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1 1 Background Of The Study Wardhaugh 1993 253 confirms that the actual rules of address in a society are as complex as society itself A term of address is a word phrase name or title or some combination of these used in addressing someone in writing or in speech Also called an address term or a form of address A term of address may be friendly unfriendly neutral respectful disrespectful or comradely As social of human people have their own behavior toward language Every language shows the social characters of the speaker Furthermore it shows the relation between them In communications addressing someone is a very important social intercourse People can find many forms of addressing term used In the formal situation people usually address someone else s by their titles like Mr Mrs Miss etc besides in relax situation someone often calls a friend with his or her nick names such as Jane for Jeanne Abby for Abigail Joe for Joshua or Cathy for Catherine Addressing term often say well conscious or not even though in written language though always show and be a part of the speech Usually for title Mr used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a man without a higher or honorific or professional title can use at some place profession activity or at the office example Mr President then for Mrs used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a married woman or a woman who has been married without a higher or honorific or professional title Next is Miss a title used before the surname or full name of any woman regardless of her marital status a neutral alternative to Mrs or Miss For example Ms Sarah William 1

 Address terms are governed by a variety of social factors the particular occasion the social status or ranks sex age family relationship occupational hierarchy race or transactional status The speaker uses addressing term to call the person who involved in the conversation The use of addressing term depends on the addresser and addressee s relationship the social status or individual involves in the conversation The aim of addressing is to maintain social relationship between addresser and addressee in society Artika 2008 1 When racial or social rank is important in society the address terms that show respect and hierarchy will be preferred while in society which claims to be egalitarian address terms may not be considered so important Therefore there is a close relation between address terms and culture However different culture context social status between the addresser and addressee s not often causing misunderstanding in word name or title between the addresser and addressee which cause by different communication situation culture and social status between the speaker s like to greet someone older by call name only In Indonesia culture will have impact uncomfortable feeling to that person That person can assume the speaker not have respect 

Besides the speaker only call by name only because wants to familiarize or get closer to that person Therefore too much misunderstanding between addresser and addressee s That s why in western culture must use good addressing term too like Asia culture between the speaker s Being polite is a complicated business in any language Holmes 1992 296 People should more understand the language social and cultural values of society They tend to think of politeness not just a matter of saying please in making request or saying thanks when someone does something for us or gives us what we want People need to understand the social values of a society in order to speak politely Choose the appropriate addressing terms to call someone can show the politeness level For example the sentence thanked you bitch said by someone to addressing his friend shows that the words bitch has low level of politeness in conversation In other words it includes impolite addressing terms Therefore in this thesis the writer wants to use the data from the movie script The writer chose this movie script because in this movie script so many speeches with different conversation so it really helpful to found the data which the writer needs it 

The movie script which the writer choose it is Baywatch by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift In this movie the writer found so many kind phrases name or title use for respect appreciation or just have fun Therefore the writer wants analysis the address term inside this movie script Baywatch for more detail 2 1 2 Problem Formulation There are two problems that analyzed as follows 1 What kind of addressing terms are used in the movie script Baywatch by Damian Shannon and by Mark Swift 2 Which politeness strategies are indicated by using those addressing terms 3 What are the causes and the impact using addressing term toward relationship 1 3 Scope and Limitation The scope of this analysis is Baywatch by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift 2017 and is done by using addressing term theory of Torchim From Torchim theory can use descriptive analytical with simply summary Analysis is limited and focused on Mitch and Brody as the main character in the movie 1 4 Goals And Function 1 Describe many kinds of addressing term uses in the movie script Baywatch 2 Describe politeness strategies which indicated by using addressing term in the movie script Baywatch 3 Find out the reasons using addressing term or not in the movie script Baywatch

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