statehood on October 31st of 1864 The State of Nevada n d para 1 It s state s complete constitution was delivered to Washington D C by telegram in 1864 to quicken the admittance to the union Interesting Facts 2009 para 8 In 2006 the very first quarter dollar coin was revealed and announced with recognition to Nevada added that it was the 36th coin in the United States The State Quarter n d para 1 Today people mine for copper gold gems and other minerals The State of Nevada n d para 1

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