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Bang Another punching bag fell to the ground of the training room Lillith ran her hand down her long blonde ponytail and huffed out of exhaustion That was the third bag to break in the hour She rolled it to the side then made her way to the bench After gulping her water she started to unwrap her fists While walking back to her room to shower her comm went off Agent Alexander you are needed in the conference room the deep male voice spoke She sighed and turned on fer heels to make her way to the 2nd floor The automatic doors welcomed her into the room She was greeted by the director of the agency and her fellow agents She took the nearest seat and spoke up What is going on sir We caught him Director Pierce replied Lillith s eyes went wide as she thought about the most recent case They were currently in pursuit of a highly dangerous man Theodore Swain He was the most wanted man for murders and attempts to take down the government Only the best of the best of the agency s members were assigned to the mission Pierce continued He was found at a coffee shop on 23rd What worries us is that he wasn't hiding He is scheduled to go under interrogation before his hearing Lillith nodded slowly Can I see him Her boss looked at her in shock Why would you want to do that She shrugged I am intrigued and he is in a maximum security cell right

He can't do anything to me Pierce sighed If you really want to Jorge will take you She replied by shaking her head in disagreement I would like to go alone sir The director pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration but gave in That's fine but take your gun Lillith nodded and left to her room to grab her revolver As she made her way to the bottom her foot shook in anticipation The elevator doors opened to reveal a maximum security door that leads to his cell She placed her thumb on the handle to scan her print The door beeped in exception and opened She made her way through the dark and cold hallway and was greeted by an eerie voice Ah a visitor finally I was beginning to grow restless the deep English accent spoke Lillith stopped in front of the the glass cell Mr Swain you seem to have gotten yourself in quite the predicament The man stepped from out of the shadows to reveal himself Seems I have He was tall at least 6 3 He was thin also this was accentuated by the crisp black suit he wore The suit was adorned by pin of a lily flower He had his hands clasped behind his back as he wandered aimlessly He face was extremely detailed some may even consider it beautiful He had exceptionally sharp cheekbones and jawline His skin was pale and aided in the shadowing of his features His eyes were a penetrating blue Lillith could almost see her reflection in them She crossed her arms and continued her questions

You didn't exactly see to be hiding A busy coffee shop in the middle of the city isn't really undercover He shrugged Hiding rendered useless With all the different organizations after me I figured I'd save them the ordeal of ravaging the earth to find me Lillith turned her attention to the control panel on the other side of the room Well I hope you have a plan she stated sarcastically Before she could hit a button he replied threateningly Oh Ms Alexander no need to worry She smirked That's what all the villains say With that she walked away Before Lillith made it to her room she heard an explosion followed by the building alarms The speakers shouted Intruder alert All agents to ground level Security has been breached Asset out of confinement She rolled her eyes in annoyance Already She sprinted down the stairs back to the place she just left When she reached the lowest level there was already a whole in the wall and many agents fighting another army The enemies were wearing black tactical suits with a logo that matched Swain s pin of a lily She worked her way through the crowd dodging bullets and knocking out men by her punches She felt someone grab her ponytail Without looking who it was she elbowed them in the gut

She turned to find an enemy doubled over clutching his stomach With another kick he was unconscious Agents from every side were dropping like flies In the midst of the fight she noticed that Swain s cell was open but he was sitting on the awful bed reading The Great Gatsby Before she could do anything about her attention was drawn to last man charging her She knocked him out with one punch She took a deep breath and looked around everyone was either unconscious or dead except for her and Theodore Swain She stood a good 45 feet away from him waiting for his next move He got up from the prison bed and set the book down He left the cell and walked towards her stepping over the writhing bodies He stopped directly in front of her and set his hands on her shoulders Hello my lily flower Lillith smiled Hey Theo She wrapped her arm around his torso and he placed him arm over his shoulder They walked out of the building escaping together to the jet waiting for them Upon entering the plane Lillith broke the silence with a sigh That was the worst undercover job of my life Swain kissed her temple affectionately and hugged her I deeply appreciate it my love She leaned into his touch and replied So Theo who is the next target

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