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Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cells in the body These cells split uncontrollably and damage your body sometimes causing death Cancer forms tumors blood clots and invades tissue and cells About 77 of all cancers are diagnosed in people 55 years or older In the world about 8 5 million people lost their lives to cancer in 2015 with approximately 30 50 of the cases being preventable About 70 of these deaths happened mostly in poor or low income countries According to the World Health Organization lung liver stomach colorectal and prostate cancer are the most common cancers that kill men Breast lung colorectal cervical and stomach cancers are the most common cancers that kill mostly women Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of cancer throughout the world resulting in about 22 of cancer related deaths In 2012 cancer causing infections were the reason for up to 25 of newly diagnosed cancer cases The total annual economic cost in cancer in 2010 was estimated to be 1 16 trillion dollars in the US alone Also about 14 of people who need palliative treatment are able to get it Cancer affects people because it changes their physical and emotional state As you go through radiation chemotherapy and maybe some surgeries your body gets tired and worn out Some side effects of cancer are risk of infection fatigue tiredness nausea vomiting and body changes RF radiation or radio frequency radiation is the transfer of energy by radio waves RF radiation can damage the DNA inside of cells which can result in cancer Radiofrequency RF radiation which includes radio waves and microwaves is at the low energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum It is a type of non ionizing radiation exposure limits of RF radiation for the community are set at one fifth of the lowest job levels in recognition of the fact that the general community surrounds babies elders the sick and those who may be exposed to the radiation all day A cell phone produces about the same amount of RF radiation as a microwave oven but when you hold a phone to the side of your head it is a theory that it sends more radiation waves into your body Radiofrequency energy does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer

It's only consistently observed biological effect in humans is tissue heating It has been known for many years that exposure to very high levels of RF radiation can be harmful due to the ability of RF energy to heat biological tissue rapidly According to Harvard RF radiation does not cause cancer but is still incredibly dangerous There have been studies in Britain that said the closer you are to cell towers the more likely you will increase the chance of getting cancer but not actually getting it New studies suggest hazards exists at Non thermal levels of RF exposure A few studies have reported evidence of biological effects that could be linked to cancer but this is still an area of research A study by the US National Toxicology Program NTP exposed groups of lab rats to types of RF energy used in cell phones This should be a concern for cell phone users who want to increase their safety Some forms of RF radiation are known to be harmful other forms are more controversial There are electric fields that develop through variances in voltage and there are magnetic fields that develop from the flow of electric current The higher the electric field or the greater the magnetic field the stronger the electromagnetic radiation Some ways to protect yourself are by Keeping your cell phone and computer away from you when it's possible avoiding headsets go Earthing also known as making direct contact with the earth or getting fresh air rather than going on your phone and eating healthy Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy radio waves a form of non ionizing radiation from their antennas Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy In cell phone towers they use this energy to transmit data to places and receive data from places In a microwave when it heats the particles start to vibrate causing RF radiation to release into the air Interesting fact People who have pacemakers sometimes cannot go near a microwave It is known that it can change some of their breathing patterns The World Health Organization WHO has stated that although hazards from exposure to high levels of radiofrequency fields were established no known health hazards had anything to do with exposure to radiofrequency sources emitting fields too low to cause a significant temperature rise in tissue Biological effects from low level radiofrequency exposures need further study So after my research it is evident that although microwaves and cell phones may not directly cause cancer in everyone being exposed to the radio frequencies increase your chances and the likelihood of developing tumors neurological disorders and other forms of cancer

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