Essay Example on Book Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai









Refugees are people often from another country that leave their homes because of fear of staying Refugees have many challenges through their transition and even finding a way to transition The hardships Ha faces in the book Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai are very similar problems that real refugees encounter Ha is the main character and narrator in the book Inside Out and Back Again and she is a 10 year old child that lives in Vietnam in 1975 at the time of the vietnam war She and her family made an attempt to leave saigon before it was destroyed by the communists When trying to leave home she faced having little food and water and losing her father She and her family made it out alive and went to live in the United States and still had challenges like culture and discrimination Refugees usually experience very difficult challenges to face when leaving and finding home in the real world as well The Refugees likely have to deal with grief of losing family members when they are leaving In the book Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai Ha has to struggle with the loss of her father throughout the book and in the poem Birthday Wishes she writes wish father would come home so I can stop daydreaming that he will appears in my classroom 31 In this quote

Ha has lost her father and wants him to return home so she and her family can be happy Ha also writes that her mother cannot bear to look into fathers forever young eyes 13 This tells me that Ha is not the only one grieving from the loss of her father her mother is also very unhappy from this experience Refugees in the real world experience similar things In the article Children of War one of the refugees tells the interviewer after I found out about my father s death everything seemed useless Brice This quote tells me that when she lost her only help in surviving in the war she thought it was useless to try Ha had a similar experience but she did not give up as this refugee did Ha also had to leave some of her positions and her home behind when she left and many refugees are sad to leave their home In the book Inside Out and Back Again Ha has to leave her home and is devastated while she is leaving but she and her family also had to leave some positions behind as well
They had to leave photographs every tet at the zoo father in his youth mother in her youth baby pictures 58 These pictures are important to them and they are very unhappy that they have to leave them behind Ha also writes in the poem Saigon is Gone after she has left home and has been on the boat for a little less than a week that a helicopter has crashed down into the water next to the ship then he adds what no one wants to hear Saigon is gone 69 Most refugees experience the same kind of sadness when they move away from their homes In the real world refugees experience the same things as Ha did in the article Children of the War one of the refugees says It seemed like we had no worries Then everything completely changed One minute we had everything then we had nothing Brice This tells me that she had lost everything once she moved away before the war broke out she had everything she needed to survive without any issue getting them either then she was taken everything she owned Ha and real world refugees have very similar opinions and actions when they lose their homes and possessions Refugees also experience many issues when finding home by means of getting used to there new home In the poem Feel Dumb Ha is in her new classroom in her new country

The United States she is asked to say the English alphabet at English numbers and feels like she is being treated like a toddler She writes I feel furious unable to explain I already learned fraction and how to purify river water 156 This quote tells me that ha is unable to speak fluent English but desires to tell the class that she know how to do all of this and wants something more to learn so that she doesn t feel dumb Also in the poem wishes she states all the things she wishes to happen much like in birthday wishes She pens mostly is wish I were still smart 159 This quote gives me the suggestion that Ha feels like she is under everybody else in the academic area she feels like everyone is smarter than her and that she wishes for her to be at equip with them Ha relates a lot to the refugee's story in this quote the article Refugee and Immigrant Children it says At school they share with other adolescents the desire to be accepted by the peer group Colak Both Ha and real world refugees have experience the feeling of being lost war than everyone else

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