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Undisputedly it is a significant occupation in the roles of any member as the leaders of key executive branch organizations In the American organ structural cabinet the fifteen department brains who work with the Vice President to counsel the President can end up conducting vital policies carrying even decision that many lives depend on Therefore it makes sense that cabinet nominees are obligated to be vigorously scrutinizing in interrogating by the people representatives specifically the Senate which at the end of the day decides whether or not the candidate is trustworthy enough for the occupation But despite the fact that hearings can often consist of hours of rattling and intense inquisitorial the President generally gets his way when it comes to his cabinet appointees This likely to be the case for many potential individuals From a statistical standpoint there have been nine nominees in the history of the presidential cabinet who have been rejected confirmation by the Senate and only one of those rebuffs was in contemporary history And here we will go over the case of John Tower as well as Clarence Thomas nomination case From historical records the Senate in 1989 by a ballot of 53 to 47 botched to confirm John Tower the person who President George H W Bush has nominated to occupy the function of defense secretary 

According to historical report Tower was the first Republican senator from Texas since Reconstruction and the first Republican from an ex Confederate state to join that organization since Newell Sanders of Tennessee left office in 1913 It was also the first time the Senate had rejected a new president's Cabinet contender Nonetheless Tower was Senator in three occasions 1966 1972 and 1978 and though he had served as chairman of the Armed Services Committee for three years 1981 1984 he was scarcely disapproved by some of his past colleagues Concerns about Tower s personal life played a major role He was blamed of being a drunk and a womanizer That FBI scrutiny widely publicized despite Tower s fierce denial became the basis for Tower s defense secretary rejection by the Senate Tower answered to the contentions that he had abused alcohol Other problems also plagued his nomination including concern over potential conflict of interest In addition a Democratic senator Carl Levin of Michigan had cited Tower s ties to the military industry as too close for comfort As a result of a defiant result President Bush expressed his loyalty to his country cowboy man by hiring Tower as chairman of the president s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board a function that does not necessitate approval from the Senate As far as the nomination of Clarence Thomas is concerned George H W Bush felt confident about judges who construed the constitution bestowing to the original intent of the forefathers Clarence Thomas was believed to be the exact person to seat He also wanted a conservative justice 

Thus he got in Thomas Bush felt the need to have a someone of color in such supreme position who would embellished his agenda under the eyes of the minority with the hope perhaps of attracting the appreciation of the black people Thomas was fresh young and indubitably intelligent which ensured a permanency conformist which would gratify his electoral base in the next sequence of votes He worked as the charge person of the EEOC under Reagan where he spent a year and a half on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals prominently respected Overall it was a well deserved consideration from Bush to appoint Thomas for that position on the Supreme Court and Bush s decision was crystal clear that his guy Thomas was the one who should have it By picking a black nominee President Bush seemed to be aiming toward the less ambitious goal of insulating himself against charges that he is hostile to blacks Of course he also got a justice who seems to lack intellectual curiosity He almost never asks any questions or engages in debate at oral argument He has voted to uphold the most conservative of decisions of the Court To back up his decision Bush sworn his nomination of Thomas was utterly centered on value but it came amid an ironic twirl of partisan assumption When it comes to Bush loyalty to these two nominations analyzed above historians would simply wetness history on rotation It feels like being in a Déjà Vue atmosphere in parallel to the media social political occurrences today with the actual administration but on a different scale The astonishing part of it all in retrospection resides in the underscore pitched on sexual misconduct by John Tower and Clarence Thomas substantiation conflicts had such little stimulus in interval But there was also an unfortunate sense evident in 20th century press coverage that sexual allegation or accusations were primarily a partisan weapon brandished when other lines of attack had failed

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