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Evaluate Diekens different options for growing Real NOCO s customer equity Develop a set of marketing strategy ideas for each of the options What market research could Diekens perform to better assess his options Wesley Dickens has a good background with soccer that came to an end due to an injury However he realized after his injury he would enjoy teaching young children different techniques about soccer in the Fort Collins Colorado area He created the soccer program called Real NOCO which provides many programs for children ages seven to fourteen to participate in Diekens wants to be able to expand his business which would involve building a new facility that would suit soccer activities more than the space he has currently To purchase a larger facility Diekens needs to figure out a strategy to attract more customers so he could gain more profit It is important for Diekens to keep his program customer based He stated that most of his participants are in the age range of 10 13 Therefore Diekens needs to figure out a marketing strategy to target higher ages to keep his customer retention rate growing

The first marketing strategy is based on customer retention Diekens stated that his rate was at about 80 However once the children get older to the age of 14 or 15 they become aware of other sports besides soccer Therefore Diekens wants to develop a program to attract older aged kids to continue soccer training The marketing strategy he could use is to come up with a decent scholarship for those who are in high school are eligible to win the scholarship This would be a program to target those kids who are in high school and are becoming less interested in soccer The scholarship would make the older kids want to continue participating in the soccer program because they would have an incentive to look forward to The next one focuses on developing programs to try to get existing customers to buy more Diekens is wondering if he needs to provide more that other sports may be providing The marketing strategy he could use for this idea is to provide more soccer accessories at a lower cost so the customers would not feel like they are spending much This would provide the kids participating the gear they need for soccer so the parents would not have to necessarily buy their children their own soccer gear He could also provide private training for those who would be interested in that 

Some parents may think their kid needs additional training which is what the private training would provide some one on one practice Instead of putting the main focus on ages 14 to 15 he could target ages 6 to 9 to gain more customers He stated that he might have to come up with different programs to target ages 6 to 9 With younger kids I think the main target is the parents Dickens would have to do some advertising to attract the parents with younger kids He could reach out to the elementary schools around the Fort Collins area to try and set up some school programs for soccer training If could maybe split up the children into groups depending on their skill so they are not just with kids their age but with their skill level so they can continue to get better The last marketing strategy Diekens came up with is to expand to get more kids in surrounding areas such as Loveland Longmont and Greeley If he expands his target market to towns close to Fort Collins he would gain more customers However a strategy idea I would advise Diekens to use for this one is to create a pamphlet showing all the programs he has provided already and some information on the programs he is providing I would advise him to create a few different pamphlets ones that fit each age range so he can target all the customers

He could also create a website which would allow people to read about his programs he offers and it would be easier access than the pamphlets A website would be important especially for the parents because almost everyone has access to the internet The website would allow people to give feedback on his programs Then Diekens can choose to display both positive and negative feedback on his website so people have some reviews to read The best market research that Diekens should perform is to go around to different schools that are in the Fort Collins area and try to set up some programs to gain more customers He could ask these different schools for their feedback so he knows where to go from there It is important for Diekens to gain customers to keep his business growing If the Fort Collins township is into soccer surrounding towns should be as well If he could get other towns to participate in his programs he could set up some practice games which would provide the kids to play against surrounding towns with the same level of experience This would allow parents to come and watch their kids and they could give Diekens some feedback on his program Overall any feedback is important for Diekens in order to keep his program growing

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