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A community resource that can be shared with parents and used by early childhood professional to support children's development is a children's museum This are institutions that provide programs that stimulate the developmental experiences of children Children's museums feature various programs that are specifically designed to stimulate the learning experiences of children Museums support children's development through various activities and strategies that facilitate learning This is particularly achieved through interactivity which is considered as necessary in children's learning experiences A children's museum is rich with exciting things that allow children to explore and learn through touch and enquiry Museums facilitate learning that is easily transferable as they focus on tangible objects and exhibits Smith 2017 Museums respond to the needs and interests of children through free choice learning which is different from the formal learning experiences at schools Children's museums are valuable to parents and educators as they are accessible Museums also provide interactivity which enables learning to be embedded in interactive process that makes children s experiences both dialogical and practical Museums provide children with first hand exploration which is not available in formal learning environments

They are particularly vital in enabling gifted children to develop Through field trips to museums parents and educators can enable their children to gain valuable learning experiences As an educator I can use children's museums to provide children with access to an enriched highly interactive environment that will support positive growth and development Museums facilitate children's learning outcomes by facilitating different types of interactivity that enhance the learning experience Museums also provide valuable information to the teachers and the parents accompanying children I can encourage parents to use this resource by informing them about the benefits of museums in a child's development This includes through organizing field trips whereby both the parents and the educators get to interact with the children to facilitate their learning and development A virtual resource that can be shared with parents is the website This is an online resource that can be used by the parents of infants and children that are below the age of 8 years The website features articles about child development and developmentally appropriate practices These topics are covered by experts which can enable parents to stay abreast with the latest developments in childhood development 

This virtual resource is valuable to parents as it provides support and information that can help parents to become more capable and competent in helping their children to develop This resource provides parents with information that they can use to make informed decisions in regard to many aspects of early childhood development This include information regarding intervention options that can enable the parents to care for their children in a manner that yields optimal parent and child outcomes The site also provides informational resources that support and strengthen the parents existing parenting abilities and facilitate the development on new competencies so that they have the requisite knowledge and skills to carry out their responsibilities This can enable the parents to expose their children to experiences that promote child learning and development As an educator I can use this website to enhance my competence in childhood development As an educator I can encourage parents to use this resource through capacity building programs aimed at providing support to parents This will include promoting this website as one of the resources that the parents can use in actively obtaining information that can support the development of their children I would use the National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC s online site www naeyc org NAEYC is the principal organization for childhood professionals including caregivers teachers and other professional that are involved in programs and initiatives that serve infants and children under the age of 8 years

The organization's website contains resources that can help an early childhood professional to improve his or her capabilities in helping children to develop NAEYC s online site is valuable to parents and educators as it contains a diversity of information on early childhood development that can enable both parents and educators to nurture developmentally appropriate practice The website provides early childhood professionals with evidence based methods and practices that are effective in the development of children This include the developmentally appropriate practice DAP approach This is an evidence base framework that is designed to promote optimal development of children Super Engle Britto 2013 As an educator I will use NAEYC s online site to gain more knowledge and skills on how young children learn and develop so as to be more effective in helping them to develop Knowledge about child development and learning that is based on research can help an educator to decide which experiences are suited for children's development I would also encourage parents to use NAEYC s parents initiative to enhance their competence about early childhood development I will encourage parents to use the website to learn about what is individually appropriate in caring for their children References Smith J 2017 Early Childhood Development A Multicultural Perspective Boston Pearson Super C Engle P Britto P 2013 Handbook of early childhood development research and its impact on global policy Oxford Oxford University Press

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