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Digital sociology can be defined as a sub discipline of sociology that focuses on the understanding of the use of digital media day to day life The discipline shows how various technologies contribute to pattern of human behavior social relationships and the concept of self Generally sociologists are slowly taking up their research using social media for professional practices such as blogging and twitter Digital technologies are becoming a major impact on education settings and workplace thus ending up with both positive and negative impacts on social life Since the industrial age began fear that technology will lead to mass unemployment The Neoclassical economist foresaw that this would not happen because people would find other jobs After a long period of time this has proven to be true because since the rise of technology industrial age has led to rising of living standards for ordinary people around the world and no unemployment has been experienced yet instead people work fewer hours and lead healthier lives nowadays In modern market economies technology has proved to be flexible in absorbing changes a good example is back in the 1970 s and the 80 s people thought that with computers in place gamers like chess players would become obsolete since computer could play chess better than humans but in 1997 the IBM computer defeated the world chess champion Garry Kasparov just in a short match in a span of time potential chess sponsors began to pay millions of dollars to host championship matches between the humans and computers 

Today players earn a good living playing those games where else the second tier players earn less money from tournament and exhibitions they used to do in 1970 s people make a living as professional chess players today than ever before by the use of computer programs and online matches Many people are joining especially young generation thus earning money Therefore rather than destroying jobs technology has been a great job creating machine this was findings by Deloitte Their study shows that instead of negative trend the dominant trend is that technology has led to growth in caring creative and profit generation machines since they will take more on repetitive and laborious tasks without eliminating human labor What role has digital technology played in increasing levels of unemployment According to Erik Brynjolfsson s a professor in the school of management and his colleagues they argue that the introduction of technology is the cause of sluggish employment growth in the last 10 15 years Robots automation and software s can replace people according to Erik Brynjolfsson s technological change has been destroying jobs faster than creating them thus leading to stagnation of median income and inequality growth in the United States and other technologically advanced countries In the 1800 most of the British workers were employed in agricultural fields but with the introduction of technology led to more food being produced with fewer workers and this led to the dismissal of some agricultural laborers in those farms since they adopted the use of machines

This happened when there was an introduction of computers and robots as well they could produce manufactured goods with fewer workers The increased productivity in manufactured goods led to a falling of cost of production since machines did most of the work Similarly advances in computers and robots meant that firms could produce manufactured goods with fewer workers The increased productivity in manufactured goods meant that the relative cost fell giving more opportunities for people to work in the service sector Discuss some of the structural changes and workforce changes that organizations have had to make in the last 5 years to account for advancements in technology 

How has this impacted society Technological change affects more than just productivity employment and income inequality

Technology also creates opportunities for changes in the nature of work itself Various results have shown how new technology have altered the way work is performed roles that workers play in different firm s division of labor and the way it has affected the structure of organizations as technology advances new trends are emerging at both individual team and organizational level an increase in technology has led to growing complexity of tasks thus giving rise to more virtual and interdisciplinary teams it has also led to an increase in multinational organizations since most company are seeking to increase their assignments overseas If the society is able to adapt to the changes quickly it can benefit both the employees and the organizations Structurally technology has brought a great impact in a way that it brings individuals to work together to achieve specific projects for example in the construction and entertainment industries the rise of IT based work platforms support new definitions and distribution of tasks in an organization Such platforms employ internet based communication and phone applications to make work available and assign the work to individuals or groups based on different bids crowd sourcing open call and open innovation platforms are used to redefine the nature of tasks thus changing how work is organized and distributed in an organization

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