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Student and Education Astrology Welcome to Astrovids Student and Education Astrology section Astroved is a pioneer in offering Vedic remedies and Astrological predictions for various sectors of society This particular section offers comprehensive solutions for resolving educational problems and other academic issues Astroved is a one stop shop providing a wide range of products and services to clients who wish to enhance their learning skills and excel in their fields of study Parents of children currently studying and those aspiring to further their academic interests can benefit by availing our services Astroved also maintains an in house store which offers a wide array of products which helps individuals to tap into their inner self Does your child possess all the necessary qualities to excel in studies but is being held back from doing so due to some inexplicable reason Well we at Astroved can help overcome these shortcomings by just unlocking the true potential present within your child's inner self And that too not by using medication but just by redirecting benevolent natural forces to set right the equilibrium

Astroved offers the following services We provide natural Vedic solutions to guide the child to select the right stream of study Parents who desire to envision the future of the child's education and future We help set right the emotional and behavioral patterns of the child overcoming fear lack of confidence shyness and anger etc We help students who have trouble getting through the examinations or are re doing an exam to score better grades Our Vedic services help resolve parent child relationship issues Helping parents overcome anxiety and fear related to the progress of the child Guiding students to excel in competitive exams and helping them secure admission in an educational institution of repute Providing solutions for students who lack focus due to a host of reasons like stress lack of interest planetary influences etc Helping students break out of bad company and friendships Our services can help students who constantly struggle with their studies for no apparent reason ASTROVED PROVIDES VIABLE ASTROLOGICAL SOLUTIONS FOR BOTH STUDENTS AND PARENTS Some of the many Vedic remedies Astroved offers are Live Astrological consultations Detailed

Astrological reports compiled by distinguished Astrologers of repute Nadi leaf readings Prasna or instant insight Astrology Royal Astrology predictions which involve betel leaf readings Vishnu Maya or Divine Oracle Readings and Educational counseling based on the Vedic chart of the individual Some of the corrective measures suggested by our professional team of Astrologers include Effective Kerala remedies Performing Pujas and Archanas to the deity Homas and Homa packages Karma removal programs Nadi leaf readings Powerspot remedies temple donations and restoring religious places of worship Astroved also organizes trips to various spiritual centers and temples which are famed for helping one excel in academics Astroved also has an exclusive in house store which offers several products to help students perform well in studies All products are energized with powerful Mantras and Vedic chants Some of the products include Malas Yantras Statues of Archetypes GemStones Energized crystals Pictures and portraits of various deities and Energized Pyramids All these products can be placed strategically at home or in the study area Astroved also offers Vedic learning services which include Courses on how to read your child's chart Understanding your child's characteristics and adopting suitable parenting strategies In home remedies for your child's success Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your child Learning how to set your child on the path to success in academic and career matters Suitable yoga Asanas for education Mudras for education

Chanting of Mantras and hymns Astroved has carved a niche of itself as a reliable Vedic services company and has guided thousands of clients all across the Globe Our educational Astrological services enjoy a high success ratio and come at affordable prices Flexible plan options are also offered whereby one can utilize our services to suit their budget and taste Who doesn't want to have an easier time learning new things We cannot even imagine how much technology will change in the next 20 years We will all be learning new things time and again The planets Mercury and Jupiter play an important role in cognitive achievements When these planets are well influencing the 2nd House primary school 4th House college and 9th House advanced degrees valedictorians and A students are born Many parents have us analyze the charts of their children to give them clues for how best to support the students in their family In addition our astrologers can take note of negative planetary influences that can bring obstacles to academic performance such as Laziness Distraction or Loss of Focus Through Friends Social Addictions Dietary Problems Our astrologers will suggest appropriate and specific remedy measures to clear the obstacles that may be hindering a student's educational progress A very simple mantra to teach any child is Om Hayagriva Hayagriva Hayagriva pause then repeat Saying the name of Hayagriva an archetype of education in sets of 3 is a shortcut way to connect with his blessings

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