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The Department Of Veterans Affair
The Department Of Veterans Affair V A has found that it takes days if not weeks to get a doctor's appointment in the United States Of America U S A Rosenthal 2014 para 11 This is not just a problem in the U S A it is also a problem in other countries as well as Canada In one instance a patient had to wait 8 months for a stem cell transplant Druzin 2016 para 1 While Sharon Shamblaw was waiting for the stem cell transplant she died in Ontario showing people can die or get even worse while waiting for treatment Druzin 2016 para 1 2 Many people die or become even more sick while waiting for treatment This paper examines problems with wait times in the U S A Canada and internationally

Hunger of Memory is a book written by Richard Rodriguez in 1982
Of all the readings we have read to date in class about language there is one in particular that I have made a connection with Hunger of Memory is a book written by Richard Rodriguez in 1982 about his early life and education after his family migrated to the United States of America When he was admitted to the Roman Catholic School of elementary education he struggles to learn English since he came from a Mexican background that was only fluent in the Spanish language From what I have read of Richard Rodriguez I have learned about the complex and interesting relations that he developed with the English language Language is one of the most complex elements that is used in people s daily lives as a means of communication between individuals and the world around them One of the aspects that can be portrayed from Richard Rodriguez s Hunger of Memory is the aspect of culture Anyone who reads the book can immediately learn that language makes people open their minds to other s cultures When one learns a new language there is a change in the language tone that occurs It is because languages are spoken in different tones depending on the descent of the speaker

A Period Of Transformation Peter the Great

A Period Of Transformation Peter the Great was an exceptional leader of Russia Even though he did not always think of the people he transformed and modernized Russia The time period that Peter the Great was the leader was from 1682 1725 During his reign he modernize Russia and created a very strong army Peters reign was known as the period of transformation To start he moved the capital Enough work had been done on this new town by the serfs he placed to work and create the capital Peter named the capital of Russia St Petersburg which he named after himself With the founding of the new capital it was now a major European power politically culturally and geographically Also the place Peter decided to build this town was intentionally built so it blocked the entrance for enemy attacks Peter also transformed the culture and society It took 25 years but he altered every aspect of Russian life from the government industry technology education and culture For education he modernized the Old Slavic Church alphabet which helped understand European books and it also encouraged the first Russian newspaper and the creation of Russian Academy of Science 

Timothy Keller's Center Church targets the role of the church in today's society and politics

Introduction Timothy Keller's Center Church targets the role of the church in today's society and politics The text is divided into three sections The Gospel The City and The Movement Though each section thoroughly explains the doctrine as it relates to today The City places emphasis on how to evangelize culturally For one to be effective when engaging with society research indicates the individual must be present practice discernment develop theology find courage speak clearly and love Keller declared if we are not deliberately thinking about our culture we will be conformed to it without ever knowing it is happening never the less the word declare that spiritual being should not conform to the world How can one establish change in society if there is no distinction between the behavior and minds of society and the church We as spirit led individuals must be intentional in our thoughts and our behavior Change is birthed by presence presence is formed through vision and vision comes from thought In other words the ambassadors of the gospel must be present before a shift can take place In Acts the fifth chapter the very shadow of Peter brought healing to the sick If Peter made his presence known the sick would have never experienced change This task sounds simple enough but being present in the world these days is made difficult because of the Christian sub culture the church has created around itself Being present means being a part of the community God has sent you to not just the community he wants you to help create 

As a way for the gospel to be restored the United States was the proper host

As a way for the gospel to be restored the United States was the proper host because it was open territory The only reason that the United States was a proper host for the gospel was because the new government established believed in people having their inherent and inalienable rights The people of the United States now have the agency to choose their own life and are given that right when this country was born The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the founding of the United States are connected in more ways than just by coincidence It was by the power of God that it came to be at the perfect time and place It would have been impossible without God s guidance in establishing America to restore the gospel under the governments that existed at the time such as the Constitutional monarchy that was in place for the Spanish and the British While studying the Doctrine and Covenants I have learned that even with the perfect place and precise timing of the restoration it was still a very difficult time for the Latter Day Saints Had the United States of America not been through the revolution for their freedom the colonies would still be under church state rules that did not want for new churches to be formed And if no new churches would be established then Joseph Smith would not have been able to play the role that He was meant to by trying to decide if there was a true church on the earth The Revolutionary War and the rebellion of the colonists from the Church of England played a key role in the restoration of the gospel 

A Seeds of Change at Grower's Choice

Case Application 2 A Seeds of Change at Grower's Choice A paper submitted to Webber International University In partial fulfillment for the Bachelor Of Science Degree in Business Administration Course Human Resource Management Introduction The Case Application 2A called Seeds of Change at Growers Choice is about an incident that happened at the Growers Choice a regional food market chain between a manager and an employee who is disabled The incident is about unauthorized accommodations The following incident leads to an intervention of the HR Director named Alonzo Nguyen Alonzo Nguyen and Harold Parker the CEO of Growers Choice wanted to take legal action against the manager and the disabled employee But the lawyer advised them to stop their legal threats because it could throwback to the company The reason for this is they were violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by not accommodation the employee s disability in first place The lawyer also gave the advice to get their act together and to look out for help in adjusting HR policies and practices with the organizational strategy Growers Choice main issue was that they were relying on the policies and practices of 40 years before 

Culture plays a vital role in business decisions and functionality

Culture plays a vital role in business decisions and functionality Business culture covers an organization s characteristics such as values visions working style beliefs and habits which sets them apart from another A culture of business is mirrored in its dressing code business hours office system employee benefits turnover client satisfaction etc Business culture of each country shapes people behavior differently A good business culture could be considered as a glue that holds the company together Marasco 2002 HISTORICAL CONTEXT France officially known as the French Republic is an independent nation in Western Europe It ranks 5th for the world s largest economy and 3rd in Europe France is a nation that takes immense pride in its history and prominent culture In ancient times France was included in the Celtic territory known as Gaul or Gallia Its name is derived from the Latin Francia i e country of Franks who conquered that area during he 5th century at the time when Western Roman Empire was demolished Later in 9th century it became a separate country Due to the damages of World War II country suffered huge loss however it survived and emerged from the struggles to become world s export hub and a major part of European Community Noin 1993 France has one of the highest populations in the European Union in 2013 it was over 65 million people 

Every year millions of people around the world die from tobacco use
Every year millions of people around the world die from tobacco use and yet we continue to witness people gradually develop an unhealthy relationship with it People seem to not comprehend nor take into deep consideration the repercussions of tobacco Two of the most common diseases that develop because of tobacco use are heart disease and lung cancer Not only can these diseases develop in those that use tobacco but also in those that are exposed to secondhand smoke Secondhand smoke is almost impossible to avoid because most exposure takes place in the home workplace as well as public locations These chronic diseases are the result of those that use tobacco and those that are exposed to it These diseases may lead to possible death nevertheless people continue to spend billions of dollars on tobacco yearly Unfortunately by the time I ve completed delivering this brief introduction ten people have died from a tobacco related disease I sincerely hope to expose the fallout of tobacco use by the end of this speech delivery One of the leading diseases that a person who regularly uses tobacco can develop is heart disease Heart disease is typically interpreted as blocked blood vessels which can lead to stroke or heart attack Not only are your chances of dying increased when suffering from heart disease but you will also experience chest pain shortness of breath nausea and dizziness According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute any amount of smoking whether it be daily or even occasionally damages your heart and blood vessels Hearts and blood vessels that cannot be replaced nor restored back to normal health Another disease caused by tobacco use is lung cancer Lung cancer is one of the highest ranked diseases as a result from tobacco use Lung cancer is the development of abnormal cells which will eventually progress into tumors

I am Immanuel Kant

Hello is anyone there I am trying to talk to you using this screen of white paper thing that is writing with black letters to tell you my life it is so mysterious but I hope you are listening to this amazing story I am Immanuel Kant you may already know me because I am German philosopher during the enlightenment era of the late 18th century I guess the rumor about me is that I am the amazing person that Critique of Pure Reason Well let s not talk about my success not yet until I was older let s start from the beginning I was born on April 22 1724 in Konigsberg Prussia or what is now Kaliningrad Russia My parents ugh names are Johann Georg Kant my father and my mother is Regina Dorothea Reuter but this story I am telling you is not about them at all They thought I was a harness maker and our large family lived a humble life My whole family was part of the Protestant religious group are also called Pietists a German religious movement whose members strongly believed in religious experience and biblical study The religious part has a big part of my whole life since I was born until the day died I will always continue to like the pietists to appreciate what we have in life My elementary school life was at Saint George Hospital school and then at the college of Collegium Fridericianum a very good school with lots religious things were I stayed at 1732 until 1740 At the school I learned a lot really wonderful classic Latin literature and poet named Lucretius Then in 1740 I had entered into the University of Konigsberg as a theology student and soon after I became loving mathematics and physics 

China then and Nowadays
China then and Nowadays China is a country located in the Asia region specifically it borders the China East Sea in the China south between Vietnam and North Korea and has 23 provinces and 5 autonomous regions China is one of the countries that has evolved over time and is considered a world power A country which since then and until today is rich in natural resources that have helped the country to emerge and today is considered one of the most megadiverse countries in the world Also China has a large population in which they communicate through Mandarin that is his native language but there in some different places of China they communicate with different dialects for oral expression Throughout the time it has emerged so much that nowadays China is a powerful country in an economy because of the ties it has made with other countries and history For years it has been noticed that China has always been one of the largest economic powers in the world It has been possible to learn that China is a country where every day it grows economically since it has a high level of import and export of different merchandise As it is seen as one of the largest producers in differing branches for example one of the economic powers in China is agriculture where a large part of the population is dedicated to the sowing of cotton potatoes grain among other products Another of the economic powers in China is mining where they take advantage of the wealth offered by their lands


EDUCATIONAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY ON SEXUAL EDUCATION Sexual education is a very important subject of discussion through all the stages of life Straight from childhood to adulthood sexual education is a topic that elicits some curiosity It is important that parents mentor their children properly from that tender age and help them form good ideologies on sexual matters This I believe is going to stick with them for as long as possible and even when they grow into adults who are capable of forming their own opinions inevitably they will be influenced by their parents counsel Other stakeholders in this issue are teachers These are the people who actually shape the children s future They are in custody of the kids for a longer time than parents With a proper educational system that incorporates sexual education a lot of trouble would be avoided For example teenage pregnancies Teachers need to continue talking to students in every one level of education about matters sexual education Peers and friends are also a great source of information Growing up my parents made sure ia associated with the right crowd lest I begin to pick on habits that they did not approve of My parents were very strict about the friends I kept It was a requirement that I brought all my friends home for them to be familiarized with each other I was told to drop some on a number of occasions 

Fear factor is a common television show aired by reality television

Fear factor is a common television show aired by reality television With no doubts this is a popular show viewed by millions of people around the globe It comes in a form of entertainment program that I believe no other television program in the world could outshine Despite this the major question that has risen is to whether the ethics behind this television show is indeed questionable by people in the society As a matter of fact fear factor television show is a favorite TV show that has some type of ethical problem that the characters are facing The ethics of this show are doubtful because they defeat the purpose of airing the realities of life to the world Apart from that the show neglect the welfare of the characters and has always refused to acknowledge the negative impacts it has on the viewers in many parts of the world Technology has in the recent times progressed in various areas of life not leaving the field of multimedia communications of which television is amongst It is easier for people to notice how the current technology has affected the nature of programs that are aired on television Reality TV show has become a questionable and a bigger talk to the people as compared to its intentions of entertaining people Reality TV show is a type of TV programming which documents apparently improvised everyday circumstances and frequently exhibits an otherwise unidentified group of people who are normally nonprofessional actors though in certain shows superstars may take part 

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