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Appropriating Native American Imagery Honors No One but the Prejudice The fictional representation and its usage are becoming the controversial topics in all over the United State mostly in the field of games and other accomplishments related to this The inherent Americans have the view that they are not feeling privileged This is the reason due to which they want to remove the mascot of America Due to this the people of America also feel that they are as like pigeonholed due to which they are imposing pressure on the different institution for removing the mascots of America The same concept is expressed by the writer Amy Stretten in the article Appropriating Native American Imagery Honors No one but the pre justice In this article she is expressing the same feeling of the native people by using the different rhetorical instruments and explaining theirs believes that the imagery used is seemed to be aggressive and insolent for Indian Americans and making down their dignity and respect From many major aspects of this article one is that the writer has given the touch of her personal experience to this article which is making it effective 

The writer is providing the genuine information and I think this factor becomes the reason for communication with the other authority Due to this factor it is revealed by the highest authority that the writer has the grip and command on her knowledge and she is also confident enough In her whole article the write ha not supported the concept of the American she explains her feelings according to her own point of view as it is from the pure Indian background She is really not supporting the concept and beliefs of Americans She explained her personal background that she has ever not felt the satisfaction from the false image of mascot made in the mind of the people of America She believes that they have the bad image in their mind according to her culture and elders values She shared that when her classmates say to her that you have to feel proud of your culture but instead of feeling proud she feels oppressed and maltreated The writer has not clogged at this stage and tried to ask from the higher authorities and the management of the school about this case As she is also the Native American citizen and on the basis of this fact it is considered an obvious thing that the management understand her point of view Another use of using the rhetoric instruments in her article is that she gets the emotional support of her readers She said in her article that she has no issue with her personal thoughts but she has the problem with the thought of the native people p 522 She had to feel a bad experiencing after talking to the high school authorities but at the same spot she also doesn t want that her readers get angry from her story even she gets the empathy from her readers after knowing about the bad experience she faced from the highest authority This is the emotional request in the rhetorical analysis and it can be considered as the pathos which includes the different emotions like sorrow unhappiness disappointment etc In making the rhetorical analysis she also uses the effective strategy in a way of logical demand 

The logical demand or claim means that the writer has to compare the confirmations with the logical proves that make the readers understand the point of view of the writer and make them able to understand the claim of the writers with belief According to her point of view in the beginning APA founded that for the American Indian student the images in the form of the stereotype are detrimental She appeals to the higher authorities like the psychologist to understand her claim and to make her argument offensive if they do not agree with her p 524 For making her claim true she also takes help from the statistical data analysis As these analyses are doubtless and free of any bug so they helped the writer to make the people agree with her point of views Even if the readers are just starting to study her argument even in the beginning they found the logical proof of the thoughts of the Amy and they become agree with her The most impressive thing about the work of the writer is that all the factors are credible which are enhancing the honest working of the writer One of the other views of the writer is that the writer is fully aware with her view and arguments and the logic behind them from the very beginning that makes her able to clearly explain her arguments to her readers and become agree with her As a conclusion it can be said that the main reason of success behind the article written by Amy Appropriating Native American Imagery Honors No one but the Prejudice is that she had used her personal experience and all the arguments of her are credible She has not only explained the injustice of American in case of Imagery but also explains that there is injustice in the country for the people In short it can be said that the use of different rhetorical devices is very common in the United States like the sorrow unhappiness etc and the presence of credibility which includes the personal experience

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