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Coca Cola Vs Pepsi Two brands that seem to have a strong rivalry are Coca Cola and Pepsi According to Kim Bhasin in her article COKE VS PEPSI The Amazing Story Behind The Cola Wars their feud really picked up in 1975 when Pepsi launched their Pepsi Challenge 2011 The Pepsi Challenge for those who do not know was a blind taste test that showed over 50 who blindly tasted between Pepsi and Coke chose Pepsi The reactions from the Pepsi Challenge caused so much chaos and panic in the Coca Cola board that they decided to make a new recipe to produce their drink The backlash Coca Cola received from changing their recipe was insane they received letters and phone calls with consumers saying how much they did not like the new recipe that was used and the consumers felt like Coca Cola changed something that did not need to be changed There were so many comments receive that Coca Cola had to return to their original recipe It was not necessarily because the consumers did not like the new recipe it seemed to be more of an emotional attachment their consumers had to the brand that had been known for 100 years Something else that Pepsi did to create value to their product was they started to use African Americans in their advertisements

By embracing their ethnicity in a positive image this helped to increase Pepsi sales Rowntree 2013 Rob Walker also wrote in his article in the New York Times Magazine about this topic Walker wrote instead black newspaper publishers informed the marketing trade about the untapped potential of black consumers No doubt they wanted advertising dollars from the big companies that had previously ignored them but the implicit message was that in a market driven economy consumer equality matters In the 1950s equality was a huge thing by Pepsi adding a positive image to the African American culture they were able to draw in more sales Something else Pepsi started to do to add value into their company was targeting the younger generations In Walkers articles he also has several advertisements Pepsi had which all had written on the bottom now it's Pepsi for those who think young For Coca Cola they added value into their company by introducing what they called easy goer plastic bottles in 1975 Phil Mooney wrote in his article Coke and Recycling in the 1970s that six of the easy to carry recyclable bottles were lighter than one glass bottle of comparable size and one of the bottles even weighed less than a marshmallow The bottles also used less energy than glass bottles in the entire manufacturing and transporting cycle 2010 By making their bottles lighter it made it easier for consumers to carry more bottles to other places such as their houses or social gathering With the bottles going through 10 years of testing before being put into production Mooney 2010 this drew attention to consumers with the light weight as well as knowing that they would not harm the environment buy using these plastic bottles 

A major competitor of Pepsi and Coca Cola is Royal Crown Cola RC Cola was created around the same time as Pepsi and Coca Cola as well but it was struggling to get itself a larger share of the market It was not until the early 1960s that RC Cola made its mark in the soft drink industry In 1962 RC Cola released a drink called Diet Rite With this drink being targeted at people with diabetes it was a cola that did not have sugar and had almost no calories After Diet Rite was released RC Cola jumped to having 10 of the market share Wells 2016 The release of Diet Rite caught Coca Cola and Pepsi off guard both companies had to quickly create a recipe that eliminated the use of sugar in their beverages as well Royal Crown Cola still does not have a lot of the market share but they continue to compete with Coca Cola and Pepsi With society becoming more health conscious soda pop sales are slowly starting to decline Coca Cola and Pepsi have also been developing different drinks to try and adjust to the health concerns that are coming out Some of the different products that Coca Cola has come out with are Diet Coke Coke Zero Coca Cola Life and Caffeine free Diet Coke Some of the Pepsi products they have are Caffeine Free Pepsi Pepsi Zero Sugar Pepsi Cola made with Real Sugar and Diet Pepsi are just some of the different types that have come out with

Both companies however do not just have these types of drinks they own other soda pop beverages water brands tea brands etc With the soda pop sales starting to decline these companies may take a step back and place more of an emphasis on these other products as well Resources Bhasin K 2011 November 02 COKE VS PEPSI The Amazing Story Behind The Cola Wars Retrieved January 22 2018 from http www businessinsider com soda wars coca cola pepsi history infographic 2011 11 the saga began in 1886 when john s pemberton developed the original recipe for coke heres what was in it 1 Mooney P 2010 April 20 Coke and Recycling in the 1970s Retrieved January 22 2018 from http www coca colacompany com stories coke and recycling in the 1970s Rowntree J 2013 November 14 How Has the Pepsi Brand Evolved Over the Last 100 Years Retrieved January 22 2018 from https www brandingmag com 2013 11 14 pepsi brand evolved last 100 years Walker R 2007 December 29 Sales Leader Retrieved January 22 2018 from http www nytimes com 2007 12 30 magazine 30wwln consumed t html _r Wells J 2016 April 14 The Tragic History of RC Cola Retrieved January 23 2018 from http mentalfloss com article 76881 tragic history rc cola

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