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Studying individuals behaviour and trying to link underlying personality characteristics
Personality traits and characteristics are how we can define our behavior to people and our environment on a daily basis. Studying individual's behavior and trying to link underlying personality characteristics to why we do things either beneficial or unfavorable is a continuing interest for psychologists. Adorno et al 1950 and Allum 2011 have both undertaken research studies that provide insight on personality types and the potential effects it may have to societies around much of the world. This essay will layout similarities and differences between these two studies concentrating on their methods and these personality types that influence individuals life choices Adorno et al 1950 research study was influenced by the events of World War 2 and the researcher's curiosity into what kind of a person could carry out such devastating acts. Measuring attitudes was the beginning of this study. Three sets of scales were designed after identifying attitudes towards Jews as well as ethnically different people and then presented to the white middle class. Americans from San Francisco as a questionnaire. This then led to the creation of another scale known as the F scale which measured the potential for fascism and in turn led to measuring personality characteristics that were fundamental to their study McAvoy 2012. These questionnaires were scored by researchers with a point system of 1 7 Participants who scored high were most likely to be showing signs of an authoritarian personality. This quantitative method allowed a large scale of over 2000 people to take part and provide quick and systematic data that guided them to Phase 2 of their study. Allum 2011 had three hypotheses to find support for in his research.

Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrency Regulations
Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrency tumbled on Dec 28th, 2017 as South Korea and Australia and the UK are freezing Bank Accounts. Cryptocurrency Speculation has been heated up and there is an immediate need to regulate the cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin the world s biggest and the best-known cryptocurrency has fallen about 28 from its highest record. Bank Accounts Vs Bitcoin. Traders The Bitcoin attraction towards the investors has been increasing from day to day due to the increase in the growth of the Bitcoins and other Altcoins. The growth is tremendous which is more than 200 within the last 6 months. The catch is when you buy those virtual currencies which is decentralized the banks are considering the transaction towards the Bitcoin and other Altcoin as anonymous. When you buy those virtual currencies through the debit card or through the direct bank account the transaction is marked as anonymous. As a result of it the bank does not allow any such transactions it immediately freezes their account without any notification. The history of the banks freezing the accounts due to the purchase of the Bitcoins has been happening from 2015 onwards. The UK's reputed Barclay Bank has shut down a student's account after his dealing with the Bitcoin the digital currency.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer related deaths among females
Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer-related deaths among females and causes more deaths than any other type of female reproductive cancer Siegel et al 2016. Signs and symptoms of this type of cancer are often absent or indefinite in the early stages and many patients have been diagnosed in advanced stages due to a lack of early detection strategies. These patients with advanced stages of ovarian cancer have less than 50 of a five-year survival rate despite the recent developments in chemotherapy Miller et al 2016. A more recent recommended treatment for advanced ovarian cancer is neoadjuvant therapy or the use of chemotherapy or radiation prior to surgery for patients with stage IIIC or IV ovarian cancer to decrease tumor burden and mitigate extensive metastases Morgan et al 2012. In spite of this after initial treatment patients enter into clinical remission and recurrence occurs in 70 of patients some months or years after initial treatment Krasner Duska 2009 Leitao Chi 2009. Moreover, the chance of undetectable and untreated residual disease after chemotherapy and surgery is high Chefetz et al 2013 Craveiro et al 2013. While there are other novel procedures to cure cancer there is still a high recurrence of cancer either leading to a higher stage of cancer or death. In the Philippines ovarian cancer is the 7th most prevalent type of cancer in women with 2.657 new cases and . 610 deaths in 2015 Laudico et al 2015.

The Fedora Project was created in late 2003 when the Red hat was discontinued
The Fedora Project was created in late 2003 when the Red hat was discontinued. Red Hat enterprise was to be the only Red Hat's supported Linux distribution. The name Fedora derives from Fedora Linux. It was a volunteer project that gave Red Hat Linux distribution extra software. Warren Togami began the fedora Linux as an undergraduate project in 2002. His intention was to provide a single repository for the well tested third party software packages so that none of the Red Hat software would be easier to find modify and use. The key Of Fedora Linux and Red Hat Linux was that Fedora's repository development would be collaborative with the global volunteer community. Before the launch of the fedora 7 fedora was called Fedora Core, because Of the two repositories.

Traffic characteristics
Traffic characteristics. In the event that we need to think about the Traffic attributes and their expectations, it is appropriate to furnish at any rate their short posting with definitions and shared relations. The three fundamental characteristics in traffic flow theory are flow, speed, and density. Traffic flow. Traffic flow can be additionally found in some literature named as flow, flow rate or volume. Nevertheless, all these terms can be used interchangeably. It is characterized as various vehicles passing a point in a given timeframe. It is typically communicated in units of vehicles per hour vph. Other conceivable units are for example vehicles per hour, per lane, vphpl, passenger car units per hour pcu/hr, or passenger car units per hour per lane pcphpl or in easier readable form pc/h. ln The equation for counting traffic flow is simple where q is traffic flow vph n is number of vehicles passing a spot on the road in a given interval t. The special value of traffic flow is capacity c which defines the maximum hourly rate under prevailing roadway conditions. Since it is convenient to measure traffic flow in 15-minute intervals a quantity called peak hour factor PHF is presented. Hence is obvious that PHF can theoretically be in the interval 0 25 PHF 1 0. Peak hour factor can be understood as an indicator of flow fluctuations within the hour Introduction.

Hypertension, blood pressure, and diet to prevent it
Hypertension is the clinical term given to the blood vessels having raised blood pressure Lim et al 2012 Joffres et al 2013 Makridakis and DiNicolantonio 2014. Blood pressure occurs when the force of blood pushes against the walls of arteries as it is pumped to the heart Makridakis and DiNicolantonio 2014. The higher the pressure means the heart works harder which overtime can increase the prevalence of conditions such as heart attacks stroke, heart failure, kidney disease and can affect the quality of life in individuals Lim et al 2012 Makridakis and DiNicolantonio 2014. Moreover, high blood pressure is a global risk factor Lim et al 2012 statistics have shown that one in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure however, as it is a silent disease with no visible symptoms many individuals may not know they have high blood pressure until they get their blood pressure taken Joffres et al 2013. Research in the cause of high blood pressure has found only a small percentage of people with treated hypertension are within the desired threshold Lim et al 2012. High blood pressure is a multifaceted illness that includes factors such as genetics lifestyle and behaviors. Non-pharmacological treatments have been found to reduce the risk of high blood pressure in Ha 2014.

Color model is an abstract mathematical model representing colors by tuples of numbers
The color model is an abstract mathematical model describing an approach to represent colors by tuples of numbers such as RGB or CMYK Kaur Sahib 2015. Color space is a specific organization of colors. Each specific color model can have different color spaces. Color space is represented in a three-dimensional coordinate system. In the three dimensional systems, each color is represented by a single point. To apply color as a visual cue in computer vision applications image processing and multimedia an appropriate approach to represent the signal of color is required. Color space provides a reasonable approach to recognize order affect and effectively display the colors of the object taken into consideration. The problem's declaration and solution can be addressed by choosing a suitable color model. The knowledge about the way color signals generated and what information needed from the color signal is important during the color model selection process.

Detection of Antibiotic Residues in commercial Poultry Eggs
UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FAISALABAD SUB CAMPUS TOBA TEK SINGH. Synopsis Title Detection of Antibiotic Residues in commercial Poultry Eggs. Abstract. Poultry nutrition or inappropriate antibiotic treatments can produce eggs with antibiotic residues The objective of the present study is to evaluate the prevalence of drug residues in eggs presented at Toba Tek Singh in Pakistan. To this end, 120 eggs with an average weight of 50-60 grams were collected at random from supermarkets and commercial farms in Toba, Pakistan. These egg samples were stored at 4C until the time of analysis and then antibiotic residues were analyzed using the High-Performance liquid chromatography HPLC method. The study revealed the presence of antibiotic residues in poultry eggs due to the indiscriminate use of layered antibiotics without observing the withdrawal period of this drug. INTRODUCTION. Since eggs are consumed by almost all individuals the deposition of drug residues in various egg components is a considerable concern. After administration, the antibiotics are absorbed in the intestine of the chicken and transported through the body through the blood plasma where they reach. The ovaries follicles and oviducts responsible for the formation and secretion of egg content, therefore, increase the risk of deposition of drug residues in the yolk and albumin Khattab et al 2010 kan CA et al 2000 deposit more rapidly in both the yolk and the albumin Goetting V et al 2011 Alm El Dein et al 2010.

Symbian OS and various functions of mobile phone Operating Systems
History System Call Procedure Process Management and User Properties of Symbian OS. HISTORY. Symbian was an operating system for mobile phones made for smartphones. Symbian was initially created as an OS for PDAs in 1998 by Symbian Ltd. Symbian OS runs basically on ARM processors but an x86 port also existed, but it was never released. Symbian was utilized by many cell phone brands as Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, Fujitsu, Sharp, and Mitsubishi. At the end of 2010, it was the most popular smartphone OS but it was overtaken by Android. The last update for the Symbian OS was Nokia Belle. Feature Pack 2 release on October 2nd, 2017 It is written in C Symbian OS v6 0 and 6 1. This was the first version of its series. This was released in 2001 and was first used in Nokia 9210 communicator. And almost 500 000 Symbian phones were shipped in the year 2001 and the following year that number increased to a massive 2.1 million phones. Symbian OS 7 0 and 7 0s. This version was released in 2003. This version was used by Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Ericson and FOMA phones in Japan. One million Symbian phones were shipped in the first quarter of 2003 with the rate increasing to one million per month by the end of 2003 Symbian OS 8 0 and 8 1.

Reading techniques for students education process
As one of the four skills reading plays an important role in enhancing a student's English ability. More importantly reading functions as a tool to access information to the worldwide web. Reading widely is a highly effective means of extending our command of language so it has an important place in classrooms where language learning is central purpose Nutall 2000. Reading is used as an evaluation tool. However, students regard it as a difficult skill. Dechant 1977 states that reading is not an easy skill to be mastered. It is a complex process that requires the skill of the reader. Many students find difficulties when they read especially when they read the text and have to answer the questions. Based on School-Based Curriculum Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan of Junior High School the standard competency is English student is expected to master four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing and also to have communicative competence in using it. Besides that, the basic competence of reading skill which is mentioned in School-Based Curriculum of Junior High School for the eighth-grade students is to comprehend the meaning of written functional text and a short essay. in the forms of descriptive and recount text to interact in the daily life context. In addition, the achievement indicator that students must gain is being competent in the subheading skill including understanding main idea specific information word meaning and textual reference of the text.

Demographic Transition Theory in India
Introduction. The technocratic illusion is that any developmental effort seamlessly results in the panache of growth and prosperity. Treading on the same path is the pursuit of modernization resulting in mortality decline. A naïve Malthusian approach would be to associate the burden of extra people with modernization. The central idea of the demographic transition theory is that the decline in fertility is an ex-post response to the decline in infant and child mortality. It is recognized that this fertility decline often occurs with a lag. India in its course of time has seen mortality decline since the early 1980s through socio-economic enhancements. Although performing better than its neighboring economies. India has shown spatial variance of such lags. The presence of these lags results in elusiveness in the envisaged quest for prosperity. This paper uses deductive analysis from various economic theories to rationale such behavior. Beckers theory has been instrumental in understanding the demographic transition. As per his theory development increases the costs of childbearing and results in decline infertility. The primary workhorse model used in this paper is based on a suitable extension of the Beckerman model. His core theory emphasized the effects of family planning programs and contraceptive availability being more complex than the general notion and our assessment of their roles.

The solution of methylcellulose is having a special gelation phenomenon
The solution of methylcellulose is having a special gelation phenomenon that commonly occurs by heating it so that it can change to gel and by cooking in order to form a clear solution Hirrien et al 1996. An increase in the viscosity of solution the gelation temperature of a given degree of substitution gets decreases with the addition of electrolytes lowers the gelation temperature Brandt 1986. The quantities of salts added also affected it. A few of these salts played a lead role in the prevention of dissolution of methylcellulose at ambient temperature Levy and Schwarz 1958. The addition of electrolytes and the procedure of heating destroy the hydrated structure. During this hydrogen bond between water and the polymer gets broken. When polar water mixed with organic solvents for instance alcohol or glycols are added then the solution of Methylcellulose gets stabilized Kundu et al 2003. Methylcellulose and the polar additives form strong hydrogen bonds which increase gelation temperatures and able to create more stable soluble complexes in the solution Brandt 1986 Kundu et al 2003.

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